Top 10 reasons to upgrade to SBM


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Top 10 reasons to upgrade to SBM

  1. 1. Solution Brief TOP TEN REASONS TO UPGRADE TO SBM Rapidly Create & Adapt Process Apps with SBM We spoke to you. And we heard you loud and clear. Recognizing that what matters to you is: • Time to Value • Adaptability • Total Cost of Ownership with Serena Business Manager (SBM), the next generation of TeamTrack and Tracker, we have a renewed focus on delivering on your needs. Here’s our top ten list of why you should consider moving to SBM now! Rapidly Create Process Apps Process app design has gotten a lot simpler in SBM! Quickly map out business processes, assign roles, color code transitions, insert actions and more. Associate forms with steps in the process. You can choose to build out your process app either offline or online. Jump-start your process improvement initiative and reduce time to deliver value by downloading and extending one of our pre-built apps – choose from solutions for incident management, incident escalation, case-to-issue, employee on-boarding, travel approvals, and much more. Easily Design Intuitive Forms With the new forms designer in SBM, you can easily create rich forms that have a familiar look-and-feel. Drag-and-drop fields from a palette, insert images, bring in information from external sources using REST and Flex widgets and present it to your users to help make them informed decisions and get work done quickly. The new Office 2007 look and feel gives you all the expected behaviors like right-hand quick menus and hot-key actions like undo and redo. You can even convert forms into pdfs to easily share them with other process participants. Seamlessly Connect To Existing Infrastructure We’ve made it easier to leverage your existing infrastructure and gather information from disparate sources using web services and present it to your users in real-time. You can integrate with systems within and outside of your organization – right from within your process app design environment. 1
  2. 2. Solution Brief Simplify Change Management With SBM, you can confidently move your process apps across environments such as test, staging, and production - thanks to a full set of change management capabilities. All your process apps are fully versioned so that they can be easily tracked across environments.You can even choose to rollback to an earlier version. Accelerate & Bullet-proof Installations & Upgrades. Streamline Administration Let our new graphical configuration wizards guide you through the process of installing SBM on your servers. You can now choose to perform a complete installation or customize how you install the different SBM components on separate servers. You can save your configuration settings and even import settings from a previous installation. This significantly eases the process of upgrading to our newest release. With SBM, a process app can be moved in its entirety to a new destination, as a single package, eliminating the need to re-build the app with every change in environment. This reduces the administration overhead. Fast-track Approvals - Right From Your iPhone Leverage our latest innovation, SBM Mobile for iPhone®. From pricing proposals to high priority support escalations and financial transactions that need immediate review - you no longer have to be connected to a laptop to keep work moving. We now have an app for that. Track SLAs With Customizable Business Calendars Now you can take advantage of custom calendars that account for business hours and holidays, letting you escalate and report on tasks based on true business hours, which means improved accuracy and reporting. And you only get notified when you need to be, which is critical for managing service level agreements (SLA) in your organization. Zero-in On Process Bottlenecks With Rich Reports At Your Fingertips Use the new out-of-the-box reports to quickly drill-down to the root cause of a process bottleneck and then remediate the situation. With SBM, you can easily define your own custom reports within the process app designer and choose to embed these reports within SharePoint or a portal of your choice. 2
  3. 3. Solution Brief Facilitate Better Interactivity With An Improved Browser Experience The new end user browser interface provides a cleaner and simpler way to interact with the system. Now your users can add any location as a Quick Link, make any report their default home page, control how many application tabs are displayed, “playback” all the changes made to a particular item, create descriptive labels for the forms that get displayed on their screens, plus a whole lot more. Dramatically Improve Process App Performance New features introduced in SBM can dramatically improve your system’s performance, increase scalability, and reduce resource utilization. Delve into the details. Read our Performance Improvements in SBM whitepaper.Leverage the Serena Upgrade Lab – forfree – to move to the newest release ofSBM. Register now. ABOUT SERENA SOFTWARE, INC. Serena Software allows enterprises to develop applications with confidence. Serena’s ApplicationContact the Serena Support team at Lifecycle Management and BPM solutions are used by over 15,000 customers, including 96 of to learn more Fortune 100. Headquartered in Silicon Valley, Serena serves these enterprises from 29 offices inabout upgrading to SBM. 14 countries. For more information on Serena, visit CONTACT Website: Phone: 800-547-7827 Email: info@serena.comSerena is a registered trademark of Serena Software, Inc. All other product or company namesmay be trademarks of their respective owners, and their use is intended for identification purposesonly and not in association with or as sponsorship or endorsement by such owners. ©2010 SerenaSoftware, Inc. All Rights Reserved. 3