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Great lx conference program

  1. 1. 15 September 19:00 Social PLAY – Porto de Honra – ISCTE Playground 19:30 Network organizers, speakers, supporters, stakeholders, Entertainment Local: Conference Atrium E&T 2020 strategy powered by networks and partnerships Over the past years the EU has gained more and more influence in the field of lifelong learning. Most of the results were based on partnerships and now is becoming clear that networks are one of the agents for change. The paradigm shift in learning is an opportunity to blow the collaborative work of thematic networks in lifelong learning. The central points for dialogues on this round table will be the relevance of joining forces from various sources in a common field of battle by learning interests with eyes on the future.It is the right moment to discuss the work based learning issues as a transversal one on the dialogues. Maja Pivec; Claudio Dondi (Scienter); Etelberto Costa(APG) (moderator) ; Ana Passos (ISCTE); Patrick Belpaire (ETDF/eApril); António Teixeira (EDEN) - tbc; Alfredo Soeiro (EUCEN) - tbc; Audrey Frith (EUCIS LLL) Local: Terrace 20:15 Dinner (one topic per table) 21:15 Moment GREAT 21:30 Ending 16 September 8:30 9:00 10:30 11:15 Social Networking & Opening Coffe + Acreditation GET TOGETHER GREAT MOMENT - Entertainement Local: Conference Atrium GREAT Dialogues and Findings Maja Pivec; Claudio Dondi (Scienter); Etelberto Costa (APG); Ana Passos (ISCTE) Key note – Claudio Dondi Local: Grande Auditório Break – opening the exhibition and fair. Stakeholders – Honours and Prizes Round Table 11:30 Games in Learning; Game Based Learning; Serious Games; Gaming - Findings and appreciations from recent researches The IPTS / JRC European Commission (March 2013), emphasizes the importance of learning through play confirming that has been increasing steadily over the past few years, moving more than 2350 million and generating revenue of more than 47 million euros.GREATLX will contribute to Europe take prominence in this area of innovative business and rapidly conquered tops worldwide sales. Gaming; Game Based Learning; Serious Games will be at the top of dialogues at this Round Table. Please see next page for detailed information about these sessions Key Note Speaker: Maja Pivec (FHJ) Moderator: Etelberto costa Rapporteur: tbi Intervenients: Panagiotis Petridis (SGI); James Stewart(ipts)-tbc; Leonel Morgado(UTAD); Vaz de Carvalho(ECGBL); Paul Pivec. Local: Grande Auditório 13:00 Round Table Rooms in 1st and 2nd Floor LUNCH - picnic Entertainment 14:00 TEL Parallel Sessions and Workshops 14:00 GAMES Paralell Sessions and Workshops ICT for learning in the EU 2020 Findings and apprecciations from recent researchs The role of ICT in learning moves the change on E&T and brings a great challenge for the shift on paradigm in Europe. It is not about technology, but includes it all times, performing for best contexts and content for learning. Social learning as well as the personal learning environments are becoming more and more demanding and the advent of open resources on education, like the MOOC experience, calls the learning agents for action. Still a large discussion about elearning and the state of the art about it. This are some of the key points called for this round table. Please see next page for detailed information about these sessions Key Note Speaker: Claudio Dondi (Scienter) Moderator:José Lagarto (UCP) Rapporteur: tbi Intervenients: Claudio Dondi (Scienter); Ana Dias (TECMinho); Jane Hart (; António Teixeira (EDEN); António Bob Santos Local: Grande Auditório 15:30 16:00 Break and changing positions. Recognitions Moment Entertainement COLISEUM Questions selected from audience and internet adressed to representatives Intervenients: Claudio Dondi; Maja Pivec; IPTS; GREAT; Jane Hart; Panagiotis Petridis; Media Facilitator Local: Grande Auditório 17:45 Refreshments and Team Rapporteurs Leader (Maria José) communication 18:00 Fairwell Rooms in 1st and 2nd Floor
  2. 2. 16 September TEL Parallel Sessions and Workshops 11:30 The MOOC experience : The Bright and the Dark António Teixeira - EDEN President 12:15 2013 - Portuguese e-Learning Panorama 360º In the workshop we will present and debate a National Study that makes a cross evaluation of existing Public Policies and National operators best practices, focusing on the e-learning concept, the existing public policy and the possible shape of further regulations. E-learning Quality criteria at national and international level will also be debated. Academy cube Initiative Together with partners, SAP has launched an alliance which brings together talent-seeking companies with job-seeking top grade academics in Europe. Focusing on the high demand for skilled talents in the context of Industry 4.0, our objective is to create a pan-industry platform allowing our partners to qualify and recruit graduates and professionals with engineering and IT skills. Academy Cube will give you access to a broad European Liliana Gonçalves - SAP Room C1.03 Ana Dias – Tecminho, Universidade do Minho Room C1.04 Personal Learning Environment The advent of the social web has brought a huge number of tools and environments but simultaneously lead to an increasing difficulty in managing information and establishing a conscious and useful digital learning network. In this context, the way each of us can build and manage our PLE (Personal Learning Environment) is today one of the