Executive summary participating to nanochallenge


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Nanotechnologies for Polymers / PVC, PE, PP /.

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Executive summary participating to nanochallenge

  1. 1. EXECUTIVE SUMMARYParticipating to NANOCHALLENGE.Team Name: Know-how Nanotechnologies for Polymers.Author: Yatsenko S.N., PhD.. The relevance of Nanotechnology is now due real factorspresent, as for the development of lean exclusively ontraditional techniques for processing of polymers is not enough.Unfavorable conditions dictate a new paradigm of development,namely the introduction of Nanotechnology for the developmentof polymer industry composite materials.Based on personal experience in the elaboration and applicationof various Nanotechnologies for the specific purpose of theirimplementation, there are physical and practical aspects of theapplication in the field of polymer processing.The physical aspect – according to: www.wikipedia.orgNanotechnology is a functional engineering system based on themolecular level implementation. Nanotechnologies are definedas the techniques and procedures used to manipulate matter atnanoscale level (10-9, m). Factual material on this aspect iswidely represented in the scientific literature on application ofnanotechnology in the polymer processing.The practical aspect is characterized by sustained and repeatedreproduction of both qualitative and quantitative indicatorssocially popular products, with a harmonious combination ofmicro- and macro-processes and modes, whiles preserving themain /target/process polymer processing. This aspect is bestformulated to share: www.nanoposts.com February 17, 2011year, European Repository of Nanomaterials launched: Smallmaterial, big impact. That is, the harmonious Introduce someNanotechnology has great influence on qualitative andquantitative indicators of the desired target product /polymeric material/. Spread the word Nanotechnology relevantnow because of rising prices original polymeric materials/products of oil refining/, and respectively energy andequipment. Application of Nanotechnology for Development is
  2. 2. key factor, according to the European Patent Office on theresource: www.epo.org, the number of requests forNanotechnology is only one percent, but they have a real legaland judicial framework /class Y01 2-12/ for introduction.Nanotechnology is a new knowledge; it does not conflict withother kinds of knowledge, and complements the general pictureof knowledge. The realization of these Nanotechnologies forpolymer processing proposed as licensing /simple license/,which allows for off-patent form of intangible asset/Nanotechnology/. Release of a particular product by a simplelicense and placing on the market will provide an opportunity todefine the real value of applied Nanotechnology for polymerprocessing, and move to next licensing /patents/. The followingstage Licensing of Nanotechnology is a more complicated legaldocument, as it will have as its basis for registration of patents,with interesting investors in polymer processing. In addition towhat was said by me in November 2010 year I was carried outOnline service Nanotechnologies in polymer processing in BritishLibrary, on the site: www.bl.uk/bipc. , and I have the strongreport of Nanotechnologies, and I have good position fornegotiation with real investors.. I propose Nanotechnologies for polymer processing, realizedto produce a variety of materials from PVC, PE, PP,… , /windowprofiles, building materials, pipes,…/. These Nanotechnologieswere tested on extrusion lines from such as Krauss Maffei,TECHNOPLAST, BAUSANO with high indicators in quality ofproducts /dimensional stability, surface quality, processcontrol/ and the gross Indicators of production /profitability/,that contribute to real progress in polymer processing, and theygives new opportunity for expansion on the market polymersmaterials.. Thus the practical application of Nanotechnologies, inharmony in their use of macro-processes of polymer processinghas always had a positive effect on quality and to increaseprofits, and observed for each extrusion line and each
  3. 3. production recipe, that is, is universal technological in natureand can be easily reproduced.. Now, I can propose Nanotechnology for Flexible Packaging,because I have methodology of application Nanotechnologies.These Nanotechnologies for Flexible Packaging can be widelyused in the manufacture of various packaging, stretch film, andmore like from a variety of polymers /PVC,PE,PP,../, andcombinations thereof, receiving packaging materials with highoperating parameters. Developed Nanotechnologies have beentested for extrusion lines such as CAST LINE /slotted extrusion/,companies such as Bielloni Castello S.p.A., SMS-Folientechnik,SML for the production of stretch film pallet type with highquality products from Polyethylene LLDPE. To carry out themanufacturing process to produce stretch film LLDPEpolyethylene used by companies Dow Chemical, ExxonMobil,SABIC,LG Chemical , and for each of polyethylene and foreach extrusion line /CAST LINE/ observed a positive effectNanotechnologies applications in quality and to increase profits.Consequently, the practical application of Nanotechnologies, inharmony in their use of macro-processes for the production ofFlexible Packaging has universal technological nature andpromotes the growth of the industry.. Finally, note the basic methodology for rapid developmentpolymer processing industry, which is in harmony application ofNanotechnologies in the macro-processes of the mainproduction process required by the polymer itself.Nanotechnologies are new knowledge, reflecting a harmoniousrelationship between the micro-world and macro-world, and atsame time are subject to the intangible asset. Realization of anintangible asset /Nanotechnologies/, which occurs atmanufacturing process for processing of various polymers, givesa reasonable estimate of market value of the specific useNanotechnology. Actually operating Nanotechnologies havegreat potential for development polymer processing industry,the creation of new polymeric with new range of consumer
  4. 4. properties.. Thus, through a series of studies on the effectiveness andpreciseness Nanotechnologies for polymer processing, asintangible assets, physical and practical aspects of the proposedtechnologies really contributes to the activation of tangibleassets in the production of the desired polymer material, whichdirectly affects the dynamics of development industry as awhole.September 22, 2011 year.