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  • * Rules for Room 7 can be played for children whenever the teacher feels it to be necessary. Substitute you may also play at the beginning of day
  • -Teacher may replay these slides through the year to remind students of classroom rules.
  • Students should be working on homework/reading quietly between 8:05-8:15. If student is late they should see the office for tardy slip and the slip should be brought up to teacher (this slip should be left on teacher’s desk if sub is in place) An early dismissal note should be given to teacher in the AM and sent down to the office in BLUE pouch (set inside mailbox outside of hallway with attendance sheet) Between 2:05-2:15 students should be seated working on homework or reading
  • If students do not follow directions this may result in punishment.Completing work on time is important. If this does not happen it will result in lower grade and possible “0”.Respecting classmates means treating them how you would want to be treated. ALL elderly should be treated with respect and acknowledges with, “Good Morning” & “Good Afternoon”.Raise your hand before talking. If someone is talking wait patiently.If you should be working on a worksheet, that is what you should be doing, not today’s homework.Never give up and do your best!Have fun with everything. We can have as much fun as you allow yourselves.
  • Classes are 42 minute periodsPlease bring needed things for extra-curricular activities for the day noted
  • Make sure to follow these rules or their will be punishmentsPass needed if you are in hallway by yourself
  • Class Rules

    1. 1. Mrs. Rinehart’s 4th Grade Classroom’s<br />Rules to Follow<br />Room 7<br />
    2. 2. Welcome Students to Room 19!<br /> We have an exciting year ahead of us but before we start we should agree on a few rules of the classroom… <br />
    3. 3. Arrival & Dismissal<br />1stBell- 8:00 WARNING <br />2ndBell- 8:05 Should be seated in YOUR seat<br />3rd Bell- 8:15 Class Begins<br />*If not seated at 2nd Bell you are tardy and should see the Office<br />Announcements- 2:05 (working on homework)<br />Dismissal- 2:15<br />* Early dismissal requires note from home at start of the day<br />
    4. 4. 7 Rules for Room 7<br />Follow Directions<br />Complete Work on Time<br />Respect Classmates & Elders<br />Raise Your Hand<br />Stay on Task<br />ALWAYS DO YOUR BEST<br />HAVE FUN!<br />
    5. 5. Weekly Period Schedule<br />Everyday Subjects<br /><ul><li>Math, Science, History, Reading, English</li></ul>2 times a week<br /><ul><li>Monday/Wednesday: Gym
    6. 6. Tuesday/Thursday: Art/Computer</li></ul>1 time a week<br /><ul><li>Library </li></ul>Lunch/Recess- 12:15 (lunch cards given out prior to recess)<br />
    7. 7. Outside of the Classroom<br />Hallway Travel with Classmates<br /><ul><li>Quietly WALK in a single file
    8. 8. Acknowledge faculty & staff</li></ul>Hallway & Bathroom Visits <br /><ul><li>Quietly WALK
    9. 9. Pass needed from teacher</li></li></ul><li>Bad Behavior<br />2 WARNINGS<br />After 2 Warnings… After 3 Warnings… - Behavior Slip -Principal’s Office<br />Behavior Slip: Must be signed by parent & brought back next day<br />Principal’s Office: Result in phone call to parent<br />*This applies when substitute teacher is in place of Mrs. Rinehart*<br />
    10. 10. Questions?<br />There is NO such thing as a SILLY question…<br />ASK!<br />