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Good content on this topic

Good content on this topic

Published in: Education, Business
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  • 1. Current Situation Our stand Counter Disadvantages Future Trends
  • 2. Singapore has established many successful public transport services such as MRT, LRT, Buses and Taxis. Transportation is crucial part of our everyday lifestyle in our busy society In today’s context, a good transport service would need to meet a wide range of criteria
  • 3.
    • Comfort
    • Speed efficiency
    • Staff service
    • Meeting different needs of passengers
    • Safety
    • Well organized
  • 4. depends on
    • comfortable seats to provide full satisfaction for the passengers
    • a hygienic and clean public transport will make passengers feel at ease and comfortable
  • 5. This includes the assurance of reaching their destinations in the quickest possible time
  • 6.  
  • 7.
    • good transport service will not neglect any passenger’s needs
    • will cater even to the disabled by providing the suitable features and equipment
    • definitely look into each and every detailed need of passengers in order to provide top quality service
  • 8.
    • Therefore, it is important have to safety measures to avoid such events.
    • having officers at public transport areas
    • having essential safety equipment to preempt accidents from happening
  • 9. Passengers will then be able to trust the transport service in serving them.
  • 10. We can always rely on our public buses to come on time as the SMRT Transit ensures that there are enough buses to cover each interval. The SMRT Transit also makes it a point that the buses cover almost all the routes in Singapore, even in the most ‘isolated’ of areas- making any where in Singapore reachable. This is thus a good example of what a highly efficient transport service is like.
  • 11.
    • Very efficient in coming on time
      • never later than an 8 minute interval
      • one of the speediest available public transport
    • Caters to passengers’ disabilities
      • providing a wheelchair friendly station
      • Braille characters as guides for the blind
      • elevators for the disabled and also for the convenience of passengers feeling unwell
    • Safety first
      • Frequent reminders to “stand behind the yellow line”
      • security at all MRT stations have been more stringent
      • Police men guard the important MRT stations like City Hall
  • 12.
    • consistently outperformed its competitors throughout its history
    • in the context of an unforgiving industry environment
    • achieved its outstanding performance and sustained its competitive advantage
    • through effectively implementing a dual strategy:
    • differentiation through service excellence and innovation, together with simultaneous cost leadership in its peer group.
  • 13.  
  • 14. No transport service in the world will be perfect but we believe that with continuous effort to improve and with the implementation of recent technology, Singapore is well on its way to reach the highest peak of excellence in transport service. Singapore will achieve a world-class transport system! WE ARE GLAD TO SAY THAT WE ARE PROUD OF OUR TRANSPORT SYSTEM.