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Serena Software helps organizations orchestrate their application development, IT and business processes. More than 3,000 enterprises, encompassing almost one million users worldwide, depend on Serena’s Application Lifecycle Management, Service Management and Business Process Management solutions to deliver great applications with confidence and to automate important processes for speed, audit ability and efficiency...

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Serena Software Corporate Overview Brochure

  1. 1. Serena SoftwareHelping Organizations OrchestrateTheir Application Delivery, IT andBusiness ProcessesCORPORATE OVERVIEW
  2. 2. CORPORATE OVERVIEW Serena Software at-a-Glance Founded: 1980Exceptional Support from Serena Headquartered: Redwood City, California (U.S.A) Global Offices:The support from Serena has been New York, Los Angeles, Washington D.C.unsurpassed. Their availability to Sao Pauloassist in problem determination London, Paris, Madrid, Milan, Munich, Stockholm, Antwerpand to provide a solution is exactly Singapore, Tokyo, Melbourne, Bangalore, Seoulwhat our organization needs toimprove performance. We needed a Employees:global and cost-effective approach, 700+and this is exactly what Serenadelivers. Customers: Over 3,000 leading enterprises with nearly 1 million users across all industries and geographiesGlobal 500 Bank Management Team: John Nugent – President and CEO Robert I. Pender, Jr. – CFO and SVP, Finance and Administration Ed Malysz – SVP, General Counsel David Hurwitz – SVP, Worldwide Marketing Kamran Kheirolomoom – SVP, SBM Business Unit Ali Kheirolomoom – Group VP, SBM Products & Solutions Steve Brodie – Group VP, Application Lifecycle Management Business Unit Peter Sianchuk – Group VP, Customer Experience & IT Investors: Silver Lake Partners, the leader in private investments in technology-enabled industries Learn More: Visit 2
  3. 3. CORPORATE OVERVIEW Serena Software Serena Software helps organizations orchestrate their application development, IT and business processes. More than 3,000 enterprises, encompassing almost one million users worldwide, depend on Serena’s Application Lifecycle Management, Service Management and Business Process Management solutions to deliver great applications with confidence and to automate important processes for speed, auditability and efficiency. Headquartered in Silicon Valley, Serena serves enterprise customers from 29 offices in 14 countries. Serena is a portfolio company of Silver Lake Partners, the leader in private investments in technology-enabled industries. Serena’s Vision: Orchestrated Processes Processes are the connective tissue of enterprises. IT processes connect users to services, services to operations, and operations to applications. Business processes connect customers to services, services to fulfillment, fulfillment to production, and production to development. Processes are often disjointed. This may be because they start off small and then need to scale, or because they can’t flexibly adapt to shifts in a business model. Whatever the reason, disjointed processes are hard to speed up, hard to audit, hard to improve, hard to scale and hard to modify.Automated over 20 Business Serena’s vision is that all important enterprise processes will one day be orchestrated.Processes with SBM Orchestrated processes are automated, transparent, configurable and connected. Orchestration leads to dramatic improvements in cycle time, compliance, adaptability and accountability.We use SBM to automate over20 business processes in IT Serena customers power their orchestrated processes with an orchestration engineapplications, data center operations, called Serena Business Manager (SBM). SBM underlays Serena’s Orchestrated ALM andR&D, Quality, Supply Chain Orchestrated Service Management solutions. It is also used by hundreds of enterprisesmanagement, and more. around the world to orchestrate a wide variety of IT and business processes, leading to astounding results.Global 500 Consumer SBM enables Serena Software to deliver tremendous value to customers, whetherProducts Company focused on application delivery, IT service management or any other critical process. 3
