The use of flashcards as a strategy for teaching kids _project of thesis
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The use of flashcards as a strategy for teaching kids _project of thesis

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this is a brief explanation of the points that this descriptive research will have.

this is a brief explanation of the points that this descriptive research will have.

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  • 1. The use of flashcards as a strategy for teaching vocabularyResearcher’s name:Sergio Roberto Witzil ChávezStudent’s registration number:07-08887Supervisor: Nature of Research: DescriptiveGilberto Campos
  • 2. Abstract • The flashcards are seeing as a tool for many teachers but also as strategy for teaching. In this research will be discussed about the strategies that a teacher commonly used in their class when they are teaching vocabulary. The research has a descriptive approach because the main objective is to look the frequency that a strategy is used for the teacher when he/she uses flashcards for teaching vocabulary to preschool students so there will be analyzed some previous researches and beliefs or statements of some authors ,specialized in teaching vocabulary, about the flashcards.This research will be based in analyzed 10 teachers from three different private preschoolsin Chetumal with a similar educational approach. The teachers have to answer aquestionnaire, which will help to select the 10, and a class of them, where they useflashcards to teach vocabulary will be observed in order to get enough data with the aid of astructured checklist. This data will be analyzed with the software SPSS in order to look thefrequency that a strategy is used, so these statistics will help to choose the strategies usefor teaching vocabulary using flashcards.
  • 3. Objective• The main objective of this research is looking for the learning strategies that we can apply when we used flashcards as a strategy for teaching vocabulary to children. So this research is based on the identification of the strategies that are used when we teach vocabulary with flashcards.
  • 4. Research questions• RQ1 Are there specific strategies for using flashcards?• RQ2 what strategies for teaching work well with kids when they teach vocabulary?• RQ3 what strategies are more used for teachers when they work with flashcards?• This questions implies the doubts that this research tries to clarify in order to use the best strategies when a teacher tries to teach vocabulary with flashcards.
  • 5. Relevance of the study• At the ending of this research, the results can help teachers to choose the strategies that they can use with kids when they will teach vocabulary with flashcards so the result will help them as recommendations for the future teachers that will start working with kids as students of a second language. Teachers can see that a teaching material can become a good teaching strategy such are the flashcards, a practical tool for teaching kids and any student, regardless the age.
  • 6. Literature review 1 how children learn a new language How they HowBeliefs learn vocabulary vocabulary is taught
  • 7. Literature review2 Learning strategies Direct IndirectDefinition strategies strategies
  • 8. Literature review3 What are the flashcards? Why use UsingDefinition flashcards flashcards with kids? with kids
  • 9. Literature Review4 Studies related with flashcards Flashcard games as a teaching aid to Flashcards VS contrast the use checklists between the simple past and the present perfect
  • 10. Method• This research is based on a descriptive approach where the objective is looking for the strategies that teachers used to teach vocabulary to kids using flashcards.•• This chapter describes the participants who will be selected to help in the collection of data, the considerations that will be taken into account to allow them to participate in this research, the instruments or ways of looking for this data how they were used and their purpose of use them, and finally the procedure of collecting and analyzing all the data obtained from these participants.
  • 11. Participants• The participants in this research will be 10 teachers selected from 3 private preschools in Chetumal. These schools will be selected because of the method they used in their class; in this case they have to use the cooperative language learning which teaches kids in a collaborative environment.•• The 10 teachers must have completed a questionnaire where they confirm their general data. They have to be graduated of a bachelor in English Language ,and also need to have at least 6 months of experience with kids in order to participate in this research. On the other way, the gender of the teacher will not be taken into account so the number of female teachers and male teachers does not matter.• Bernadette –Centro Escolar Escocia- Cumbres
  • 12. Intruments• Questionnaires• In this research the questionnaire will be used in order to identify the strategies that a teacher uses when he/she is teaching vocabulary with flashcards• This questionnaire will be divided in three sections: the first one will be focused in the frequency and the use of the strategies that teachers apply when they use flashcards, the second one will be about how effective the flashcards are for teaching vocabulary, and the last one will be about personal information of the teacher.
  • 13. Intruments• Structured class observation• The objective of using this instrument is to prove that teachers really have or use the strategies that they affirmed they have in the previous questionnaire and also to check what strategies work better with their students so in short this instrument is for seeing the effectiveness of the strategies applied with flashcards.• This observation will be made in a structured check list where will asses if a teacher use an specific strategy for the activity with the flashcards, the frequency of these strategies and how the reaction of student is with those strategies used during the exercise, I mean, if the strategies really work well for teaching vocabulary.
  • 14. Procedure ask them to organize a do the class specific activity where observation: usingIdentify the preschools checklist they use flashcards Contact with the Select the teachers Join the information schools Apply the Contact with the Prepare the data for teachers questionnaire being analyzed
  • 15. Data analysis Selection of the strategies that are Find out thePut the data in the more used for a Get the statistics frequencies of a software SPSS teacher when he strategy is used use flashcards.