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Get 100% Profit

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A Unique, Powerful, Education & Money Making Program that pays you 100% Profit Per Customer till infinity!

A Unique, Powerful, Education & Money Making Program that pays you 100% Profit Per Customer till infinity!

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  • 1. Infinity Downline Presentation
    Do You WANT A Business With 100% Profit?
    IMPORTANT - This Presentation Is Best Seen In Full Screen Mode
    Think Wealth
  • 2. What if? A System Existed That Is So Profitable Yet So Inexpensive ?
    • What if? This system paid You 100% of Your start up cost
    - $ 25 on Your very first sale?
    • What if? You earned 100% Profit - $25 every single month from all Your customers?
    • 3. What if? Those customers grew to thousands - OH MY GOD!
    How about to infinity?
    EASY AS 1 – 2 – 3!Would You Join Now? Thought So!
    This Is 100% Real & Ready. Discover How
  • 4. Announcing Infinity Downline !
    Welcome To A New World of Possibilities !
  • 5. What is Infinity Downline (ID)?
    It’s a Powerful Membership Subscription Program That Always Pays You 100% Profit Per Customer
    It’s Both an Educational & a Money-Making Program - Easy, Safe & Genuine
    All Registered Members get a Free Website with two (2) Parts:
    A Powerful Front Office with Highly Attractive Pages to get Lots of Customers for You Without Sweat
    Back Office Loaded with Lots of Amazing Benefits, Products, Tools & Features
  • 6. Infinity Downline(ID) Was Created By
    Multiplex Systems Inc., Located in New York, USA
    Business Address - 175 East 96th Street Ste. 18-G New York, NY 10128
    Original Business Start Date - 8th September,1998
    Has a Better Business Bureau (BBB) Rating of A+
    Products & Services :
    Telephone Communications, Internet Marketing Services, SEO, etc.
    Infinity Downline Launched in March, 2009
  • 7. Peter Wolfing, President – Multiplex Systems
    14 years Internet Marketing Experience
    Over 20 years Network Marketing Experience
    Creates Websites and Back Offices for many Network Marketing Companies
    Owns and Operates over 100 online businesses, which are ALL up and running today!
    You are therefore in “Good Hands” with a Solid Program !
  • 8. What Infinity Downline is Not?
    It is not :
    A Scam
    A Pyramid
    A Ponzi Scheme
    A Traditional Network Marketing / MLM Program
    No Product Selling, No Product Stocking
    No Ranks, No Point Qualifications, etc.
  • 9. Get Cutting Edge, Mind-Blowing Education
    You get Hundreds of Educational Audios & Videos on several
    important Topics such as:
    Facebook as a Marketing & Advertisement Tool
    Easy, Video Guide on Your Facebook Page Creation
    Information Marketing , Article Marketing, Email Marketing
  • 10. Get Cutting Edge, Mind-Blowing Education
    Copywriting - How To Write Adverts that Sell
    Discover Secret Strategies Of The World’s Internet Millionaires
    Build Attractive Websites that Sell & Make Money For You 24/7
    How to Drive Visitors (traffic) to your Website and
    Convert them to Paying Customers
  • 11. Get Cutting Edge, Mind-Blowing Education
    Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Techniques
    Business Card Marketing Techniques
    Personal Development, Motivation, Success, Internet Marketing, etc.
    More New Topics are added from time to time
    Acquire New Skills & KnowledgeNow. Make Lots Of Money !
  • 12. Get Cutting Edge, Mind-Blowing Education
    All Materials are in Audio & Video Format
    Listen & Learn (Audios). Watch & Learn (Videos)
    Use at Your Convenience – Home, Car, Office, Walking, etc
    Get Exposed to a New Global Trend & Enjoy Serious Cashflow
    Remember, Technology Is Here To Stay. Catch Up Or Get Crushed!
