ServicePilot ISM Express Datasheet [EN]


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ServicePilot ISM Express - Powerful Service Management

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ServicePilot ISM Express Datasheet [EN]

  1. 1. ISM Express Data SheetBenefits This powerful and affordable network and server management solution helps assure the health and availability of business► Simplifies network management by providing an services through unified performance, fault, and service level integrated, scalable solution that is easy to use, deploy, and integrate with other products. management and capacity planning. ServicePilot ISM Express can begin providing you with benefits in hours. It is simple to► Designed to cost-effectively address your current deploy with out-of-the-box support for scores of pre-defined requirements and adapt to your needs without network, server, and virtualized system technologies. ISM increasing complexity or additional costs for extra Express is based on the same industrial-strength technology modules and consoles. as ISM Enterprise, yet it is very easy-to-use. The innovative► Provides essential monitoring to ensure that the architecture can cost-effectively support small configurations infrastructure operates at the optimal levels to and be expanded seamlessly to larger configurations consisting support the business with a holistic service view of tens of thousands of devices. of real and virtual systems.► Extensive reporting for Service Level Agreements (SLA) compliance, performance and availability management, and capacity planning demonstrates the business value of IT to stakeholders and clients.Features► Highly scalable, providing support for configurations from 100 to hundreds of thousands of objects.► Support for a wide variety of pre-defined technologies out-of-the-box: networks, servers and virtualized systems. Geographic, technical and business views are available► An advanced correlation engine which is able in standard and customized dashboards to receive and filter disparate events, identify relationships between them and translate them This optimized platform can transform your IT operations from reactive to into meaningful information to facilitate efficient proactive. ISM Express enables you to quickly detect, diagnose, and resolve network event management. performance problems and outages before they impact end-users. It gives you the► At-a-glance visibility to the real-time status of your flexibility to manage multivendor environments with real-time analysis. Scores of services through refined alerting that groups related highly intuitive reports and dashboards are provided standard. They consolidate systems and devices. data from a wide range of sources into clear, predictive, and actionable information. You can quickly drill-down to find the level of detail you need to isolate and efficiently► A wide range of standard and customizable address problems. reports for availability, performance and service level management as well as capacity planning. Powerful, Simple and Affordable► Isolated data collection and customized views ServicePilot ISM Express is highly scalable, easy to use, and cost-effective. A base enable you to offer end-users with unique and configuration starts at 100 objects. The ISM architecture is very efficient, so you secure reporting. can minimize complexity as you grow. It is based on the same proven design as ServicePilot ISM Enterprise that supports some of the largest IT operations and► Open design enables integration with monitoring service providers in the world. This comprehensive solution helps reduce operational solutions from other vendors, service desk and investment expense and minimize complexity. You can cost-effectively purchase applications, as well as other IT management what you need today, and ISM can grow with you and adapt to your needs in the software. future. You can grow seamlessly by just adding objects and licenses as you need them; there are no restrictions.
  2. 2. SIMPLIFY NETWORK AND APPLICATION MANAGEMENTISM ExpressISM is easily deployed and integrated with a highly intuitive interface for immediate analysis and reporting to simplify management, analysis andcapacity planning. To increase the number of devices and interfaces being monitored, you simply add objects according to your current requirements.ISM Express can support up to 100,000 objects using a single system. Additional licenses can be added to support larger configurations, so thereis no limit to the number of objects that can be supported. This eliminates the need to manage multiple tools or consoles, as you expand support.ISM Express provides out-of-the-box support for a wide range of real and virtualized technologies. It can discover Microsoft Hyper-V, and VMwareenvironments and their associated virtual machines (VM). ISM Express collects performance and availability metrics that include hosts, VM’s resourcepools, etc.The unified and open design enables ServicePilot ISM Express to be deployed as a standalone product or interfaced with monitoring solutionsfrom other vendors. This ability to easily integrate with other products and solutions provides in-depth monitoring, management and analysis of allcomponents