Serena for DevOps

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Serena for DevOps






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Serena for DevOps Presentation Transcript

  • 1. Accelerating RevAppRequest-to-Release CyclesSerena’s new capabilities for Change & Release Management23Apr 2013David Hurwitz
  • 2. 4 Things We’re AnnouncingSERENA SOFTWARE INC.2DevOps focus to support RevAppsNEW Self-Serve Environment ProvisioningSerena Release AutomationNEW Windows Azure & VMware targetingSerena Release AutomationLATEST Hassle-Free Change ManagementThroughout Serena Orchestrated IT Solutions1234
  • 3. The World Runs on AppsSERENA SOFTWARE INC.3
  • 4. Revenue Apps Key to Business SuccessSERENA SOFTWARE INC.4LoyaltyProgramsFlightReservationsHome & MobileBankingAccountManagementeCommerceClaimsProcessingTradingCredit Cards& PaymentsRevenue AppsRev AppsRevenue-generatingCustomer-facingDifferentiatingStrategic
  • 5. Apps Changing Expectations for BusinessSERENA SOFTWARE INC.568More request-to-release cyclesMore features, not just fixesCompetition everywhere
  • 6. Apps Are Tip of the IcebergSERENA SOFTWARE INC.6Mainframe ContinuousDeliveryMobileCloudServiceTransitionDevOpsAgileDevelopment68
  • 7. IT Struggles to Meet RevApp ExpectationsSERENA SOFTWARE INC.7DesiredFeaturesRelease WallTurns2 4 6 12 52 1500365
  • 8. Request-to-Release BreakthroughSERENA SOFTWARE INC.82 4 6 12More FeaturesANDMore Releases52 1500365Success!TurnsDesiredFeatures
  • 9. REVAPPSREVAPPSREVAPPSREVAPPSCustomersBusinessWhat’s Causing IT’s RevApp Challenges?SERENA SOFTWARE INC.9OpsDev
  • 10. DevOps Is First Step in Helping RevAppsSERENA SOFTWARE INC.10REVAPPREVAPPREVAPPREVAPPCustomersBusinessOpsDevDevOpsNeed to manage request-to-release cycle
  • 11. CustomersBusinessSerena Helps You Quickly Rev Your RevAppsSERENA SOFTWARE INC.11Dev OpsRevApp ManagementRevApp AnalyticsChange OrchestrationDevelopPlanRequest Release Service
  • 12. Dev OpsSerena’s Change & Release ManagementSERENA SOFTWARE INC.12AnalyticsChange OrchestrationDevelopMulti-PlatformAudit TrailsPlanPrioritizationResource ViewsRequestSelf-ServiceCentralizedReleaseAutomationStage-GateServiceIncidentsProblemsSingle calendar for allreleases and requestsProcess automation acrossrequest-to-release cycleCentral capture andfulfillment for app requestsSelf-serve deployment,production-ready control
  • 13. Dev Ops3 Ways to Get Started withChange & Release ManagementSERENA SOFTWARE INC.13DevelopMulti-PlatformAudit TrailsPlanPrioritizationResource ViewsRequestSelf-ServiceCentralizedReleaseAutomationStage-GateServiceIncidentsProblemsDemand Management Continuous Delivery Release ManagementChange OrchestrationAnalytics
  • 14. Orchestrating Request to Release in Six WeeksProfileLeading online provider of rental properties in USChallenges• Need to reduce time to deliver new features• Faced manual release process, taking up 30% ofsprint duration• 9 product teams, 400 serversSolution• Initial implementation in 6 weeks• Requests, continuous delivery, release and changemanagementBenefits• 65% reduction in release time• 70% reduction in environment issuesSERENA SOFTWARE INC.14“In our business, we can’t afford tohave 18-month projects for newfeatures. We were very good atcreating new products, but weneeded to get better at how wemanaged the releases of theseproducts.”Matt StrattonDirector, Technology Operations
  • 15. Orchestrating Demand for Changes to FinancialRevAppsProfile• Leading provider of financial data, research andanalytics.• >10,000 employees, >$4 billion in revenueChallenges• Inconsistent way of dealing with app changes• No formal release planning systems• Limited visibility into resourcesSolution• Requests, demand management, releaseautomation and change management• Resource utilization (projected and actual) acrossmultiple dev toolsBenefits• Comprehensive visibility into content of releases• Better decision-making with allocating, planningand prioritizing app rollouts• Complete audit trail of release authorizationsSERENA SOFTWARE INC.15“By rolling up the time that it takes onspecific tasks, we can better plan thedistribution of resources acrossbuilding, fixing and maintainingapplications.”VP, Information Technology
  • 16. Launch, Availability and PricingSERENA SOFTWARE INC.16Serena Orchestrated IT v4.5 capabilities generallyavailableTypical configuration of $250K includes coremodules and a Quick Start implementationappropriate for a RevAppMid-May$250KLaunch of Serena Orchestrated IT v4.5 supportingChange & Release ManagementApril23
  • 17. The Upshot: It’s All About DevOpsSERENA SOFTWARE INC.17$Serena revvingOrchestrated IT witha laser focus onRevAppsDev VPs can drivedramatically fasterRevApp release cycleswith Serena Change &ReleaseSerena uniquelycombines R2ROrchestration withRelease AutomationIT Ops can jumpstartDevOps with SerenaChange & Release
  • 18. Thank You!14Mar 2013