  4. 4. CORPORATE OVERVIEW Serena Solution: Orchestrated Application Delivery Serena Orchestrated ALM automates end-to-end application delivery from Demand- to-Deployment. Orchestrated ALM helps IT organizations efficiently capture all demand from their stakeholders, easily manage changes to requirements andOrchestrated App Delivery software configurations, and deftly deploy releases with confidence. Serena has helpedin Action thousands of organizations make dramatic improvements in application delivery, including greater visibility, faster time to market, higher stakeholder satisfaction and lower costs.We manage the lifecycle of software Demand to Develop to Deploychange from initial request all Serena Orchestrated Application Delivery consists of three solutions powered by SBM,the way to production release the process orchestration platform.with Serena. Serena Demand Management helps development leaders quickly prioritize and deliver the right features and applications, communicate status across theGlobal 500 Automotive Company organization, and provide greater visibility and responsiveness. The solution provides integrated capabilities for request and requirements management. Serena Demand Management products include Dimensions RM and Prototype Composer. Serena Development Management helps distributed development teams manage and track changes to software configurations and timelines. The solution provides capabilities for agile software development, software prototyping, and software change and configuration management (SCCM) across UNIX, Linux, Windows and mainframe platforms. Serena Development Management products include Dimensions CM, Agile Planner and PVCS. Serena Release Management automates the release process across platforms, environments, and application tiers. Development organizations increase release frequency while reducing manual labor and risks with Serena’s automated releaseControl and Visibility over the planning, release calendars, release automation, and release vault. Serena ReleaseFull Lifecycle Management products include Release Control, Release Vault and Release Automation. Orchestration by SBM: By connecting traditionally siloed processes and applications,Serena products provide more SBM Orchestration provides greater visibility, insight and traceability into thecontrol and visibility into the full entire end-to-end application delivery process. It provides process automation andlifecycle of software development, integration, common dashboards and metrics, and collaboration capabilities.increasing the quality and reducingthe cost of the products we deliver Leverage What You Haveto our customers. Unlike traditional rip-and-replace approaches, Serena’s Orchestrated Application Delivery approach easily integrates and works with existing tools and processes. Dramatically minimizing point-to-point integration, orchestration ties tools into aGlobal 500 Professional process backbone, from which their status updates flow into unified dashboards.Services Company The result is a lower cost, more resilient and more actionable system. 4
  5. 5. CORPORATE OVERVIEW Serena Solution: Orchestrated Service Management Serena Service Manager (SSM) is an out-of-the-box ITIL automation system that reduces the cost of IT services, improves resolution time and boosts service desk satisfaction. Serena Service Manager features contemporary ease-of-use,Service Management Success comprehensive visibility and breakthrough deployment, configurability, extensibility and integration options. It does this by presenting out-of-the-box ITIL functionality in a fresh and highlyWe have completely automated accessible user interface. For instance, SSM’s configuration browser brings to life itsour Service Delivery processes underlying CMDB (Configuration Management Database), ensuring high levels ofwith Serena. We deployed service agent acceptance.request, incident and problemmanagement in just 90 days. More importantly, SSM presents to IT’s customers a walk-up-easy interface that is inherently process-based. Thus SSM orchestrates service management processes from the end user through to the service desk and on to operations and fulfillment.Fortune 1000 Manufacturer Built for DIY flexibility, SSM is visually configurable by non-technical administrators. Thus it readily adapts to ongoing process changes driven by continuous improvement, mergers and acquisitions, reorganizations and the other drivers that have historically required expensive customization of ITSM systems. Even better, SSM is available from the cloud, in a hybrid-cloud configuration or on-premises. Serena Solution: Orchestrated IT and Business Processes SBM powers Serena’s Orchestrated ALM and Orchestrated Service Management solutions. Additionally, it is widely used to automate critical but often-changing IT and business processes at more than 1,000 enterprises around the world. Example processes automated by SBM include data center provisioning and change management, issue and defect tracking, test case management, clinical trials management and hundreds more. A platform for creating and deploying process-based applications, SBM offersManage Mainframe SDLC breakthrough economics due to its visual composition of applications, built-in change management and audit trails, instant deployment, enterprise scalability and modern end-user accessibility. From the iPhone to the browser, SBM brings instant businessWe use Serena ChangeMan ZMF to process orchestration to enterprise users wherever they are.successfully manage our mainframesoftware development lifecycle, Serena Solution: Mainframe Application Developmentfrom initial development to Serena’s mainframe products are renowned in the most demanding IT shops arounddeployment into production. the world for their capability and reliability, powering change and configuration management processes in the world’s leading banks, governmental agencies and telcos. Serena’s mainframe products include ChangeMan ZMF, Dimensions z/OS andGlobal 500 Media Company StarTool, as well as Comparex. 5
