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Trip to asia.ppx


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Published in: Education, Travel

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  • 1. Sana AgenciesNO
  • 2. TOKYO, Japan
  • 3. Flight from Mexico to TokyoYour budget is a There is a visa requiredtotal of 40,000 MX for the USA and Asia.Pesos. This flight This is all you need foris a total of 13,905 the USA VisaMX Pesos with already visa/. And this is all youincluded. Your need for Japan’s Visabudget, should choose this, would l/travel_and_visa/travelremain at a total _and_visa_index.htmof 26095 MXPesos or 2051 USDollars
  • 4. Hostel in Tokyo at an Affordable Price With the $2051 dollars you have, you can stay at this motel for a total of $1110 for one month and still be left with $941.
  • 5. Tokyo jobThis is a job that gets you payed about 60 dollars every hour and a half so thatWould be 180 dollars every 4 hours and a half and if you were to work for 3 daysA week, you would get $540 per week and $2430 per month. You don’t need anyKind of Visa or special permit in order to work for this job.
  • 6. Cheap restaurant in Tokyo It is called Matsuya. Few things on the menu are more than 500 yen, the chicken curry is 390 yen. The lovely thing about Matsuya is the ticketing system – you put your money into a vending machine, press a button for what meal you want, get your ticket and give your ticket to the waitress.
  • 7. Links heckout/5a4d42a29002cd33bd540b0b Flight Visa visa_index.htm Visa Tokyo Job Restaurant Tokyo /54579#.UDUWIo6hDHh
  • 8. BEIJING, China
  • 9. Beijing Flight In the month in Tokyo, you made about $2500 but of course, used some of it and probably were left with about $1000. This flight costs $425 So you would be left with a total of $575. All the info On visas are located here For traveling. http://www.visitingbeiji _for_china.php
  • 10. Beijing HostelTotal cost for 30 nights: $994
  • 11. Beijing Job This job makes ou work as an English Kindergarden teacher. It says you will Play games and Speak English, those Are the requirements. They pay you $2047 per month. And you would stay Here 2 months so you would get a total Of $4095. You do need a visa to work. Here is the link for the visa. http://www.chinese-
  • 12. Beijing RestaurantThis restaurant isExtremely cheapWith plates thatCost less than$2.
  • 13. Beijing Links;jsessionid=7305980F0E4F0C1DD7962FC5A52BF245.pwbap022a ?flightPath=TF&tripType=oneway20120830113047&locLink=OUTBOUND%7CNAT1GUAR&flightType=oneway&dateTypeS elect=exactDates&adults=1&children=0&minorsAge0=%3F&minorsAge1=%3F&minorsAge2=%3F&minorsAge3=%3F&mino rsAge4=%3F&seniors=0&classOfService=ECONOMY&fareType=all&membershipLevel=NO_VALUE&airlineSearchPref=&le avingFrom=TYO&goingTo=BJS&leavingDate=10%2F24%2F2012&dateLeavingTime=Anytime&lastSelectedLeg=1_144&select edLeg0=&selectedLeg1=&selectedLeg2=&itinId=1&rid=324311302178774&originalPrice=&originalTotalPrice= Flight VISA for job International-Hostel/Beijing/8410?sc_sau=sfab&sc_pos=1 HOTEL JOB VISAS to t ravel Shanxi/11074/Jin-Mian-Xiang-Culiang-Can-Guan.html RESTAURANT
  • 14. BANGKOK, Thailand
  • 15. Bangkok Flight You earned $4095 in Beijing. You probably used about half, leaving you with about $2000. This flight costs $220 which leaves you with $1780. All the information for visas are provided in The first few slides. You need a permit to work in Bangkok, here is all you need. ng/work-permits/ Here are the visa requirements. tips/visa.html
  • 16. Cheap Hostel in BangkokThis is the cheapest Hostel in all of Bangkok, you only pay $270.00 per month andSince you’ll be staying here for 2 months, you’ll only pay $540. And you wouldHave about $1240.
  • 17. Bangkok JobIn this job you would make $1281.56 per month so you would make a total of$2563 in the two months that you would be staying there. Here is the permits you needTo work.
  • 18. Bangkok cheap restaurants These are 3 great options For great cheap restaurants In Bangkok that you can Spend as little as $1 per Dish, making it one of the Cheapest restaurants in Bangkok but offers quality Food.