most interesting research fields in Education since the concept of PLE is, itself, presented and discussed from completely different perspectives inside this research field. This workshop aims to present and discuss different views about this concept and to explore its possible outcomes. Paulo Simões Carlos Santos José Mota Luís Pedro Room B1.02 Technology Enhanced Learning; where are we heading to? Linkedin no Stop During this session the presenter will share a vision on the evolution of technology enhanced learning (TEL). He starts with an overview of hardware trends. Which new devices may we expect the coming years? Then he focusses on content. How may learning content look like within 10 years? Did you know that every day millions of contacts are made and deals are closed through people using LinkdIn? Did you know that every day 2 million job offers are shared through this network? Are you going to ignore all this? The workshop will show you how… * Win visibility and position on this network with more than 200 million users *Use the tools of LinkdIn for self-promotion and to promote your business Last but not least he focusses on learning. *Create an appealing profile that will appear on the top of the LinkdIn’s How will technology trends change the role of searches (more than 5,3 billion in 2012) learning professionals? How may future *Develop a powerful network of contacts to gain an broader reach and learning solutions look like? visibility *Prospecting of key contacts (companies and persons) using the advanced search and other tools *Selection of the more important Influence Groups for your professional activity * Creation of an effective acting plan Patrick Belpaire - ETDF - European Training and Developement Federation Pedro Caramez - Speaker, Trainer and Consultant in Linkedin projects and other social networks in Portugal and Brazil Room B2.03 Room B1.02 Workplace Learning is changing! In this session, Jane Hart will explain what is taking place by drawing on evidence from her own work over the past 6 years that shows how knowledge workers are making use of a range of new online, social tools to work and learn. Jane will also demonstrate how Learning & Development departments are responding, and re-thinking their approach to workplace learning by expanding their services to support learning and performance more broadly. Jane will provide some examples of these emerging new social approaches to workplace learning that include new content design and performance support as well as enabling knowledge sharing and collaboration in the workflow. Jane Hart - tbd - Global Estratégias Room C1.01 LUNCH 13:00 GAMES Paralell Sessions and Workshops 14:00 Designing Games, Motivating Students, and Entrepreneurship 14:45 The Social Learning Revolution The Serious Game Design Summer School (SGDSS) centers around a role play of a game development company, where students will create serious game concepts for selected target groups, embed curricular topics using behavioral mechanics, and provide accurate information through gamification of educational activities. The content for this school has been successfully taught for eight years, and the summer school itself is in it third iteration. The setting of the SGDSS allows for a new, praxis related learning experience – to learn and directly apply knowledge while working on their products in intercultural and interdisciplinary teams, where each student brings different strengths and competencies as well as communication and collaboration specificities. This workshop will detail the pedagogy behind the successful implementation of this course, and provide valuable insights on how designing game based learning applications can provide essential learning experiences in entrepreneurship, and foster life long learning attitudes within young people. Games in Portugal – state of the art A survey was conducted in Portugal to students from 5th Grade to Master students about their preferences in playing games in mobile devices. Their preferences and the most played games will be reported. Serious Games and their impact in market Games for skilling Nowadays, several Serious Games has been developed but how do they impact in clients needs? In this session we will introduce a successful Business Cases of Serious Games and how to reach the market Gamification: strategies for interaction and pedagogic assessment The GREAT case Games for Learning The workshop will deploy the simulation of a business setting with a focus on group work. Throughout this simulation, strategies will be deployed for trainers to provide assessment, monitoring, and provide constant feedback. The interaction strategy of this workshop is based on the gamification concept, combined with the SCRUM agile project development method. In this workshop, the aim is to present these approaches and the context of their use, as well as provide the audience with hands-on practice. Jon Arambarri - VirtualWare Group To be confirmed Paul Pivec Massimiliano Andreoletti - Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore - Milan Panagiotis Petridis - Serious Games Institute Leonel Morgado (INESC TEC/UTAD) Ricardo Nunes (UTAD) Daniela Pedrosa (UTAD) Great Partnership: Manuel Peixoto, Yahsi yazicioglu; Chiara Martinelli; Johann Laister; Tiago Leitão James Stewart - Institute for Prospective Technological Studies (IPTS) Room B2.03 15:30 Ana Amélia - FPCUC Room B2.04 Room C1.04 Room C1.01 Room C2.05 Room B1.01 Room B1.02 BREAK