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Koi presentation

  1. 1. Nishikigoi – Living Jewels
  2. 2. Nishikigoi – Living Jewels NishikigoiLiving Jewels
  3. 3. Nishikigoi – Living JewelsAgenda1. Historical Background2. Origin of the name Nishikigoi3. Different Varieties of Nishikigoi4. Nishikigoi Characteristics5. Breeding of Nishikigoi6. How to hold a Nishikigoi7. Famous Japanese Nishikigoi Breeders8. Famous German Nishikigoi Importers9. Marketing for Nishikigoi10. Examples for Marketing Actions11. Risks and Future Trends
  4. 4. Nishikigoi – Living Jewels
  5. 5. Nishikigoi – Living JewelsHistorical Background1. China533 B.C.: King Shoko of Ro presented a beautiful Koi to Confucius son  Koi as main subject in Chinese artwork and carvings
  6. 6. Nishikigoi – Living JewelsHistorical Background2. JapanNiigata Prefecture as birthplace of Koi breeding
  7. 7. Nishikigoi – Living JewelsHistorical BackgroundOjiya City in Niigata is regarded as the home of Nishikigoi The residents built “rice terraces” to grow rice and vegetables Koi were raised in preserve ponds as a food staple for the long winter months
  8. 8. Nishikigoi – Living Jewels These Koi mutated and Koi with different colours and patterns were swimming among the black Koi Breeding of more beautiful and unique Koi Kohaku
  9. 9. Nishikigoi – Living Jewels1914: National interest for Koi in Japan when Emperor Hirohito presented his Koi in the Imperial Palace moat  Creation of plastic bags in the 1960s: Reliable transport  More than 100 different colour types and sub-types of Koi
  10. 10. Nishikigoi – Living JewelsOrigin of the name NishikigoiAt a Koishow in Takesawa Village, the Director of the Fisheries Agency ofNiigata saw very colourful Koi “This is a true Nishikigoi!” ”Nishiki” is a silk fabric woven with gold. It is used to describe beautiful and elegant things. Nishikigoi is an elegant Koi
  11. 11. Nishikigoi – Living Jewels
  12. 12. Nishikigoi – Living JewelsNishikigoi Characteristics Body Markings Straight Hi Inazuma Nidan Sandan Yondan Godan
  13. 13. Nishikigoi – Living JewelsNishikigoi Characteristics Head Markings Kuchibeni Maruten Menkaburi Tancho
  14. 14. Nishikigoi – Living JewelsNishikigoi Judging Criteria 1. Body Conformation 2. Color 3. Pattern 4. Quality
  15. 15. Nishikigoi – Living JewelsSuperlatives1. Oldest Koi Higoi named “Hanako” Lived for 226 years Average lifespan: 70 years
  16. 16. Nishikigoi – Living JewelsSuperlatives2. Largest Koi Chagoi 153 cm and 45 kg Average size: 90 cm - 100 cm
  17. 17. Nishikigoi – Living Jewels
  18. 18. Nishikigoi – Living JewelsHow to hold a Nishikigoi Ponds - Size - Water quality / filter - Heating  Average costs for a luxury Koi pond and equipment: 50,000 € Food Mistakes which may lead to illnesses
  19. 19. Nishikigoi – Living JewelsFamous Japanese Nishikigoi Breeders MIYAISHI KOI FARM Isa Koi Farm Dainichi Koi Farm Igarashi Koi Farm Marusaka Koi Farm
  20. 20. Nishikigoi – Living JewelsExample for a Japanese Koi BreederMIYAISHI KOI FARM Co. Ltd, Japan History Corporate evolution Business objective Offer
  21. 21. Nishikigoi – Living JewelsFamous German Nishikigoi Importers BB Aquatics Genki Nishikigoi Arnhem-Koi-Paleis Exos-Locius Fisherman Großhandel
  22. 22. Nishikigoi – Living JewelsMarketing for NishikigoiClassical definition: The „4 Ps“ Product Price Placement Promotion Interview with Stephan Schubert, professional Nishikigoi dealer in Germany
  23. 23. Nishikigoi – Living JewelsMarketing - ProductTwo target groups1. Hobby garden pond owner who buys his Koi dependent on its price2. Upper class people with high income. Choice dependent on colour sample. High demand for “Japan Koi” In general, men at the age between 20 and 50 Huge demand in Japan, Germany and the Netherlands Many customers like to stay anonymous Home country: Japan, but also from Israel, Singapore, South Africa, Thailand and Malaysia About 130 different breeding forms Animal as a luxury good: Typical luxury good “Japan Koi”
  24. 24. Nishikigoi – Living JewelsMarketing - PriceDepends on various factors Japanese exporter; many different breeders and wholesalers Way of import; varies with the airline and the flight time Amount of imported fishes in a single box; less Koi means more expensive Way of animal husbandry; more Koi in a pond is cheaper Quality of feeding Health care Bloodline of his family Colour sample and size Cheapest Koi with a size of 6-8 cm: 4-6 €, “Mastige” product Expensive Koi: 35,000 € dependant on colour sample, usually “Japan Koi” Most expensive Koi: US $ 500,000
  25. 25. Nishikigoi – Living JewelsMarketing - Placement From a Japanese pond to the customerTwo typical distribution channels Direct sale at a Koi dealer 1. The client orders directly by seeing the Koi or selecting the Koi from a list, today even possible to buy Koi in a building centre 2. Journey with a Koi dealer to Japan or Thailand in order to buy the fish from its “original” pond Import process: The Koi is transported in a box via airplane, customer has to pay carriage, high safety precautions Internet „online“ sale The client orders by only seeing pictures Less reliable, because one can not judge the health state of a Koi Colour sample on a photo could vary from the real one