and major operating system platforms, so you can expedite remediation, better allocate resources, and avoid disruption of services.Effective Reporting and SecurityISM Express features over 100 standard reports for availability, performance, service level management and capacity planning. These intuitivereports enable your organization to be more proactive in identifying, prioritizing and resolving problems before they impact end-users. ServicePilotISM provides complete analysis of all components for immediate results. It offers clear and concise incident alerts for quick remediation to helpservice desks and service providers pinpoint application performance issues faster and reduce overall time to repair a problem.Security parameters can be established by user and by group to isolate who has access to specific information and reports. The isolated datacollection and the ability to customize views enable you to offer end-users with unique and secure reporting. You can easily define and configuresimple or complex SLAs, along with their thresholds and targets, according to different types or classes of service. A complex SLA feature allowsthe definition of SLAs by site, service, technology, etc. The ISM calendar function enables operators to specify various SLA compliances and excludedefined time periods (i.e., for scheduled maintenance). This feature ensures that an SLA calculation more accurately reflects true SLA achievement.The reports available from ServicePilot ISM are in HTML format. HTML configuration flexibility provides almost limitless customization options. Youcan develop and combine reports to address the needs or your organization and clients and output them in PDF format.Examples of Standard ISM Express ReportsThe following is an overview of some of the reports available from the ServicePilot ISM Express that can provide proactive monitoring and reportingfor your organization, management and end-users.Impact Matrix View: Provides operating teams with end-to-end views of applications, so they can readily see the impact of technologycomponent degradation on a site or an application. This view of real time service delivery quickly identifies the downstream effect on the servicesdelivered to end-users. Impact Matrix views help you isolate problems and quickly drill-down to the
  3. 3. SIMPLIFY NETWORK AND APPLICATION MANAGEMENTISM ExpressService Availability: Monitor your critical business applications real time to assess performance and availability of all components.Capacity Planning: The series of capacity planning reports enable your organization to provide more proactive service management.The reports include detailed analysis of historical data and trends identification, so you can anticipate necessary changes and forecast growth. Capacity Planning reports provide trends and projected valuesAt-a-Glance: Provides a comprehensive view of the availability and performance of a particular resource, displaying the key statistics over aspecified time to help significantly reduce the time spent troubleshooting.Health: Evaluate the health of a group of components by comparing current performance to historical performance over time. You can easilyspot the overall status of a component by its health index.Top N: Sorts the elements that meet some user-defined criteria. They can be scheduled to run automatically at specified intervals or generatedon-demand.Trend: Track the value of one or more performance variables to reveal traffic patterns over time, and relationships between network componentsand certain variables.Customized: Using the Web interface, these reports are easily tailored to meet the unique needs of any individual user. They can include anycollection of trend charts that are critical to a particular user’s job function. The reports can be combined an output as PDF files to address therequirements of your end users and management. Example of a customized report integrating availability, performance and traffic data
  4. 4. SIMPLIFY NETWORK AND APPLICATION MANAGEMENTISM ExpressISM Express SpecificationsMonitoring and Reporting:•  Collection: SNMP v1, v2 and v3, WMI, and Syslog•  Cisco Performance: IP SLA test: DHCP, DNS, FTP, HTTP, ICMP Echo, TCP   Connect, UDP Connect, VoIP UDP Jitter•  Reporting:  •  Rich Internet Application (RIA) Web Interface  •  PDF reports can be scheduled and generated as required. Integration with Third Party Products:•  Support for most vendors; professional services may be required.   Minimum/Recommended Platforms and Server Hardware•  Windows 7 / XP / Vista /  2008 Server / 2003 Server•  Microsoft .NET Framework 3.5•  Microsoft Silverlight 3.0•  Java Runtime Environment 1.6.0 •  Dual Core processor•  2 GB RAM•  80 GB Hard Drive      (an object generates approximately a 1 MB file per month)•  10/100/1000 Ethernet interface (report collection and management port)Contact UsAmericas: Phone (Toll-free) +1 888 317 6753Europe: Phone +33 (0) 2 40 60 13 30Copyright ©2011 ServicePilot Technologies. All rights reserved. All trademarks, trade names, service marks, and logos referenced herein belong to their respective companies.This document is for your informational purposes only. ServicePilot assumes no responsibility for the accuracy or completeness of the