Serenity's guide for a holistic approach to weight loss and detoxification phase i portfolio=november 2012


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Serenity's guide for a holistic approach to weight loss and detoxification phase i portfolio=november 2012

  1. 1. Page |1Serenity Weight Loss and Detoxification Program© Your Phase I PortfolioA holistic approach for weight loss and detoxification
  2. 2. Page |2 Serenity’s PHASE I MINI FAST -14 days=====================================================  Eat fish (wild caught salmon and other deep water fish, Pollock, tuna, sword, etc is best)  Chicken (cooked any way except fried-skin is OK)  Salad  All Vegetables Phase II Eating: After the 14 days, use standard Serenity eating as described on page 10 Additional Pre-Cleanse Tips:  Great time to try to coffee enemas (2-4 on consecutive evenings (See page 3 of this portfolio)  Do a Kidney detox-click on the link below or cut and paste into your browser. Choose the type of detox most comfortable for you Kidney Detox supplemental Guide cleanse-instructions
  3. 3. Page |3 Serenity Weight Loss & Detoxification Program© COFFEE ENEMA INSTRUCTIONSENEMA Supplies: 1. Coffee Enema* (cleanses toxins stored in the liver & gallbladder) 2. Enema (Most Wal-Mart super stores still carry-in NY-try Eckert pharmacies)Enema dates: Every evening, for time period indicated on instructionsInstructions for making the coffee: 1 -2 quarts of boiling water Add approximately 4 ounces of granulated coffee into a large pot. (Do NOT use DECAF.)Reduce the heat and simmer the coffee for 20 minutes. Allow to cool and use for your first enema.Do not discard the coffee that you catch in the strainer, as you are before pouring into a separatecontainer, to enable you to easily transfer the liquid into your enema bottle. However, pour slowlyso that you do not pick up too many granules from the bottom of the pot, then pour the coffeecaught in the strainer back into the pot; cover and refrigerate.Warm as needed for the next enema. Your coffee will remain fresh in the refrigerator for at least 2-3weeks.ENEMA PREPARATION1. Fill an enema bottle with about 18-24 ounces of liquid. The enema liquid should be warm;however, test on the back of your wrist to ensure that it is not too warm BEFORE inserting!!2. It is best to lay on your right side (the side where your liver and gallbladder is located on atowel very near the toilet.3. Gently & slowly squeeze the enema bottle until it is empty or until you feel that you are nolonger able to hold additional liquid.4. Stay in place for as long as possible, up to 20 minutes; then run!! You should have amajor release especially after the first or second enemas.
  4. 4. Page |4Using Coffee Enemas for Liver Detoxification The use of coffee in enemas for liver detoxification purposes is well known. It makes some people chuckle. I prefer to think as a very powerful health practice for a healthy liver. The coffee enema is extensively used in the Gerson cancer therapy and is a practice which has been recommended by holistic and alternative medicine professionals for many years. The coffee enema is used to detoxify the liver, NOT THE COLON. It is a low-volume enema that remains only in the sigmoidcolon. There is a duct between the sigmoid colon and the liver called the "entero-hepaticcirculation system". When the stool reaches this point, it contains many toxins, which are sentto the liver for detoxification.Coffee Enema For Liver DetoxificationWithout getting too technical here, the caffeine that is absorbed into the entero-hepatic systemcauses the liver ducts, including the bile ducts, to empty into the sigmoid colon. Releasing thetoxins in the liver ducts, makes room for toxins from the body to enter the liver for detoxification.The alkaloids in the caffeine stimulate the production of an enzyme called "glutathione-S-transferase", which is an enzyme that facilitates the liver detoxification pathways. The coffeeenema is safe even for people who are sensitive to caffeine because the coffee remains in thesigmoid colon, where it will not be absorbed, provided the proper amount is used and theenema bag is not placed too high. Video clip on the use of Coffee Enemas
  5. 5. Page |5 Serenity Weight Loss Program© Shopping ListStart DateProteins Quantity Serenity Recommendation or Comment:SalmonSwordfishRed SnapperPerch or TroutSharkCanned Tuna or (oil is OK)salmonDuck or TurkeyBags of frozen hotwingsFrozen eggplant small amount of cheese that it contains is OK, unless you know that you are allergicEggs (brown is best)Frozen veggieburgers or sausagelinksTofu Extra firm is best , because it is higher in calcium content and more appealing to first time usersGround Turkey orchickenCornish HensTurkey or chickensausagesTurkey or chickenfranksChicken or turkeycutletsVEGETABLES Quantity
  6. 6. Page |6Bag of pre-washedsaladFrozen spinach (chopped or leaf)Frozen CornFrozen Cow peas orblackeye peasFresh potatoes (yams, red or white)Fresh Tomatoes orcanned packed inpuree stewed,chopped or dicedCucumbersBlack olives no green, we want to avoid the vinegar, which causes yeast overgrowth (see chapter on yeast)String beans-canned or frozenFresh white, red oryellow onionsAll fresh squash: Zucchini; Spaghetti squash; Acorn squash; Yellow SquashScallions or greenonionsAll beans-canned,frozen or freshexcept baked beansFRUIT QuantityFresh bananas Other form of fruit may be added when you reach your goal. If allergic to bananas, omit and substitute with applesFresh LEMONS orLIMESHERBS/ Quantity