  • 19. Bangkok links;jsessionid=7305980F0E4F0C1DD7962FC5A52BF245.pwbap022a ?flightPath=TF&tripType=oneway20120830122302&locLink=OUTBOUND%7CNAT1GUAR&flightType=oneway&dateTypeS elect=exactDates&adults=1&children=0&minorsAge0=%3F&minorsAge1=%3F&minorsAge2=%3F&minorsAge3=%3F&mino rsAge4=%3F&seniors=0&classOfService=ECONOMY&fareType=all&membershipLevel=NO_VALUE&airlineSearchPref=&le avingFrom=BJS&goingTo=BKK&leavingDate=10%2F09%2F2012&dateLeavingTime=Anytime&lastSelectedLeg=1_199&select edLeg0=&selectedLeg1=&selectedLeg2=&itinId=1&rid=324312222143024&originalPrice=&originalTotalPrice= FLIGHT HOSTEL BANGKOK JOB BANGKOK 4669233.html RESTAURANTS BANGKOK Visa for travel VISA JOB
  • 20. MUMBAI, India
  • 21. Flight to Mumbai, India You made $2563 in Bangkok. This flight Costs a total of $260 dollars. Assuming You spent about $1000 in Bangkok and You go on this flight, you would have a Total amount of $1303 All Visa Information is provided here to Travel to Mumbai. e/reps/asia/vind/ref_visinf/visind/vmu ind.html
  • 22. Mumbai Hostel You would have to pay $810 USD for Staying here for 30 nights.
  • 23. Mumbai Job This job would pay you A total of $5390 per Month. You need a visa in order To work in Mumbai. Here is all you need to Know about the visas. http://mumbai.uscons visas.html
  • 24. Restaurants Mumbai These 3 restaurants offer quality food for A very affordable price, ranging from full Meals as low as $12.
  • 25. Mumbai Links _visinf/visind/vmuind.html VISAS FOR TRAVEL;jsessionid=25103F67F570ED3CBC86A284F357C352.pwbap064a?flightPath=TF&tripType=one way20120904113204&locLink=OUTBOUND%7CNAT1GUAR&flightType=oneway&dateTypeSelect=exactDates&adults=1&children=0&minorsAge0=%3F& minorsAge1=%3F&minorsAge2=%3F&minorsAge3=%3F&minorsAge4=%3F&seniors=0&classOfService=ECONOMY&fareType=all&membershipLevel=N O_VALUE&airlineSearchPref=&leavingFrom=BKK&goingTo=BOM&leavingDate=10%2F02%2F2012&dateLeavingTime=Anytime&lastSelectedLeg=1_48&s electedLeg0=&selectedLeg1=&selectedLeg2=&itinId=1&rid=3248113222112514&originalPrice=&originalTotalPrice= FLIGHT VISAS for JOB /ngt/30/ppl/1/? MUMBAI HOSTEL Insurance-Industry-Mumbai-Team-Lease-Mumbai-Navi-Mumbai-Thane-1- to-6- 040812002137?xz=25_0_1&xo=&xp=5&xid=134677690971515700&qp=&id= &f=-040812002137 Mumbai Job mumbai/12331 Mumbai Restaurants
  • 26. BEIRUT, Lebanon
  • 27. Beirut Flight From Mumbai to Beirut, the flight would be A total of $243. Here are the requirements for Visas and passports to travel to Beirut. /passport-visa
  • 28. Beirut HostelThe total cost for this hotel for 30 nights is a total of $1446.
  • 29. Beirut JobThis job makes you work as a Sales Representative. They pay you $2000 per month. Here are all the visa requirements for Beirut.
  • 30. Beirut Restaurants Here are one of the cheapest but best restauran In Beirut. In this picture, we provide phone Numbers, prices, and times they are open
  • 31. Flight from Beirut to Mexico The cost of the flight would be a total of $967 Or $17,466 pesos
  • 32. Links Beirut /2012-10-05/1/0/0 Link flight to mexico;jsessionid=F85D6BB7F3559B5D093B27A3ABAE6E90.pwbap005 a?flightPath=TF&tripType=oneway20120906112726&locLink=OUTBOUND%7CNAT1SEATP&flightType=oneway&dateType Select=exactDates&adults=1&children=0&minorsAge0=%3F&minorsAge1=%3F&minorsAge2=%3F&minorsAge3=%3F&min orsAge4=%3F&seniors=0&classOfService=ECONOMY&fareType=all&membershipLevel=NO_VALUE&airlineSearchPref=&l eavingFrom=BOM&goingTo=BEY&leavingDate=10%2F02%2F2012&dateLeavingTime=Anytime&originalLeavingTime=Anyt ime&lastSelectedLeg=1_103- 100&selectedLeg0=&selectedLeg1=&selectedLeg2=&itinId=1&rid=32501127211820&originalPrice=&originalTotalPrice= FLIGHT VISA And PASSPORTS 01/ngt/29/ppl/1/? Hostel JOB VISA FOR JOB RESTAURANTS