Twitter for PR and Journalism - Fall 2010


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  • Many have abandoned their blogs to focus on getting info from twitter
  • That is FB, different culture
  • don’t think about what you’re doing, you just type something and send it The meaning of being someone’s “Friend” versus “Following” someone changed regularly.
  • Consider establishing a username that people can connect with and remember.
  • Update when some event, site crashes. Communicate via Twitter what is going on. Get a msg in time of emergency Search for tweet about your company. Tweet a question – human filtered search engine A tweet shouldn’t just be ‘I am eating a sandwich,’” he said. It should include a link with details that are useful to someone reading it. Your twitter account should represent your professional image, get a different account for your friends.
  • Brand monitoring
  • MTV Networks Careers . It tweets out available positions, promotes upcoming shows and yes the account even responds to people Recruiter Stacy, as mentioned above, tweets out job positions for ESPN.
  • Tweetscan - There are some tricks -- like today, searching for "tornado" was far more useful than "Colorado," "CO," or "Fort Collins.” Twitterloca TwitterLocal AIR Client allows you to watch as many location-based Twitter feeds as you want
  • Check out #boulderfire stream & look at Google Maps showing evacuations & damage in CO Last night Boulder county wildfire. No deaths have been reported due to the fire and no homes appear to be lost as of yet,  but land, property and businesses have been destroyed as the wild fire burns.
  • onversing with people all over the globe, answering both mundane and scientific questions about living on a space station. Haiti, Twitter helped spread information about donation efforts, connected people to their loved ones, and of course, spread news from inside the country
  • Click twitter button to share articles tool and share and comment directly on your twitter account (sept 2009). Influential to share story content with their folowers. Someone tweets a link to a New York Times story once every 4 seconds
  • Dan Webb is a wunderkind, who’s quite an aviation freak. Still a college student, he does an outstanding job blogging passionately about the industry over at the Things in the Sky blog. He’s also the co-host of the Airplane Geeks Podcast , and his Twitter stream is always full of his unique personal insights
  • Customer Service his past February, Southwest Airlines kicked director Kevin Smith off a flight from San Francisco headed to Los Angeles for being too fat. Smith had apparently failed the armrest test, meaning that because he couldn’t fit between the two armrests, he would have to purchase an extra seat. Since he was flying standby and the plane was full, there were no extra seats for him to purchase and he was asked to get off the plane, and was offered a $100 voucher by the airline,
  • Southwest was quick to respond — 16 minutes after Smith’s first tweet Southwest had a plan, which is something that is necessary if you want to avoid being burned by social media. They monitored their online presence, quickly identified a problem brewing, and responded in a quick and friendly manner. Because of this, many of the responses on their own blog were sympathetic to the company’s side of the incident. Not only did the company apologize, but they offered a refund as they had clearly embarrassed a customer. But they also made sure to take the opportunity to restate their police of requiring larger customers to purchase two seats, so as to make people understand why the incident occurred in the first place. That final Tweet links to a blog post with an apology and explanation by Southwest. The blog is currently down (possibly due to too much traffic), but you can view the entry on the Southwest press site .
  • 1.44% of all tweets are retweets
  • Bitly is now the largest beating TinyURL. In August 09, TinyURL grew only to 5.6 million visitors to 5.7 million visitors, New York Times is a customer of the Pro service. That means NYT-shortened links are assigned under the domain — and this behavior holds true for anybody shortening a link to
  • SOT 09 Need to fill out all info on the site and post a few credible tweets before following people. 1) Avatar 2) Protecting updates, but complaining about no followers
  • Look at who other people follow for ideas. You do not have to know the person. People at you admire
  • Two identities
  • 3,129 Twitter tools that make Twitter more useful for your business, career or life.
  • TweetDeck enables users to split their main feed (All Tweets) into topic or group specific columns allowing a broader overview of tweets.
  • Tend to use the word “I” and have difficulty how it affects journalism in general. They absorb the information and relate its purpose to themselves as individual.
  • Meet in groups.
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