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Zeitgeist 2013 Trends in SlideShare


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New trends on SlideShare 2013

New trends on SlideShare 2013

Published in: Social Media, Technology, Business
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  • 1. SlideShare #Zeitgeis t2013
  • 2. ei s t eitg #Z w did the Ho orld of w tations presen hange? c
  • 3. People today want short, visual content... @user3897623 : Sippin’ on some Coffee
  • 4. And they want it on SlideShare too!
  • 5. Presentations Got Shorter Get to the point! 21.1 18.8 Average number of slides per presentation dropped four slides, to 14.4 from 18.8 in 2013 # of slides: 14.4 2008 2012 2013 *Average number of slides per presentation in 2008 was 21.1
  • 6. Presentations today have less text... w it, don’t write it! Sho In 2013, there were 29% fewer words per slide 41 words 29 words 2012 2013 Average number of words per slide dropped to 29 words *Sample data from Featured presentations
  • 7. ... and more images The number of images per presentation increased 53% from 2012, and 143% from 2008 Psst... Did you know ages are processed in im e brain 60,000 times th faster than text? *Sample data from Featured presentations
  • 8. G o Big Im ages & font size got bigger! Image size grew 16% from last year 2008 24% 58% 2012 Font size growth Facebook and Twitter rolled out bigger images too! *Sample data from most popular posts
  • 9. More proof that people like visuals Infographics on SlideShare are ‘liked’ 5x more than presentations, and 21x more than documents... They are also shared more on social networks!
  • 10. What were the Most Popular 2013 SlideShares of the year?
  • 11. #1 Most-Viewed SlideShare Tech Rules! 2013 Bonus *Highest n umber of embed ded views 2012 Most-Viewed SlideShare of 2012 faberNovel Internet Trends Report 2013 Mary Meeker
  • 12. Most-Liked SlideShare #1 2013 Hack #1: “There’s always time. Time is priorities.” 2012 Bonusde *Most talk re: eSha about Slid ost Got the m s too! comment Internet Trends Mary Meeker Time Management Hacks Etienne Garbugli
  • 13. Most-Viewed Infographic #1 2013 Tech Rules! Kids of the Past vs. Internet Generation Bhavesh Patel
  • 14. The 2013 Most Talked-About topics...
  • 15. Fastest-Growing Topic Automotive Number of SlideShares uploaded about cars increased 536% from last year! *Perhaps a reflection of the rebound of the car industry? 536%
  • 16. Most-Viewed Automotive SlideShare #1 2013 3 American-Made Cars Having an Explosive 2013 The Motley Fool
  • 17. Top Topic *Most number of SlideShares uploaded! Business & Management
  • 18. Most-Viewed Business & Man agement SlideSha res #1 2013 The HubSpot Culture Code HubSpot #3 HubSpot takes the top 2! #2 Facebook Dynamics MediaZo What Would Steve Do? HubSpot
  • 19. Most-Searched Terms Search... #1: Marketing #2: Social Media #3: Facebook SEO Technology Media Keywords Business Sales Tips
  • 20. Most-Used Tags 1 #Social Media 2 #Marketing 3 #Online 4 #Business 5 #Education
  • 21. We saw New Trends 2013 on SlideShare too!
  • 22. The Move to Mobile The number of SlideShares viewed on mobile devices increased 223% from 2012
  • 23. More on Mobile Mobile viewers ! view more slides Average number of slides consumed on mobile devices was 9.1 compared to 8.1 on desktop computers 65% of time spent on social networks now happens on mobile, according to Mashable
  • 24. Blogs & Social Media Show Thei r Force The top five traffic referrers to SlideShare: #1 #2 Blogger #3 Facebook Wordpress #5 #4 LinkedIn Twitter
  • 25. New International Audiences Mexico, Brazil and the United States continue to have the most SlideShare viewers Ireland Indonesia and Ireland had the biggest increase in SlideShare viewers in 2013 Indonesia Indonesia has one of the highest growing Internet user rates
  • 26. Top Uploaders United States The United States, India and Spain upload the highest number of SlideShares Spain India They were the top three uploaders last years too!
  • 27. We saw more SlideShares too! The number of SlideShares uploaded increased 48% from last year
  • 28. Views Increased As Well SlideShare pageviews increased 113% from last year
  • 29. What will you upload in 2014?
  • 30. ei s t eitg #Z weredPres Created by: @Empo and share onversation Join the c from 2013! r highlights you a SlideShare on Upload ur best/worst yo nts, trends and mome es from the year, chang zeitgeist2013 and tag it # ll zeitgeists here: View a http:// www.slideshare .net/tag/ zeitgeist2013