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SiteKreator Newsletter November 2010

  1. 1. Newsletter Issue #3 — November 2010In this issue1. Go professional with vivid imagery courtesy of SiteKreator2. New Design: Atlas3. Cyber Monday Sale4. Limited edition Sirius Black design5. SiteKreator User Interface — constantly improving6. Monthly Digest: Interesting Online ResourcesGo professional with vivid imagery courtesy of SiteKreatorUsing high-quality images in your website creates a greater sense of personality and builds astronger connection with your visitors. Now its easier than ever.If you upgrade to one of our Business Packages now, in addition to our vast selection ofquality designs, you can choose up to 20 images ($120 value)** of your choice* absolutely free.The images you choose will be sized, cropped and uploaded directly to your SiteKreatoraccount.Upgrade to a Business Package and select your free photos* offers more than 5 million high-quality photos and illustrations.
  2. 2. ** Depending on your choice of SiteKreator Business Package.New Design: AtlasWe are extremely excited to present the latest addition to our stunning design library: Atlas.Atlas features the much-requested, trendy page layout where the header, navigation andfooter span the entire browser width. This new design comes in 8 distinctive color themes,each with a brand new page header image for a perfect color-photo combination. The 8themes feature different texture treatment (e.g. glassy, beveled) to complement their lookand feel.Atlas fully supports all SiteKreator features, including the impressive Page Image Slideshow,and is available now for users with Business Standard and Premium subscriptions.Cyber Monday Deals on SiteKreator.comThe holiday season is just around the corner and we are marking the start of the shoppingcraze with the first-ever Cyber Monday Sale at SiteKreator.Upgrade to any of our business packages and get 3 months added to your monthly or annualsubscription for free. To upgrade, simply log in to your account and click the “Change plan”link on the “My account” screen in the Control Panel menu.
  3. 3. The offer is valid only on Monday, November 29th. Terms and conditions applyWork some magic on your website with our new Sirius BlackLimited Edition designIt doesn’t take a Hogwarts diploma to be able to cast some magic on your SiteKreatorwebsite. Just switch to our limited-edition Sirius Black design — a new special version of ourmost-popular Sirius design. Celebrate the Harry Potter fan in you by applying this special-themed design in time for the premiere of “Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows”.Do not worry: when you switch your design, your content and navigation stay intact - just likemagic!The Sirius Black Limited Edition design will be available until the end of November. After that,it will remain fully functional and supported, but it will no longer appear in the list of designs.If you like Sirius Black, and want to explore other professional-looking designs, emailmarketing and business tools, upgrade to one of our business packages now.SiteKreator User Interface — Constantly ImprovingUsers often tell us how intuitive the SiteKreator interface is. Well... we are perfectionists andare constantly looking for ways to further improve the interface. This month we areintroducing two noticeable enhancements that we feel merit special attention.The Add Content menu now has a completely new set of icons which are not only a joy tolook at but are also easier to recognize and should make editing your site more intuitive. Andwe have made big improvements to the editing windows (available next week). The best wayto appreciate the enhanced experience is to log into your account and enjoy the mellowdesign touches.As always we’re eager to hear your opinion, so don’t hesitate to drop a note in our blog.Thanks!Monthly Digest: Interesting Online ResourcesSocial MediaSocial Media Optimization for Public Relations - TopRankBlog5 Most Engaged Brands in Social Media - MashableHow to Create a Social Media Conversion System - DuctTape MarketingHow to Use Delicious for B2B Marketing - Grow Smart BusinessHow to Add a Social Media Toolbar to Your Website - Business on MainBusiness Tips
  4. 4. The sales you dont make - Seth Godin17 Mutable Suggestions For Naming A Startup - On StartupsPay Yourself First - Chris BroganThere Are 387 Million Ways to Fail. Do You Know How to Fail Well? - BNet7 New Startups That Could Affect Your Marketing Strategy - Grow Smart BusinessSearch Engine Optimization16 Ways Your Startup Needs To Be Getting Customers - Jason L. BaptisteContent Marketing That Stands Out - SEOMozNext-Level Optimization Part 2: Beyond Paid Search - Search Engine LandBusting Search Engine Optimization Myths - Business on MainBack-to-Basics: Non-Brand Keywords - Google Analytics Blog