ServiceDesk Plus Product Overview


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Overview Presentation of ServiceDesk Plus 8.2

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ServiceDesk Plus Product Overview

  1. 1. ServiceDesk PlusProduct OverviewPresented byManageEngine
  2. 2. Are you looking for?• A help desk application?• A single package for all your service deskneeds?• Understand what value ServiceDesk Plus canoffer?• How you can improve your help deskproductivity?• The right tool for your technical supportrequirements?
  3. 3. What is ServiceDesk Plus?
  4. 4. Incident Management in SDPClassify requests asincidents/newservice requestsSet urgency &priority levelsTrack follow ups andresolutions on a singlescreen
  5. 5. Incident Management in SDPAttach multipleincidents to a singleproblem/changeCreate a newproblem/changeOr associate to anexistingproblem/change
  6. 6. Incident Management in SDPCustomize requesttemplatesChoose to show itto technicians andusers
  7. 7. Problem Management in SDPEasy to addproblem analysis,tasks & solutionsNotify technicians ofproblem resolutionsor announcements
  8. 8. Problem Management in SDPCustomize whatyou sayAutomate notifications totechnicians when problemactions are taken
  9. 9. Problem Management in SDPAdd multiple tasksto implement aproblem fixSet mandatory rulesfor closing problems
  10. 10. Change Management in SDPManage all detailsrelated to changein a single location
  11. 11. Change Management in SDPAssociateproblems andincidentsAdd tasks forimplementationCAB membersneed torecommend thechange
  12. 12. Change Management in SDPAdd members tothe ChangeAdvisory BoardDefine role of theCABSend change details forrecommendation viaemail link fromServiceDesk Plus
  13. 13. Change Management in SDPCustomize whatyou sayAutomate notifications totechnicians when changesare initiated or updatedSet mandatory rules forclosing Changes
  14. 14. CMDB in ServiceDesk PlusPress Start to scannetwork for allassetsEasy navigatethrough Assets
  15. 15. CMDB in ServiceDesk PlusDetect all IT Assets -Hardware and SoftwareUnique Identifier totrack hardware
  16. 16. CMDB in ServiceDesk PlusFind relationshipsbetweenassets/servicesFind out who isaffected when aservice goes down
  17. 17. Integrated Asset ManagementEasy scan of hardware andsoftware – without agents(Windows and Linux)Track all asset details – IT &Non ITincl. routers, switches,printers etc.
  18. 18. Maintain All Asset InformationEnsure softwarelicense complianceMaintain all information ofinventory - Hardware andSoftware
  19. 19. Purchase ManagementSet multi levels ofapprovalsProcess, maintain &track all assets toPOs
  20. 20. Contracts ManagementAssociate one contract tosingle/multiple assetsGet alerts before thecontract expiresAttach Terms &Conditions to eachcontract
  21. 21. Knowledge BaseMaintain categorizedknowledge baseSearch through KBfor solutionsUnderstand whatusers are searchingfor
  22. 22. Knowledge Base to RequestsSearch KnowledgeBase from RequestsitselfAdd solutions directlyfor requestresolutionRich HTML Editorwith support forpictures
  23. 23. Self Service PortalUser gets to see all hislogged requests &announcements madeUser can search forsolutions inKnowledge BasePredefinedtemplates foreasy logging
  24. 24. Automation – Business RulesSet rules toautomatically setactionsBusiness Rules toautomatedispatche.g. assign allmails from HRteam to Jackor/and Networkgroup
  25. 25. Automation - NotificationsSet notificationrules forautomatingresponsesCustomize whatyou say
  26. 26. Automation – Preventive MaintenanceSchedule recurringtasks
  27. 27. SLA ManagementManage SLAsMulti levels ofescalation
  28. 28. Project Managementsks & MilestonesProject History
  29. 29. Project Mgmt – Task Dependency Map
  30. 30. Project Management – Gantt View
  31. 31. Reports - InbuiltMore than 100built-in reportsGet reports on thefly
  32. 32. Reports - CustomizedCustomize reportson your ownChoose what youwant to seeMultiple options toview reports
  33. 33. Reports – Query ReportCreate your ownquery for reportsGraphicalrepresentation ofdata structureUse thesequeries in CrystalReports
  34. 34. Reports - ScheduleSchedule Inbuilt orCustom ReportsSupports multiformats
  35. 35. SurveysMeasure your helpdesk CSAT scoresDesign surveyseasilyAutomate theprocess
  36. 36. SurveysEasily add questionsfor the surveyDefinesatisfactionlevels
  37. 37. SDP & Active DirectoryIntegrate withActive DirectoryImport users fromActive DirectorySchedule for importregularlyEnable users/techniciansto login to SDP whenlogging into Windows
  38. 38. Easy Web Interface
  39. 39. The SDP Advantage
  40. 40. Different EditionsSuit your needs
  41. 41. Download & Try• Download your free trial edition• Contact us at for moreinformation and support• Check out the live demonstration
  42. 42. Thank YouAbri van TonderServiceDesk Plus 314 7533