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Telexfree Presentations in English Be our promoter  Earn money doing announcements on Internet
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Telexfree Presentations in English Be our promoter Earn money doing announcements on Internet


TELEXFREE Be our promoter …

TELEXFREE Be our promoter
Earn money doing announcements on Internet!
The promoter will receive US$20 each week that makes 7 different announcements in websites of free announcements online, from Monday to Sunday. All in a way fast, easy, and standardized in your virtual office (BO) Telexfree.
This will be for the 52 weeks of the year, of your contract, then see the simulation:
52 weeks x $20 (Putting the 7 announcements) = $ 1,040 in the year

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  • A Recarbon chegou para revolucionar as vendas diretas na internet.
    Realize seus Sonhos com o nosso sistema simples, fácil, funcional, prático e inovador,
    que proporciona resultados satisfatório a todos. Nós gostaríamos de convidá-lo a conhecer
    nosso plano de bonificação que está expostos no vídeo a baixo.

    Plano A R$ 90,00.Link Cadastro
    Retorno R$ 2.700,00 MENSAL
    É necessário indicar 5 pessoas em 30 dias

    Plano B R$ 540,00
    Retorno 16.200,00 MENSAL
    Não é necessário indicar ninguém

    Plano C R$ 270,00
    Retorno R$ 8.100,00 MENSAL
    Não é necessário indicar ninguém

    Plano ABC R$ 900,00
    Retorno R$ 27000,00 Mensal
    Não é necessário indicar ninguém

    www recarbon com br
    ID: 13106
    skype: recarbon.brasil
    add e saiba muito mais
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  • 1. www.telexfree.com/sergiocjunior Business Presentation
  • 2. Prepare to know the bestOpportunity of your life! Work on Internet Publishing ads daily Two Methods of Gains: Individual Gain Group Gain
  • 3. Individual Gain Earn money in a smart way! Without having to invite anyone, without selling anything in the comfort of your home. Build a great extra income Weekly – Monthly - Annual. Publish ads in free ad sites on Internet!
  • 4. Individual Gain What you need to do! The promoter must place 1 ad every day. (Mon, Tue, Wed, Thu, Fri, Sat, and Sun) We have everything computerized, with only 4 easy steps, in your virtual office (BackOffice) Do every day and receive each week U$20 The ads are prepared. It’s copy and publish... ... in free ad sites Ad
  • 5. Individual Gain Acquire your ADCENTRAL (your central with ads) Annual ADCentral Weekly Monthly Annual Net Contract Gain Gain Gain Gain U$299 Main U$20 U$80 U$1,040 U$741 Work posting ADS ON INTERNET!
  • 6. Individual Gain - Family Do an upgrade for Earn 5x more ADCentral FAMILY Contrato GanhoOnly publishing 5 ADS DAILY ON INTERNET!
  • 7. What ad? Today we announce the service from Telexfree itself: VoIP Technology that allows unlimited calls to Landline and Cellular. In Brazil thru 0800 033 3279 Central Access* Other countries thru central access There are more than 40 countries to your disposition: US, Canada, China Colombia, Mexico, Dominican Republic, Spain, Japan, France and Many more... See all in the website * In some cities, it is with the cost of a local call to landline numbers.Shortly other services and products of the company will be announced
  • 8. Group Gain Build your GROUP = Earn much MORE!!!
  • 9. Group Gain Sendo 2 Being 2 ADCentral Receive U$20 for the registration of each promoter. In this example U$40 - Qualified! To start receiving cycles, in the binary, you must qualify having 2 direct promoters, being 1 in the left (A) and 1 in the right (B)
  • 10. Group Gain - Ad Having DIRECT promoters (registered by you) and INDIRECT ones (registered by them) Look this SIMULATION with gains of 2%. (YOU CAN INVITE HOW MANY YOU’D LIKE)Your annual income: U$20 x 52 weeks = U$1,040 / Residual Income: U$50.40 x 52 = U$2,620.80 Total - U$3,660.80
  • 11. Group Gain – Telexfree Service Having DIRECT promoters (registered by you) and INDIRECT ones (registered by them) Look this SIMULATION with gains of 2%. (YOU CAN INVITE HOW MANY YOU’D LIKE) Observation: You can also sell directly to how many people you’d like, increasing the gains!Commission valid only for VoIP service from Telexfree
  • 12. Group Gain - Binary A B Left VOCÊ Right Group A and B are your qualifiers Group Receive U$20 per cycle every time you register 1 ADCentral in your left and 1 in your right, doesn’t matter if it’s direct, indirect, or if it came by transfer. Maximum daily income from this gain: 22 cycles (U$440) leftovers stay for the next day
  • 13. Group Gain - Additional Receive U$60 per each cycle of additional ADCentral, following the table below: Maximum daily income of ADDITIONAL ADCENTRAL for leveling is of 768 cycles (U$15,360) where the additional ADCentral that are left on the strongest side will always be accumulated in the wait to form cycles with the Time ADCentral and will be paid on the next days.
  • 14. Group Gains - Royalties Left Right Group A B Group VOCÊ A and B are your qualifiers 22 ADCentral 22 ADCentral 22 CYCLES = U$440 Everyone who reaches 22 cycles of ADCENTRAL in 20 days, during the same month. Personally or in group will share 1% of the company’s business volume , as extra bonus, will be divided equally among all qualified.
  • 15. Group Gain – Team Builder A B VOCÊ Have 10 direct ADCentral FAMILY in a period of 60 days after the date of your registration Best formation: 5 on each side of the binary Will receive a quote of 2% of the monthly net sales of the company, divided equally among all TEAM BUILDERS until receiving the maximum bonus amount for TEAM BUILDER that is of U$39,600
  • 16. End of Presentation Beginning of your FUTURE!!! www.telexfree.com/sergiocjunior Don’t waste time Sign now! And come to be part of