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World War I long term causes

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  • Bomb exploded- several injured Archduke wanted to visit hospital on the way- driver got lost- ends up in a dead end-
  • US CH19 WW!_S1

    1. 1. Chapter 18 S3-41. Policy that gave US right to intervene in Cuba and a naval base P A2. Independent nation govern economically by powerful nation P3. Area in which one power would be dominant S O I4. Secret society rebels to expel foreign devils in China B R5. US built a canal that connects the two ocean P C6. This policy gave all nation equal access to China O D P7. The 16 US battleship fleet that showed its military strength G W F8. Policy that gave US right to intervene in Latin America to preservelaw and order R C9. When did Philippines get its independence10. Agreement between Russia and Japan to establish peace T P
    2. 2. Long Term Causes of WWI
    3. 3. Austria *BelgiumDenmarkIcelandGermany *Liechtenstein *LuxembourgNetherlandsNorwaySwedenSwitzerland *United Kingdom* = German speaking countryGermanic Countries1. NationalismOther ethnic groups want to establish independence
    4. 4. 2. ImperialismTaking over coloniesEncouraged competitiveness
    5. 5. 3. MilitarismLed to military build up and naval race
    6. 6. Triple EntenteTriple Entente:: Triple AllianceTriple Alliance::GermanyAustria-HungaryItalyGreat BritainFranceRussiaTension4. AlliancesAgreements between nations to aid and protect one another
    7. 7. ArchdukeFrancisFerdinand– (heir to Austria-Hungary’sthrone)Visited Bosnia,Sarajevo– majority Serbspopulation –Slavic– Wants to formown nation withSerbia– (June 29, 1914)-Sarajevo
    8. 8. • GavriloPrincip(Serbiaterrorist)• assassinatedthe Archduke
    9. 9. The Point of No Return:Austria blamed Serbia forFerdinand’s death anddeclared war on Serbia.Germany pledged theirsupport for Austria-Hungary.Russia pledged theirsupport for Serbia.July 28, 1914WarWarWarWar
    10. 10. The Point of NoReturn:Germany declares war onRussia.France pledges theirsupport for Russia.Germany declares waron France.Germany is nowfacing:Two-front warFrance on westRussia on eastWarWarWarWarWarWarWarWarAug. 1, 1914Aug. 3, 1914Russia mobilized (start militarybuild up)
    11. 11. Germany’s strategy:Schlieffen PlanKnock France out firstbefore Russian couldmobilize– Speed was vital– Need to crossBelgium (neutral)– Belgium refusedGermany invadedBelgiumBritain declared waron Germany (afraidof losing ports) Aug.3, 1914WarWarWarWar
    12. 12. World War IWorld War IWorld War IWorld War IAllied PowersAllied Powers:: Central PowersCentral Powers::Great BritainFranceRussia ItalyGermanyAustria-Hungary
    13. 13. • Austria moves to punish Serbia, Russia comes to theaid of Serbia, and then all those alliances engage aseverybody declares war on everyone else in a tragicdomino effect.
    14. 14. Neutral Countries: Netherlands, Scandinavia, Spain, SwitzerlandTriple EntenteTriple AllianceItalyVS.Allied PowersBritainFranceRussiaItalyJapanCentral PowersItalyBulgariaOttoman EmpireItalyGermanyAustria
    15. 15. • Germany invaded France– 1.5 million Germantrampled over Belgium
    16. 16. Russia wasmobilizing quicklyGerman forced tosend thousands ofsoldiers to the east(Russia)France weakenedarmy and haslimited supplyBritain finally cameto aidParis was saved(Battle of Marne)
    17. 17. • Western Frontsettle into astalemate– Led to Trenchwarfare– Armies builtelaboratesystem oftunnels,shelters andtrenches-stretch morethan 600 miles-“ no man’sland”
    18. 18. Trench Rats"The rats were huge. They were so big they would eat awounded man if he couldnt defend himself.""I saw some rats running from under the dead mensgreatcoats, enormous rats, fat with human flesh. My heartpounded as we edged towards one of the bodies. His helmethad rolled off. The man displayed a grimacing face, strippedof flesh; the skull bare, the eyes devoured and from theyawning mouth leapt a rat."Many men killed in the trenches were buried almost wherethey fell. These corpses, as well as the food scraps that litteredthe trenches, attracted rats.Quotes from soldiers fighting in the trenches:
    19. 19. British and German troops standtogether during the ChristmasTruce of 1914-15.Christmas Truce 1914One of the most remarkable incidents inhistory was the impromptu truce that tookplace on the Western Front on ChristmasDay 1914. Beginning late on ChristmasEve, the entrenched British and Germantroops began serenading each other withsongs and carols. By the next day a fulltruce was on, with soldiers and officersfrom both sides fraternizing andexchanging gifts. There was even aninternational soccer match played withteams comprised of warring soldiers. OnDecember 26, 1914 the First World Warstarted again. How sad. Ninety-four yearslater, in 2008, soldiers from the sameopposing regiments reenacted the famousChristmas Truce in the same location.
    20. 20. Extra Pictures
    21. 21. Eastern Front