  7. 7. Page |7SEASONINGSVegetable broth or MORGA brand is excellent, available at health food storesbouillonGarlic powderONION powderSea SaltProtein Seasoning A vegetarian seasoning used as you would seasoned salt- an excellent brand is Bronners. Look for at health food stores or in the health food section of your grocery storeChili PowderPowdered mustardCans of tomatopasteLiquid Aminos Braggs brand, available at health food storesVEGIT seasoning SPIKE brand, available at health food storesGarden Salad Herbs SPIKE brand, available at health food storesCAYENNE Pepper Red pepperExtra Virgin Olive Wal-Mart has a good priceoilItalian seasoningDried Tarragon For fish and poultryCajun seasoning Bayou brandSOUPS QuantityChicken vegetable,or split peaManhattan clamchowder (red)
  8. 8. Page |8Lentil soup ProgressoHomemade fishsoup or stewHomemade 13 beanor 3 bean soupBEVERAGES Quantity BrandFlavored seltzer PUBLIX,KROGER Canada dry, Vintage are good sugar-freewaters brandsSpring Water best Distilled is second best. Other more expensive oxygenated waters are good too, such as Penta© water, available at health food storesFruit Water Glacier, available at health food storesFRESH SQUEEZEDJUICINGINGREDIENTSCucumberCelery stalk or rootChinese cabbage(Bok Choy)Fresh CarrotsFresh fennel (Anise)Bag of pre-washedspinachFresh gingerFresh beets
  9. 9. Page |9 Serenity on Eggs and CholesterolMany of you have been advised by your physicians or heard through word-of-mouth that becauseof the cholesterol content, eggs should be eaten no more than 2-3 times per week.The problem with this advice is that it does not consider the fact that many foods in addition to eggs, contain cholesterol. If you have been told you need to “watch” your cholesterol intake,follow these simple guidelines:Remember that many of your favorite foods contain cholesterol, including all processed foods,cakes, cookies, pancakes, waffles, donuts, canned meats and most canned meals, likes spaghettior beans and franks. All pre-packaged frozen meals contain very high amounts of cholesterol,including Weight Watchers entrees and other pre-packaged diet foods.Serenity does not advise you to eat eggs, we permit it. Thus, our overriding recommendation is thatyou eat “dinner foods” for breakfast. These are healthier than nearly all breakfast foods. Dinnerfoods are also quicker, because you can store left over dinner in a storage container and place it ina microwave for breakfast.If you choose to have eggs, you MAY have 2 WHOLE eggs per day. Please do not eat just the eggwhites; although the white contains no fat or cholesterol, it also contains little if any nutritionalvalueDo not use egg beaters. Always eat whole foodsYou may fry or scramble eggs in olive oil; do not use PAM, which is artificial and not a whole food.While we are not espousing a diet of eggs, we want to ensure that you decide to include or excludethem based on accurate nutritional information. Many doctors have not had nutritional training andtherefore repeat some of the same inaccuracies about diet as heard in the media. Updated Tips: NO FRIED EGGSOK to USE EXTRA VIRGIN OLIVE OIL, although heated oils, regardless of the type, are not as healthy but no Canola Oil
  10. 10. P a g e | 10 Serenity Weight Loss & Detoxification Program Rev, 2012 General Guidelines (Basic guide after your MINI FAST) ►Basic Lifetime Rule: Eat ONLY items that have nutritional value or “essential foods”. Please do not treat this as a diet ITEMS TO AVOID:ALL dairy products (includes cheese, ice cream, skim milk) [substitute w/ soy based products later] ALL foods with added sugar (includes soda, honey, artificial sweeteners, maple syrup, molasses,etc.) [Should be a permanently avoided category, except honey and Stevia, after you reach goal] Fruit or fruit juices (until you reach your weight loss goal, however, then on a limited basis-forexample, juices will be OK, but only if diluted 50/50 with water) ALL cereals, including oatmeal, nuts and grains [until you reach your weight loss goal, but neverreturning to cereals because all meals are to contain a protein and veggie) ALL red meat (includes lamb, pork, beef and veal) [Ok for later, on occasion; we recommendavoiding pork permanently]ALL bread (includes crackers, pizza, muffins, whole wheat bread, etc.) [Occasional deviations OK,with whole grain versions]ALL pasta, including rice, until you reach your weight loss goal. Later, simply avoid all white food.ALL condiments, including mustard, ketchup, salad dressing, mayonnaise or vinegar NO coffee, including decaf, tea with caffeine or alcohol [Should be permanent, unless yocompromise with a healthy, organic, vitamin fortified coffee, such as JAVA brand]Special Note: These junk food items were not on the original purple food guide, however, everyoneshould avoid protein bars, cheese doodles, tortilla chips, gum, breathe mints, cough drops,especially during the aggressive weight loss phase or if you have a medical challenge such asdiabetes, arthritis, allergies, celiac , etc.
