French and Indian War

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  • 1. Quiz # 3 Ch 3 1. The trade route of slaves between continents 2. The horrific journey of slaves between continents 3. Name the mother country 4. Workers that work for free for a certain amount of time in exchange for passage, food and lodging 5. The law the restricted colonist to shipping goods to England only 6. Economic system that leads to selfsufficiency 7-9 Name the three continent that was involved in trading slaves 10. Name the children of England
  • 2. Salem, Massachusetts Witch Trials 1692
  • 3. Betty Paris, Abigail Williams, Ann Putnam, and Elizabeth Hubbard throw fits believed to be demonically inspired
  • 4. • Sarah Good, Sarah Osborne and a slave named Tituba were accused of witchcraft
  • 5. • Dozens more arrested based on forced acquisitions • Girls started accusing wellto do, independent women • Many accusers were poor
  • 6. • Contributing factors: – Strict limitation of women’s role – Social tension – Strained relation with Natives – Religious fanaticism
  • 7. • • • • A total of 141 people were accused 19 were hung at Gallows hill One died due to being crushed to death 7 others died in prison
  • 8. French and Indian War
  • 9. French and Indian War
  • 10. British and French Both wants world empire Population and Economic Push
  • 11. Cause - 1754 The fight over Ohio Valley (who gets to claim it) British French
  • 12. • War between : • France, Algonquins, and Hurons versus British • Great Britain and Iroquois French
  • 13. Albany Plan of Union 1754 Ben Franklin invited representatives to form colonial unity
  • 14. Fort Necessity - 1754 • Opening battle – Washington established the fort near Fort Duquesne – A small skirmish occurred that led Washington to surrender and evacuate the fort
  • 15. Fort Duquesne 1755 1. Braddock and his army moved very slowly, building roads and bridges as they headed through the wilderness. 2. Braddock believed that fighting like the Indians was cowardly. * Resulted in an ambush and led to his death!
  • 16. 1. Washington did his best to try to rally the regulars and to use a few Virginia troops to cover the retreat. • His coolness and bravery under fire enhanced his reputation. Washington believed that the key to winning the war was to fight like the Indians. * He led the war to some success
  • 17. The right man, at the right time, and in the right place can make all the difference. Got the best Generals Ø Secretary of State Ø Prime Minister Ø Military Logistician Ø Excellent Judge of Military Commanders ØGlobal Thinker Hired younger soldiers Captured major ports including Quebec that led to winning the war
  • 18. Treaty of Paris - 1763 France --> lost possessions Spain --> lost Florida to England. England --> got all lands in Canada, all land east of Mississippi river
  • 19. Effects of the war on Britain? It increased her colonial empire in the Americas. It greatly enlarged England’s debt.
  • 20. BACKLASH! British  Proclamation Line of 1763. No one is allowed west of Appalachian Mountains Costly protection against Natives
  • 21. …SUGAR Sugar Act …MOLASSES …COFFEE To raise revenue. …INDIGO
  • 22. Response: Q-> What was the extent of Parliament’s authority over the colonies?? Absolute? OR Limited? Q-> How could the colonies give or withhold consent for parliamentary legislation when they did not have representation in that body?? “Taxation without representation”
  • 23. ...NEWSPAPERS (New York Gazetteer, Feb. 15, 1775) ...LEGAL DOCUMENTS Stamp Act (1765) …DICE Taxes put on all legal Documents (direct tax- visible) …PLAYING CARDS
  • 24. • Boycott (refuse to buy) • Violence • The Sons of Liberty was formed Colonial Response
  • 25. RESULT: * Parliament repealed (void) the Stamp Act. Alright, alright! We’ll repeal the Stamp Act! Will that make you bloody American hooligans happy! Now, end your boycott already! King George III
  • 26. Townshend Act A Tax these imports  paper, paint, lead, glass, tea. A to paying taxes for war debts, troops  paying govt. salaries. AIndirect tax- not visibleadded to the cost of the product Colonial Response * “Daughters of Liberty” - Boycott goods, made own
  • 27. • Due to smuggling and protest from the colonists: – The King stationed more troops at Boston
  • 28. Led to Boston Massacre (British attack on defenseless colonist Hey kid, I wouldn’t do that again if I were you! 1) Boys began to throw ice at a British guard.
  • 29. Boston Massacre 2) A crowd soon grew large and rowdy. 3) The British soldiers opened fire, killing five colonists, including Crispus Attucks, a black sailor active in the Sons of Liberty.
  • 30. Tea Act- tax on tea – To save East India Co. from bankruptcy (British major company)
  • 31. • Colonist response: Boston Tea Party – Dumped tea into the ocean
  • 32. • British response: – Passed Intolerable Act • To punish the colonist for the Tea party • Closed all Boston ports • Martial Lawmilitary control • Quartering Acthousing of troops
  • 33. • Colonists response: – Held the First Continental Congress (meeting) – Made military preparation
  • 34. British Gen. Thomas Gage • British response: – Marched troops to Concord and seize illegal weapons stored by colonists
  • 35. • Messengers, including Paul Revere, rode to Concord in order to warn the colonists.
  • 36. • On the way to Concord, a brief battle ensued in Lexington, in which 8 colonists were killed.
  • 37. Committees of Correspondence Purpose  warn neighboring colonies about incidents with Br.  broaden the resistance movement.
  • 38. Quiz # 6 1. An event where colonist dumped tea into the ocean 3. Policy that punished colonists for dumping tea into the ocean 4. An event where British troops attack defenseless citizens 6. Event where the colonist dumped tea into the ocean 10. Policy on housing troops
  • 39. Causes of American Revolution What is it? How did the Colonist respond? How did the British respond? (King George III) Repealed Stamp Act Issue Declaratory Act All Taxes To pay for war debt Stamp Act Direct tax (visible) on papers/ documents Boycott (refuse to buy) Establish Sons of Liberty Townshend Act Indirect tax on lead, glass Boycott Boston Massacre Killing of the colonist by the British soldiers Publish anit-British picture/ to unify colonist Placed British troops on trial but in England Tea Act Tax on tea Colonist dumped tea into the ocean (Boston Tea Party) Send more troops and passed Intolerable Act Intolerable Acts Closed Harbor Quarter troops Martial law Set up the first Continental