Singapore restaurant business - Food Shop License Information


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Looking to start a restaurant business in Singapore. Here is some useful information for you!

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Singapore restaurant business - Food Shop License Information

  1. 1. Starting an F&B Business inSingapore - Getting a Food Shop License
  2. 2. When do you need a food shop license?A Food Shop Licence is required if you intend to operate a retailfood outlet where food and/or drink are sold wholly by retailanywhere in Singapore . - Environmental Public Health Act
  3. 3. What conditions needs to fulfilled?• A person eligible to apply for a food license should be available – like an incorporated Singapore company, a Singapore PR/Citizen.• Compliance of the list of hygiene requirements issued by the . relevant NEA Regional Office• Licensing requirementsfor food shops where pets areallowed and mobile food wagonsare slightly different. This photo is licenced under Creative commons credit
  4. 4. Who should be named as food shop licensee?• It is ideal that the food shop license is taken under the name of the body corporate – i.e. your Pte.Ltd. Company rather than any one person.What are the documents required? .• Copy of NRIC of the person applying/Business profile of the company• A scaled metric layout plan of the premises showing the layout in the kitchen, preparation area, refreshment area, toilets, stores, etc.• Tenancy agreement between the landlord and the applicant.• Approvals from HDB, URA etc where applicable• The list of food handlers employed• Basic Food Hygiene Certificate of food handlers• The list of Food Hygiene Officers employed (in prescribed formats)
  5. 5. What is the time limit for processing of the application?• Prior to processing of application, an inspection of the premises would be made.• If the inspection is satisfactory and all documents are in order, the license would be processed within 5 working days .
  6. 6. How long is the license valid for once approved?• The license is valid for one year . after approvalsFor further details and clarification please contactOBLS – Online Business License Service
  7. 7. Looking for a license – See how we can helpyou! Send in your inquiries in the below address 28 Maxwell Road, 03-05, Red Dot Building, Singapore - 069120If this is your first inquiry to Servolve, please send us an e -mail with relevant details. Thank you
  8. 8. .DisclaimerServolve intends this document only as information material and will not beheld liable for any loss incurred by any person/ organization based on theinformation provided in this document. No part of this document may bereproduced by any unauthorized means by any unauthorized person/s . Anyperson wishing to use the document is needed to seek prior permission fromServolve in writing .All images are courtesy of Creative Commons / Microsoft Office ClipartHour glass picture courtesy of Bogenfreund