Lean UX, Product Stewardship & Integrated Teams


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An introduction to the fundamentals of lean user experience and a framework for incorporating UX in agile enviornments via Product Stewardship and Integrated Teams. From a talk at deLUX during IxDA 11.

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  • Lean UX, Product Stewardship & Integrated Teams

    1. Lean UX &Integrated TeamsTim McCoy Janice FraserDirector, Integrated Product Development Founder/CEOCooper LUXrtim@cooper.com janice@LUXr.co@seriouslynow @luxrco @clevergirl
    2. What Is Lean UX? User Centered Design x Lean Startup (Customer Development + Lean & Agile approaches)LeanUX Fundamentals 02/2011 JANICE@LUXR.CO TIM@COOPER.COM
    3. Roots Of Lean Startup = + + make products incremental reduce customers want releases wasteLeanUX Fundamentals 02/2011 JANICE@LUXR.CO TIM@COOPER.COM
    4. For the first time, user centered design methods have momentum in the business community.LeanUX Fundamentals 02/2011 JANICE@LUXR.CO TIM@COOPER.COM
    5. When the business community begins to measure the value of user experience, they will invest in it as a driver of value, rather than a cost to be minimized.LeanUX Fundamentals 02/2011 JANICE@LUXR.CO TIM@COOPER.COM
    6. When the science of startups includes user centered design as one of its tent-poles, we designers have a new opportunity to do great things.LeanUX Fundamentals 02/2011 JANICE@LUXR.CO TIM@COOPER.COM
    7. Lean UX Means... • Tight collaboration of UX, Product Mgmt, Development • Know your customers(users) and their needs • Prioritize to reduce wasted effort • Focus releases on specific user goals • Externalize your ideas and your process • Test design hypotheses rapidly and repeatedly • Observing, learning, and adjusting with rapid cycles of Think--Make--CheckLeanUX Fundamentals 02/2011 JANICE@LUXR.CO TIM@COOPER.COM
    8. Lean UX Cycles Generative Research Ideation THINK Mental models Behavior Models Test Results Competitive Analysis MAKE Prototypes Wireframes Value Prop Landing Page A/B Testing Hypotheses Site Analytics Comps Usability Testing Deployed Code Funnel Sign-ups CHECKLeanUX Fundamentals 02/2011 JANICE@LUXR.CO TIM@COOPER.COM
    9. Lean UX Framework Users why 1. BLAH what Needs 2. BLAH 3. BLAH le peop how uct prod BUSINESS THINKING Bob can... Uses/Scenarios Features (CREATE SKETCHES, WIREFRAMES & PIXELS) This Week User Stories Themed ReleasesLeanUX Fundamentals 02/2011 JANICE@LUXR.CO TIM@COOPER.COM
    10. Product Stewardshipand the integrated teamThe role of UX in agile environments
    11. What’s wrong with this picture?Lean UX Fundamentals 02/2011 JANICE@LUXR.CO TIM@COOPER.COM
    12. Product Owner is an overloaded role • Represent business needs • Collaborate with the team – hold product vision – maintain product backlog – feature definition and prioritization – detail / clarify requirements – communicate project status – provide subject matter expertise • Ensure project success – be voice of the user – negotiate release dates and contents – participate in daily meetings – manage profitability / ROI – review work resultsLean UX Fundamentals 02/2011 JANICE@LUXR.CO TIM@COOPER.COM
    13. Strategic and tactical UX are under-represented • Product vision and framework under-developed • User research and feedback not well done or understood • Good interaction design practices lacking • Design professionals spread too thinLean UX Fundamentals 02/2011 JANICE@LUXR.CO TIM@COOPER.COM
    14. Problems we can address by integrating design Too up-front Too late • Too many assumptions • Not cohesive • Can’t address changes • Never enough time • Time-intensive • Lipstick on a pig documentationLeanUX Fundamentals 02/2011 JANICE@LUXR.CO TIM@COOPER.COM
    15. We begin by integrating design into the team The Integrated Team includes full-time design members working with and alongside developers. • Research and analysis of customer and user behaviors, needs, and goals • Contextual design that balances business needs, user goals, technical opportunityLeanUX Fundamentals 02/2011 JANICE@LUXR.CO TIM@COOPER.COM 15
    16. A Product Steward advocates for UX The Product Steward is a strategic design role that works with the Product Mgr to set direction and shepherd the product to success. • Advocate for user-centered design • Understand and represent user goals • Provide creative direction • Negotiate releases with Product Manager • Pair-design with other team members • Assess work results • Guide product vision through deliveryLean UX Fundamentals 02/2011 JANICE@LUXR.CO TIM@COOPER.COM
    17. Product Ownership is a shared responsibility Product Manager • Represent business and customer needs • Understand market opportunities • Communicate project status • Prioritize features and releases • Collaborate with team Product Steward • Represent user needs and goals • Manage product vision, framework • Provide creative direction • Collaborate with teamLean UX Fundamentals 02/2011 JANICE@LUXR.CO TIM@COOPER.COM
    18. Thank YouTim McCoy Janice FraserDirector, Integrated Product Development Founder/CEOCooper LUXrtim@cooper.com janice@LUXr.co@seriouslynow @luxrco @clevergirl