  26. 26. Nishikigoi – Living JewelsMarketing - Promotion Sales promotion Only usual in Japan, e.g. raffles, ponds in restaurants
  27. 27. Nishikigoi – Living JewelsMarketing - Promotion Classical advertising Newspaper ads and flyers at events In Japan: TV spots and news Personal sale High importance of consumer’s trust in the salesman Direct promotion Posters and models are used to demonstrate a high rank of competence PR Koi & Celebrities Events International fairs, championships & Koi voyages
  28. 28. Nishikigoi – Living JewelsMarketing - Promotion Product placement Movie “The fisher and his wife”, 2004
  29. 29. Nishikigoi – Living JewelsMarketing - Promotion Sponsoring Only usual in Japan: Sponsoring of championship awards by all kinds of companies The new media It is regarded as being wise to buy a Koi in a professional store to avoid differences in terms of colour etc. but a lot of e-marketing is used to address the potential client
  30. 30. Nishikigoi – Living JewelsExamples for Marketing Actions Koi & Celebrities  Playboy Mansion West in L.A.: Stone bridge leading to the pond, roughly 20,000 gallon  Pamela Anderson: Publicity problem  Wants to place her sons placenta in the pond  Ellen DeGeneres  Robin Leach
  31. 31. Nishikigoi – Living JewelsExamples for Marketing Actions Largest percentage found in the music business Freddie Mercury: Mick Jagger: Spend thousands on Koi, Villa Mustique after his death he left a Koi collection worth £ 10,000 each
  32. 32. Nishikigoi – Living JewelsExamples for Marketing Actions Largest percentage found in the music businessGeorge Harrison: Frank Sinatra Joey KramerSpecial love for Koi &goldfish, location of thepond is a secret
  33. 33. Nishikigoi – Living JewelsExamples for Marketing Actions Exhibitions and Shows In general:  Number of visitors increasing  Number of exhibitors decreasing: In Germany minus 40%  Organisers often provide seminars  Opportunity to demonstrate the quality & beauty of the Koi  Divided into classes
  34. 34. Nishikigoi – Living JewelsExamples for Marketing Actions Exhibitions and Shows in Europe EXPO Hannover: - Each night the pond was a major attraction as the scene for an experimental theatre event - Interaction between nature & humans BKKS England – Kent Koishow 2005
  35. 35. Nishikigoi – Living JewelsExamples for Marketing Actions Exhibitions and Shows in Europe Holland Koishow: - The worlds biggest Koishow in Arcen Interkoi in Germany
  36. 36. Nishikigoi – Living JewelsInterkoi Biggest European hall Koi show near Bielefeld, Germany European Koi championships 94 ponds, 696 registered Koi in 2006 More than 200 trophies, but only 9 “important” trophies Not only Nishikigoi championships, but also Bonsai challenge, shows etc.
  37. 37. Nishikigoi – Living Jewels Interkoi visitors12.00010.000 8.000 6.000 4.000 2.000 0 2002 2003 2004 2005 year
  38. 38. Nishikigoi – Living Jewels Interkoi number of exhibitors70605040302010 0 2002 2003 2004 2005
  39. 39. Nishikigoi – Living JewelsNishikigoi Champions European Grand Champion Jumbo Champion Supreme Champion Adult Champion
  40. 40. Nishikigoi – Living JewelsExamples for Marketing Actions Exhibitions and Shows worldwide Koi America: - In Washington D.C. Taiwan Koishow: - In Taipei - Held by Nishikigoi Keepers Society of China - In 2005: 65 Koi were entered in competition
  41. 41. Nishikigoi – Living JewelsRisks Boom in the Koi industry  High demand for Koi  Breeding of Koi in small ponds  Shortage of space leads to adoption of medical and chemical products  Stress during the transport  Injury of the sensitive mucous membrane  Wrong handling  Affection with parasites KHV: Koi Herpes Virus disease  May cause significant morbidity and mortality  There is no known treatment for KHV  Fish may develop a natural resistance following viral exposure if water temperature is increased to 30°C Counteractive measures:  Disinfection of all materials and systems that have contacted the infected fish  Depopulation Leads to high deficits for Koi dealers and breeders
  42. 42. Nishikigoi – Living JewelsFuture Trends Koi considered as financial investment  Dependence on economic situation  Decreasing demand for Koi in Germany Koi considered as new luxury domestic animal Koi as status symbol in society Breeding of Tancho Showa as most popular variety
  43. 43. Nishikigoi – Living Jewels
  44. 44. Nishikigoi – Living Jewels
  45. 45. Nishikigoi – Living Jewels
  46. 46. Nishikigoi – Living Jewels
  47. 47. Nishikigoi – Living Jewels
  48. 48. Nishikigoi – Living Jewels
  49. 49. Nishikigoi – Living Jewels
  50. 50. Nishikigoi – Living Jewels