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  • United States President George Washington, far left, sits with members of his Cabinet who were appointed in 1789 and 1790. The members are, left to right: Secretary of War Henry Knox, Secretary of the Treasury Alexander Hamilton, Secretary of State Thomas Jefferson, and Attorney General Edmund Randolph.
  • US CH6

    1. 1. Chapter 6
    2. 2. QUIZ 1 (movie) 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. Where is the Declaration located? What or who is Charlotte? What is the largest library in the world How many men signed the Declaration of Independence? Who scribed the Declaration? What is the group of people who gathered all the treasure and hid it? When they moved the treasure out of Europe they became known as _____? Who was Silence Dogood? Who cast the liberty bell? All seeing eye Meerschaum pipe Ottendorf cipher Charlotte Wall St. and Broadway Declaration of Independence Independence Hall Silence Dogood Ocular device Beneath Parkington Lane Trinity Church 2:22 (where is it located?) Liberty bell Meerschaum pipe Heere at the wall
    3. 3. AGENDA Mission Statement: The mission of John F. Kennedy High School is to develop our island students to become globally prime high achiever ESLR Effective Communicator Problem Solver Responsible Citizen Technologically Literate
    4. 4. • Objective: – Student will be able to analyze the different philosophies of government between Jefferson and Hamilton Chapter 6 Section 1 Workbook pg 25 # 1- 9 Turn in Service Learning Form
    5. 5. • George Washington – 1st President • Unanimously (all) elected • No precedent (example, guide or model ) to follow • John Adams – Vice President
    6. 6. Cabinet- president’s chief advisers • Thomas Jefferson • Alexander Hamilton – Secretary of State – Secretary of Treasury • Henry Knox – Secretary of War
    7. 7. THE CABINET Henry Knox George Washington Alexander Hamilton Thomas Jefferson Edmund Randolph
    8. 8. Judiciary Act of 1789 • Established the judicial branch with one chief justice and five associate • John Jay – 1st Chief Justice
    9. 9. Problem of Government: National Debt HAMILTON • must pay all debts (national and states) • Power in the federal • Led by rich wise elite • Stress manufacturing • Pro-British • Federalist (political party) JEFFERSON • Most of the south already paid • Power in the state • Trust common people • Stress agriculture • Pro- French • Democratic -Republicans (political party)
    10. 10. creation of National bank • Hamilton • Wanted the National bank – (constitutional under loose interpretation“implied or necessary and proper”) • Jefferson • Does not want the bank • (unconstitutional under strict interpretationmust be written)
    11. 11. Compromise: Washington decided to have a National bank • Agreed to allow the federal government to take over the debts of the northern states • Agreed to move the U.S. capital to the South. (Washington, D.C.) –Virginia and Maryland
    12. 12. France vs. Britain • At war AGAIN!!
    13. 13. • HAMILTON • JEFFERSON – Support Britain – 75% of income – Support France – Gave aid to US during Revolution Washington: • Declare Neutrality Act – Policy where US will support neither side
    14. 14. British vs. US • British captured hundreds of American neutral ships • American merchants wanted compensation for 250 ships confiscated • Southerners wanted compensation for the slaves that British took
    15. 15. Jay’s Treaty • British will compensate American ship owners • The US guaranteed the payment of war debts • Jay, dropped the issue of compensation for slaves, which angered Southerners • Washington averted a war
    16. 16. Chapter 6 Section 1 (Questions and answers) # 1-9 1. What did the Judiciary Act of 1788 establish? – the judicial branch with one chief justice and five associate 2. What departments did Washington create and whom did he appoint to head them? Secretary of State- Thomas Jefferson