  • 13. Make Lots of Money Easily
    Register with only $25 a Month
    Introduce this program to others & Earn 100% Profit Instantly !
    Your First Customer Pays You $25 & You Break Even Immediately
    Now You Are In The Program For Free With ALL THE BENEFITS!
    All Your Customers will Pay You $ 25 Each Month except for 2 people who are automatically given to the person who introduced You (your sponsor )
    NOTE:2 go up ONLY ONCE ! You will also get 2 From Each of Your Customer’s till infinity! This is called the Reverse 2 Up System
  • 14. How Does This Money Making Machine Work?
    Earn 100 % of their Membership Fees Every Month till Infinity !
    Introduce More Customers to Increase Your Income
    You Introduce 12 People
    2 go up to your Sponsor
    Leaving 10 Customers
    10 X $ 25 = $ 250 A Month
  • 15. Reverse 2 Up System Boosts Your Money Faster
    Each Customer Gives You 2 People out of their First 4 Customers. So,
    10 Old Customers X 2 = 20 New Customers — 20 X $ 25 = $ 500 A Month
    20 Old Customers X 2 = 40 New Customers — 40 X $ 25 = $ 1,000 A Month
    40 Old Customers X 2 = 80 New Customers — 80 X $ 25 = $ 2,000 A Month
    80 Old Customers X 2 = 160 New Customers —160 X $ 25 = $ 4,000 A Month
    Add The Monthly Renewals Of All Your Old Customers
    &You Will Definitely Be Smiling Your Way To The Bank!
  • 16. Imagine the Feeling, Imagine Your Lifestyle !
    After 4 years You have 2,000 Customers Worldwide
    Each Customer Pays You $ 25 a Month
    2,000 Customers X $ 25 = $ 50,000 A Month
    $ 50,000 X 12 Months = $ 600,000 A Year
    Compensation Plan example is for illustration purposes only. 
    The illustration is accurate as shown. 
    Incomes will vary with the time and effort of each individual.
  • 17. More Explosive Life Transforming Benefits
    Earn Serious Money & Buy Your New Car in 1 Year
    Earn Serious Money & Build Your New Dream House
    Acquire Great Assets to Retire on
    Have Real Estate Investments
    Give Your kids Quality Education
    Go on Cozy, Pleasure Holidays
    Enjoy a Peaceful old age, free from “PensionFever” !
  • 18. More Explosive Life Transforming Benefits
    100% Profit Per Customer !
    Break-Even 100% with Your First Customer ! 
    100% FREE Web Site, to do all the selling for you!
    No Administration Fees Ever! 
    Instant Daily Pay! Get paid the way you want it!
    (Cash/Bank Deposit/ Electronic)
    Access To Exclusive Products of Extreme Value! 
    All Payments Are Made Member-To-Member
  • 19. Amazing Business Transforming Benefits
    Unlimited FREE Access To Members Training Site
    Discover our Tried, Tested & Proven Advertising Materials
    Learn Powerful Ways To Promote Your Products Services Both Online & Offline
    Tons of Educational information from Internet Millionaires
    Learn How To Make Safe, Genuine Money Online 24/7, Even whilst Sleeping!
    Windows & Microsoft Office Packages – Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Access, Publisher, etc.
  • 20. Passive or Residual Income Benefits
    Monthly Re-Subscription
    Monthly Membership Renewal - only $ 25 to enjoy the thousands of dollars of benefits
    You earn money continuously from all your existing customers just like the Telephone & Utility Companies – Electricity, Water, Gas etc.
  • 21. Powerful Self-Administration Tools
    A simple process of confirming receipt of payment from Your Customers
    It enables Your customers to have access to their back office each month
    Mark All Your Customers Immediately You Receive Payment
    Great, Now You are your own Administrator!
  • 22. 100 % Profit ! How Possible ?
    YES!This is a Proven Business Model & Marketing Strategyalready in use by lots of companies such as Facebook, Google, Yahoo, Hotmail, etc.