  11. 11. P a g e | 11 FOODS THAT YOU MAY CONSUME WITHOUT CONCERN ABOUT WEIGHT GAIN (or contributing to health challenges) (Breakfast foods come from this list too)Water, equal to ½ of your weight in ounces per day, sipped at the rate of 4+ounces per waking ½ hour. Flavored seltzer water, (with no added sugar) &herbal teas are great for varietyFish, eggs, chicken, turkey, seafood & vegetarian protein sourcesALL vegetables (includes baked sweet and white potatoes, with skin) (1)per dayALL beans, except baked beans (use as a protein)Salad (no dressing-extra virgin olive oil with fresh lemon)1-2 bananas per day, but not as a meal. Eat bananas as you would dessertNOTE: Taco Bell’s Bean or Chicken Burritos are an excellent fast food - please request “no cheese, redsauce or rice”; onions extra lettuce and tomatoes are fine. Good restaurant choices include Piccadilly’s andother “southern style” buffets, East Indian, African or Japanese restaurants. You may use lots of onions,garlic, fresh herbs, iodized sea salt, pepper and extra virgin olive oil for seasoning and cooking. Stir frymeals are excellent. Avoid hot sauce which contains sugar; you may however use cayenne . ABOUT CRAVINGS(either withdrawal symptoms or an indicator that you are mineral deficient, or both):This style of eating also cleanses the body. You may experience withdrawal symptoms such aslightheadedness, fatigue, nausea, or weakness during the first 2-5 days. The reaction may beintensified if you cheat with the food guide. Certain foods cause withdrawal, such as sugar, alcoholand coffee. Therefore, remember, that you are not sick; simply eating a more healthy diet and yourbody is adjusting to not having its usual junk
  12. 12. P a g e | 12 WHEN SHOULD I EAT? To maintain stable blood sugar and healthy fat burning, everyone should eat every 3-3½ hours9:00 a.m. or Noon 3 p.m. 6:00 9:00 Midnight, if stayingwithin 1 hour p.m. up lateupon arising,then every3-3½ hours,thereafter Eat breakfast @ home.Leftover food from dinner the night before. Take lunch Left over Fresh Left over DittoBreakfast foods must contain to work, if lunch meal, but food from a protein and a veggie. If at you are should be ensure dinnerfirst, a veggie for breakfast is a turn-off , use tomatoes going to be your 3 that it is slices, red, green or yellow busy p.m. snack not the peppers, onions, chopped heaviest spinach meal of the day Copy and paste the link to view Serenity’s 7 “Fat Habits” HABITS-.html?soid=1110442875411&aid=6nIcF2dvcik
  13. 13. P a g e | 13Serenity’s Protein Density Chart©Category A Protein B Protein CHIGH DENSITY MEDIUM DENSITY LOW DENSITY(will last 3-4 hours. This means you (Do not eat for two This category does not containwill have sufficient glucose” reserves enough protein to be used as a consecutive meals, for stand alone item; best tofor 3 ½ -4 hours) example lunch and 3 p.m.) combine with another protein and veggie*Fresh fish: salmon, Beans - Kidney; Sardineshaddock, red snapper, fresh refriedtuna, swordfish, red snapperChicken Black bean; white Split pea soup bean or 13 bean soupSalmon (canned) TOFU Lentil soupTurkey Seafood - Lobster, Black -eyed peas shrimp, REAL crab meatEggs Frozen soy products Green or sweet peasDuck/Cornish hens Canned meats Green veggies Whiting, Tilapia- Flounder - frozen or fresh fresh
  14. 14. P a g e | 14*Avoid catfish Gluten Canned Tuna ALL MEALS ARE TO CONTAIN A PROTEIN, Veggie and/or a salad (including breakfast). Choose from category A most often.  Eat a mini meal every 3- 3½ hours, but if you ate a low quality protein meal you can eat sooner; there is no law that states you cannot eat sooner than 3 hours.  Avoid piling your salad plate high; the reason for the salad plate is to control portion sizes, so do not be tempted to fill the plate in the other direction!
  15. 15. P a g e | 15 Eat the entire egg. Do not just eat the egg whites; they are low in nutritional value, and do not contain sufficient protein without the fat from the yolk. The practice of eating egg whites started when the general public became concerned about high cholesterol. However, food commonly paired with eggs such as bagels, bacon, muffins, pancakes and hash browns all contain high amounts of cholesterol. Overall, The Serenity Program© Food Guide is naturally low in cholesterol.