  6. 6. CORPORATE OVERVIEWSummary of Serena Solutions Orchestrated Application Delivery Demand Management Serena Dimensions RM Serena Prototype Composer Development Management Serena Dimensions CM Serena Agile Planner Serena PVCS Professional Release Management Serena Release Automation Serena Release Control Serena Release Vault Mainframe Development Serena ChangeMan ZMF Serena ChangeMan SSM Serena StarTool Serena Comparex Orchestrated Service Management Serena Service Manager Orchestrated IT and Business Processes Serena Business ManagerPlease visit to learn more about our company, solutions, productsand customers.CustomersSerena’s unique approach to ALM, Service Management and Process Managementdelivers solutions that power confidence and process improvement for more than3,000 active enterprise customers, encompassing almost one million users worldwide.Serena solutions are used across industries, geographies and company sizes. Examplesof our successful customers include:Aerospace & Defense Banking & FinanceU.S. Air Force Research Laboratory Barclays Bank PlcBAE SYSTEMS plc Credit SuisseCACI Deutsche Bank AGBoeing Company JP Morgan Chase & Co.European Space Agency UBS Financial Services Inc.Lockheed Martin Corporation CitigroupU.S. Naval Research Lab BBVA CompassMTU Aero Engines GmbH BB&TAutomotive InsuranceAmerican Honda Motors Co., Inc. CIGNA CorporationJohnson Controls, Inc. Farmers Group, Inc.Siemens Automotive SA Fidelity InvestmentsChrysler Nationwide Mutual InsuranceDaimler AVIVAMarquardt GmbH Progressive Insurance 6
  7. 7. CORPORATE OVERVIEW Insurance Government Allstate Federal Trade Commission Western & Southern Financial Group New York City Office of the Premera Blue Cross ComptrollerOrchestrated Success United Health Care California Department of Insurance Business Services State of Maryland Computer Sciences Corporation US Postal Service (USPS)With Serena solutions, we’ve Honeywell International Inc.transformed our application SAIC, Inc. Healthcarelifecycle processes into an SunGard Trading and Risk Systems Abbott Laboratoriesorchestrated, streamlined system, The Dun & Bradstreet Corporation Kaiser Permanentefrom initial request to software Thomson Reuters CVS Caremarkdeployment to the tracking of the TransUnion LLC Johnson & Johnsonprogramming hours spent on the TSYS Orchid Biosciences Europe Ltdchange. Because of this integrated WebMD Health Corp. Communications & Mediaprocess, we have realized significant Cablevision Systems Corporation Retailimprovements in security, France Telecom SA Best Buy Company, Inc.accuracy and efficiency. T-Mobile Nordstrom, Inc. Verizon SafewayFortune 500 Virgin Mobile Starbucks CorporationInsurance Company Vodafone Limited Travel & Transportation Entertainment Burlington Northern Santa Fe MGM Mirage Choice Hotels International, Inc. Technicolor, Inc. United Parcel Service, Inc. Ticketmaster Technology Food & Beverage Intel Cargill, Inc. Citrix Frito-Lay, Inc. AT&T The Procter & Gamble Company HP 7
  8. 8. CORPORATE OVERVIEW...................................................AbouT SEREnA SoFTWARE Serena Software provides solutions................................................... that orchestrate application delivery, IT operations and business processes for the Global 2000. Serena’s mission is to help enterprises orchestrate their world. Its 3,000 active enterprise customers, encompassing almost one million users worldwide, have made Serena the largest independent ALM vendor, and are now using Serena to orchestrate IT service management and many other processes. Headquartered in Silicon Valley, Serena serves enterprise customers from 29 offices in 14 countries. Serena is a portfolio company of Silver Lake Partners, the leader in private investments in technology-enabled industries. For more information on Serena, visit info@serena.comCopyright © 2011 Serena Software, Inc. All rights reserved. Serena is a registered trademark of Serena Software, Inc. All other product or companynames are used for identification purposes only, and may be trademarks of their respective owners. July 2011. Document ID: CO-BRO-071411