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Social Media: How to listen
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Social Media: How to listen


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What does it mean to "listen" to social media? These three steps will get you started.

What does it mean to "listen" to social media? These three steps will get you started.

Published in: Business
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  • 1. to listenhow social media 1 who BrandAt any social event you want to be part of theconversation that most interests you. In social Productmedia, that means listening to those who aretalking about your business. So you need to listenfor the conversations before you can find the Industrypeople.Breaking your listening program into five key segments Key personnelcan help you manage your focus and also provide clearescalation paths within your business. Create a list ofkeywords related to each segment. IntentBrand: Clearly you want to be aware of any specificmentions of your brand. Also include mis-spellingsProduct: Create keyword lists of your products and services.Add to this list a short descriptions of the problem that theseproducts/services solve.Industry: You want to keep track of your competitors, right?Create keyword lists of your competitor brand and product Intent: Do people love you? Do they not? Consumernames. Add to this list the top 5 trends facing your industry. conversation can be robust, so make sure you monitorYou want to be across these. keywords related to your brand, your promise and yourKey personnel: Do you know what your boss is up to online? products with appropriate (and inappropriate) modifiers. ForWhat about your CEO? Don’t be the last to know! Make sure example, if someone really doesn’t like my blog, they mayyou monitor key executives and social media participants. write servantofchaos sucks. And I’d like to know about it. 2 what What you’ll hear Why Questions Awareness Qualifications and fit Interest Competition Consideration Complaints and Trial compliments Intent Purchase Responsiveness and Service engagement Influence Loyalty 3 how Setup keyword searches in a variety of search engines and Learn more: import the RSS feeds into your Google Reader account. Use To turn social media into business insight, subscribe to iGoogle, NetVibes or Feedly to display your aggregated Google Reader information in an easy-to-read format.