ServiceDesk Plus Product Overview


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Product overview of ManageEngine ServiceDesk Plus

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ServiceDesk Plus Product Overview

  1. 1. ServiceDesk Plus Product Overview Presented by ManageEngine
  2. 2. Are you looking for? <ul><li>A help desk application? </li></ul><ul><li>A single package for all your service desk needs? </li></ul><ul><li>Understand what value ServiceDesk Plus can offer? </li></ul><ul><li>How you can improve your help desk productivity? </li></ul><ul><li>The right tool for your technical support requirements? </li></ul>
  3. 3. What is ServiceDesk Plus?
  4. 5. Incident Management in SDP Classify requests as incidents/new service requests Set urgency & priority levels Track follow ups and resolutions on a single screen
  5. 6. Incident Management in SDP Attach multiple incidents to a single problem/change Create a new problem/change Or associate to an existing problem/change
  6. 7. Incident Management in SDP Customize request templates Choose to show it to technicians and users
  7. 8. Problem Management in SDP Easy to add problem analysis, tasks & solutions Notify technicians of problem resolutions or announcements
  8. 9. Problem Management in SDP Customize what you say Automate notifications to technicians when problem actions are taken
  9. 10. Problem Management in SDP Add multiple tasks to implement a problem fix Set mandatory rules for closing problems
  10. 11. Change Management in SDP Manage all details related to change in a single location
  11. 12. Change Management in SDP Associate problems and incidents Add tasks for implementation CAB members need to recommend the change
  12. 13. Change Management in SDP Add members to the Change Advisory Board Define role of the CAB Send change details for recommendation via email link from ServiceDesk Plus
  13. 14. Change Management in SDP Customize what you say Automate notifications to technicians when changes are initiated or updated Set mandatory rules for closing Changes
  14. 15. CMDB in ServiceDesk Plus Press Start to scan network for all assets Easy navigate through Assets
  15. 16. CMDB in ServiceDesk Plus Detect all IT Assets - Hardware and Software Unique Identifier to track hardware
  16. 17. CMDB in ServiceDesk Plus Find relationships between assets/services Find out who is affected when a service goes down
  17. 18. Integrated Asset Management Easy scan of hardware and software – without agents (Windows and Linux) ‏ Track all asset details – IT & Non IT incl. routers, switches, printers etc.
  18. 19. Maintain All Asset Information Ensure software license compliance Maintain all information of inventory - Hardware and Software
  19. 20. Purchase Management Set multi levels of approvals Process, maintain & track all assets to POs
  20. 21. Contracts Management Associate one contract to single/multiple assets Get alerts before the contract expires Attach Terms & Conditions to each contract
  21. 22. Knowledge Base Maintain categorized knowledge base Search through KB for solutions Understand what users are searching for
  22. 23. Knowledge Base to Requests Search Knowledge Base from Requests itself Add solutions directly for request resolution Rich HTML Editor with support for pictures
  23. 24. Self Service Portal User gets to see all his logged requests & announcements made User can search for solutions in Knowledge Base Predefined templates for easy logging
  24. 25. Automation – Business Rules Set rules to automatically set actions Business Rules to automate dispatch e.g. assign all mails from HR team to Jack or/and Network group
  25. 26. Automation - Notifications Set notification rules for automating responses Customize what you say
  26. 27. Automation – Preventive Maintenance Schedule recurring tasks
  27. 28. SLA Management Manage SLAs Multi levels of escalation
  28. 29. Reports - Inbuilt More than 100 built-in reports Get reports on the fly
  29. 30. Reports - Customized Customize reports on your own Choose what you want to see Multiple options to view reports
  30. 31. Reports – Query Report Create your own query for reports Graphical representation of data structure Use these queries in Crystal Reports
  31. 32. Reports - Schedule Schedule Inbuilt or Custom Reports Supports multi formats
  32. 33. Surveys Measure your help desk CSAT scores Design surveys easily Automate the process
  33. 34. Surveys Easily add questions for the survey Define satisfaction levels
  34. 35. SDP & Active Directory Integrate with Active Directory Import users from Active Directory Schedule for import regularly Enable users/technicians to login to SDP when logging into Windows
  35. 36. Easy Web Interface
  36. 37. The SDP Advantage
  37. 38. Different Editions Suit your needs
  38. 39. Download & Try <ul><li>Download your free trial edition at </li></ul><ul><li>Contact us at [email_address] for more information and support </li></ul><ul><li>Check out the live demonstration </li></ul>
  39. 40. Thank You Abri van Tonder ServiceDesk Plus Team [email_address] 011 314 7533