    These companies have CreatedFree Valuable Services such as Free Email Addresses & Search Engine Services but don’t charge you a penny
    Millions of people join to use these services for free
    How Does Multiplex Systems Make Money If They Don’t Charge Any Administration Fees?
  • 23. 100 % Profit ! How Possible ?
    Facebook, Google, Yahoo, Hotmail, etc. make lots of money by advertising other products and services to their members including you.
    Multiplex Systems is using the same principle. They have created an attractive Educational & Money Making Program. Lots of members all over the world use it.
    Multiplex Systems advertises other products & services to its members without obligation. Interested members buy it and Multiplex Systems also makes money.
  • 24. Everybody Benefits. Whether You are
    An Employee, Unemployed
    A CEO, Manager, Pastor
    A Businessman, Investor
    A Student, Lecturer, Website Designer
    IT Expert, Engineer, Architect
    Accountant, Doctor, Lawyer
  • 25. Everybody Benefits
    Improve your CV & Get your Dream job
    Create Corporate Websites with Capture Pages, Autoresponders, ....
    Create Facebook Pages, Corporate Blogs for your Products & Services
    Optimize your Companies Website Search Engine Rankings to boost sales
    Boost Marketing, Sales & Profits – using Websites, Facebook, Article Marketing
    Expose your business to the world. Access Local & International Markets
  • 26. More Business Ideas
    Start an Export Business. Use your Website to Promote it
    Sell Sheabutter, Kente, Drums, African Wear, etc. through your Website
    Get New Business Ideas
    Become an Internet Marketing Consultant
    Transform Corporate Websites into Sales Making Machines at a Fee
    Copywriting – Some Experts charge $ 5,000 per project!
    Train others in SEO, Website Designing, Blogging, etc.& Make lots of Money
  • 27. Are You Living In The 21st Century With 20th Century Skills & Mindset?
    This world is going Digital. Catch up Fast Now !
    If not, Competitors will Push You Out of the Job & Business Market
    Join the Winners Now!
  • 28. Yes, I Want To Be One Of Those Given This Amazing Chance
    Have You Found Any Other Business That Offers Allof the Following Benefits?
    Yes, I want these ATTRACTIVE Products & Services that Customers are ready to Pay Cash For
    Yes, I want this business that Requires the Least Investment – ONLY $ 25 TO START
    Yes, I realize this Generates the Highest Return on Investments (ROI) - 100% PROFITS PER CUSTOMER
    Yes, I Understand this Gives me Maximum Output for Minimum Input – REVERSE 2 UP , VERTICAL ACCELERATION TILL INFINITY
    Yes, I realize this will pay me Continuously after a few years of work even if I stop working – RESIDUAL INCOME ON AUTOPILOT
    Yes, I accept this is Safe & Genuine. Direct Cash payment to me. Not through the Company – FRAUD PROOF
  • 29. This Could Be You A Few Years From Today!
    Do not Struggle Hard for 30 years.
    Work Smart for 4 years!
    Yes, I Want this Fantastic System Now !
  • 30. Start Now In 4 Easy Steps !
    Create a New address @
    Visit Click on “JOIN”
    Type your Registration Details in the Form. Your user name should be the first part of your New gmail address. i.e. infinity(yourname)125
    Call 233 - 0549 580 000for payment instructions
    We Confirm Payment & Mark You Immediately
  • 31. Congratulations ! You Are A Full Member!
    Instant Access To Your Website, Products, Gifts, Tremendous Tools
    Download Materials Instantly. Listen, Watch & Learn
    Promote To Get Customers & Make Money Right Away
    Full Support Provided. Just Call !
  • 32. IMPORTANT:
    Free Gift
    If You
    Act At Once
    Facts ”
    Value $ 30
    (Yours Free)
    Or Call Now - 233 - 0549 580 000
  • 33. Committed to Your Success,
    You Deserve It !
    Think Wealth