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Terre Haute Children's Museum Building & Exhibits
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Terre Haute Children's Museum Building & Exhibits


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Published in: Education

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  • 1.
  • 2. Our Mission:
    To enrich our children's lives through the exploration of science and technology
  • 3. Our Vision
    To create a fun, dynamic science and technology learning environment of the highest quality, which serves as a point of community pride
    Our Audiences
    Kindergarten - 8th grade
    Children & Families
    Parents & Grandparents
    School Groups
    Other Public Groups
  • 4.
  • 5. Building Plans
  • 6.
  • 7.
  • 8.
  • 9.
  • 10.
  • 11. Exhibit Plans
  • 12. Exhibit Goals
    • Provide for dynamic and immersive experiences
    • 13. Provide some experiences UNIQUE to the Terre Haute Children’s Museum
    • 14. Establish curriculum connections to Indiana and Illinois state standards
    • 15. Provide dedicated toddler and early learning environments
    • 16. Provide a small theater space for exhibits, special programs and a supplemental revenue source
    • 17. Provide flexible special exhibit space for traveling exhibits and special programs
    • 18. Designs should serve the museum’s long term success
  • Exhibit: Tree House
    A multi-level exploratory environment supporting numerous natural science and physical exploration activities.
    • Ride an amazing slide or use the walkway to 2nd Floor
    • 20. Visitors can climb through the trunk maze to the tree house
    • 21. Inside the tree house, learn about plant identification, discover hidden animal habitats and look through secret telescopes
  • Exhibit: Weather Station
    At the Weather Station, visitors will see themselves on TV, superimposed on a large digital weather map, as theyplay the roll of meteorologist. Content focuses on weather systems and video technology.
  • 22. Exhibit: Dino Dig
    Visitors use special brushes, chisels and tools to “excavate” an impressive dinosaur skeleton. Visitors will learn about paleontology, anatomy, fossil identification, geology and other related areas.
  • 23. Exhibit: T-Rex Skeleton Display
    A young T-Rex skeleton .will give visitors a sense of just how big dinosaurs really were. This skeleton will also compliment the “Dino Dig” area.
  • 24. Exhibit: Musical Soundscape
    This video-based system will turn our grand staircase into an engaging, interactive exhibit. Visitors walking through the space will quickly realize that by moving in various ways – jumping to reach high notes, waving their arms to create flowing melodies and more – they can create a wide range of sounds and music.
  • 25. Exhibit: 3 Square Meals a Day
    For most consumers, the agricultural system is invisible. We buy our food and clothes with little knowledge or concern about where they comes from or how it they were produced. In reality, the industry of agriculture touches almost every aspect of our lives. This exhibit will focus on agriculture science and demonstrate the importance of farming to everyday life.
  • 26. Exhibit:Indoor Bee Hive Colony
    The bee hive offers an excellent opportunity for visitors to see into the lives of a honeybee colony. The bees have access to the outdoors so they can collect nectar and pollen to produce honey. The bee hive exhibit will give a thorough view of the nature of a honey bee colony.
  • 27. Exhibit:Bernoulli Blower
    In this engaging exploration of air pressure, visitors balance a ball in a stream of moving air. Illustrating the Bernoulli Principle, balls remain suspended in fast-moving air columns, even when lightly pushed or tapped, supported by the pressure of the non-moving air surrounding them.
  • 28. Exhibit: Senses Climbing Structure
    A series of connected structures provides opportunities for climbing, crawling, sliding and other large motor activities. The structure also features senses-themed props like binoculars (eyes) and listening dishes (ears).
  • 29. Exhibit: Toddler Zone
    Babies crawl and toddle through a padded path featuring different surfaces, elevation changes, colors, textures, and architectural elements. Pull-up bars and mirror allow young children to view themselves and practice standing.
  • 30. Exhibit: Seashell Discovery
    Visitors will walk inside a large seashell to explore the life of a seashell.
    They will learn important facts about shells and the oceans. They can also play the “shell game.”
  • 31. Exhibit: Magnet Wall
    The magnet wall provides visitors with a huge range of open-ended design and experimentation possibilities. Magnetic props include gear systems, letter and number blocks, shape and pattern designs, and ball/track devices.
  • 32. Exhibit: Wet Lab
    The Wet Lab area features a series of dynamic water experiences which flow in a continuous “river circuit.” Activities include pipes and fountain building, river and dam stations, cause and effect water physics, and a toddler splash area. The Wet Lab is designed to be accessed from both sides.
  • 33. Exhibit: Bubble Ring
    This is a larger than life bubble maker. Visitors will get a chance to feel what it is like to be completely enclosed in a giant bubble tube. The Bubble Ring is a hit with children of all ages!
  • 34. Exhibit: Paper Airplane Building/Shooter
    In the airplane workshop, different materials and design suggestions will provide inspiration for visitors to make and test their own paper airplanes. After they’ve made an airplane, the automated “launch pad” and target area will allow visitors to test their designs.
  • 35. Exhibit: Flight Simulator
    This highly interactive exhibit will allow users to learn about the aspects of flight – everything from bringing up the landing gear to soaring through the sky.
  • 36. Exhibit: Air Cannon
    The Air Cannon will help visitors see that air has mass and volume. When the cannon is launched, the air inside the cannon rushes out because there is no space for it inside any more. The expelled air exerts a force, or push, on the streamers, and visitors can see how far they can shoot these air rings.
  • 37. Exhibit: Four Forces
    Visitors will learn about weight, thrust, lift and drag – the different forces, that effect flight of an airplane. This interactive exhibit lets visitors move the plane to simulate the effects of the four forces.
  • 38. Exhibit: Bernoulli Table
    The hands-on experiences in this exhibit will teach visitors about the effects of high and low air pressure.
  • 39. Help us Finish it Now – For the Kids!