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Idols presentation

  1. 1. • Lionel Messi was born in Rosario (Argentina).• With only 13 years he travelled to Barcelona to play with the Barcelona FC.• When he was 16, Messi achieved his big dream. He debuted with the Barcelona FC in a friendly match against Oporto.• Leo Messi and other football players have played a benefic football match to help African people.• He has collaborated with ONGs.
  2. 2. Andriy Shevchenko • He was born on 29th September, 1976 in Dvirkivschyna. • Andriy Shevchenko is an Ucranian football striker who plays for the A.C. Milan and the Ucraine national team. • He is the third-highest scorer in the history of the European club competition with 158 goals.
  3. 3. Nadal was born in 1986 inManacor,Mallorca, Spain. He won the Roland Garros tournament in 2005,2006,2007and 2008. At present Nadal is the number one of the ranking ATP.Nadal and his friend Iker Casillas organized a football match against malaria. Many important people like Fernando Alonso ,Raul González and Sergio Ramos were there.
  4. 4. Ronaldo and Zidane’s friends met to collect money in favour of the poor children.They also demostrated that the world football fights against terrorism. Zidane, Ronaldo and the whole organization decided to play the match at the Bernabe stadium.
  5. 5. Fernando Torres He was born on 20th March 1984 in Madrid. He started to play in the Atletico de Madrid junior levels. After that, he moved to the Atletico de Madrid. Finally, he went to play for the Liverpool FC, which is his actual team. He is the best footballer at present because of his game, his responsability and his respect.
  6. 6. DAVID BECKAM • He was born on 2nd May 1975 in London (England). • He plays for and captains major league soccer’s the Los Angeles Galaxy. He is also member of the England national team. • He has twice been runner-up of FIFA WORLD player. • Newly appointed UNICEF goodwill ambassador he will speak out for the tsunami affected children in an UNICEF campaing urging suport for the organization.
  7. 7. • Pau Gasol was born in 1975 in Llobregat, Barcelona.• He’s a basket player for the Los Angeles Lakers .• He has worked with UNICEF since 2003.
  8. 8. David Meca• David Meca was born in 1974 in Sabadell, Barcelona, Spain.• He is long distance swimmer and was champion in Honolulu (2000) and Montreal (2005).• He collaborates in all kind of benefic actions.
  9. 9. He was born on 31stMarch 1955 inGlasgow ( Scotland ).Together with hisbrother,he created agroup of hard rockcalled ACDC,formedin 1973, inAustralia.At present ACDC hasgot a street inMadrid called “Callede ACDC”.
  10. 10. Chris was born on2nd March 1977. He’s the lead singerof the rock bandColdplay. He has beeninvolved in charityprojects since2002,travelling topublicise Make TradeFair Company.
  11. 11. It’s a musical group, they are 8 members. Their firstalbum was called “Ska-p”. Their lyrics are very solidary.
  12. 12. Usher was born in1975 in Whitney(USA).He made his firstalbum “My boom”when he was only 18years old.He worked withUNICEF between2003-2005.
  13. 13. >>THE JONAS BROTHERS<<• They are three American brothers and their 1st single is great.• Joe is the lead singer.• Nick is guitarrist and singer.• Kevin also plays the guitar.• Nick has got diabetes and collaborates with a diabetes foundation.
  14. 14. He was born onOctober 17th in 1972,in Detroit, Michigan.He’s rapper, producerand actor. Eminemquickly gainedpopularity in 1999with his major-labeldebut album The SlimShady LP.
  15. 15. Shakira• The colombian singer Shakira was honoured by her humanitarian work in South America during the tenth delivery of Alma prizes.
  16. 16. Bisbal was born in 1979 in Almeria,Spain.He made her first album, CorazónLatino, when he was 24 years old.He became famous when heparticipated in ``Operacion Triunfo’’ in2001.Bisbal isn’t only a singer. He hasfought against the children’sexplotation.
  17. 17. He hascollaborated withdifferent ONGs tohelp children.
  18. 18. Ramón (Raymond)Ayala was born on3rd February inPuerto Rico.He becameinterested inmusic at a youngage.
  19. 19. His first albumcalled "EnriqueIglesias", containedrock and popballads, achievingbig successes suchas "If you go away”and “ReligiousExperience “amongst others.
  20. 20. Angelina Jolie • Angelina Jolie was born in the United States in 1975. • She has been good will ambassador of NHCRs. • Along her film career she has got multiple recognitions. Some examples are an Oscar and three Golden globes.
  21. 21. JENNIFER ANISTON. Jennifer Aniston was born in 1969 in Sherman. She got her first film role in 1994 serial and became famous. She donated 2.000.000 for Kenya.
  22. 22. SALMA HAYEK• She was born on 2nd September 2, 1966 in Mexico.• Salma has worked for UNICEF and helps the mothers needed.