List of qualified new members
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List of qualified new members

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Note: Only six(6) freshmen have been accepted. Sorry for the typo right up there! :)

Note: Only six(6) freshmen have been accepted. Sorry for the typo right up there! :)

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  • 1. AKSIS The Official Social Science Club of the Philippine Science High School Official List of AKSIS New Members s/y 2011-2012 AKSIS NEW MEMBERS (42) 2012 (4) 2014 (22) Endaya, JJ Magpayo, Lizzie Adizas, Arcel Oliveros, Regine Aquino, Angelina Padaen, Rajah Canonigo, Hannah Dee, Jacinta Dela Cruz, Amica 2013 (8) Durana, Anjenina Bautista, Christine Gonales, Vida Beatrice Castro, Jade Ibay, Camillea Francesca Galvez, Sindi Karolina Llanes, Geremiah Irorita, Franz Christian Madriaga, Danielle Jovellanos, Liana Manliclic, Adeli Malimata, Jedidiah Montales, Lara Andrei R. Sugay, Stephen Osorio, Eraño Jose Sytangco, Joanne Parayno, Althea Rabang, Dainty Claire Sandijas, Kyra Ysabella 2015 (8) Singson, Joseph Alarcon, Miege Subia, Caisa Aquilizan, Zia Feliz Uy, Kyle Christian Coronel, Blanca Viray, Angela Marizu Lim, Eduardo Raphael Minalang, Khayria Nacpil, John Christian CONGRATULATIONSto those whose names are in the list (New members who attended atleast three AKSIS 101 sessions). We look forward to working with youfor the rest of the school year. Your respective armsshall be announced in the upcoming AKSIS 101 culminating activity.We can’t reveal it yet, so stay tuned for the release of details. ;)
  • 2. A few notes about this list.  1. While the AKSIS 101 sessions were moved to dates that do not conflict with various curricular activities (Moratorium, Ramayana and Reader’s Theatre), large amount of time required for the preparation for the HumWeek Activities were demanded from the students. Thus, as consideration, the minimum number of sessions required from each student was changed to three instead of four. So don’t be surprised if you have only attended three, yet your name appears on the list. :> 2. To those who were only able to attend 2 or less, we are sorry to inform you that we can no longer consider the four absences incurred. AKSIS 101 was specifically designed to objectively test the commitment of its members to the club. It is not a question of skill, but rather commitment. But don’t worry, the club will still welcome your enthusiasm and help in times of need. The membership doesn’t restrict any non-members from helping the club.  3. As for the old members, guide our new members through the twists and turns of this club. The club expects you to be the role models for them. We again expect your invaluable support and contributions to the club in the its upcoming activities this school year. 4. Once the new members get their arms, the final official roster of the club shall be released. 5. For questions, kindly contact us through our AKSIS FB or tumblr site ( or thru phone (0905-679-2800) From: AKSIS