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  • If people don’t see your cont, they will not interact with it How do you communication, not necessarily what. 1. Make things for people. 2. Those people aren’t you.
  • First 10 results in health comm literature.. Default in google is 10.
  • 1 week period -87 million searches -58% saw a universal result 95%of those online search According to Nielsen/NetRatings, there are 157 million active Internet users in the U.S., and 127 million of them are active search engine users. 73% of americans go online nearly 50% of those online have been to video sharing sites us Google 62.9% (down 0.1% from August) Yahoo 20.2% (up 0.6%) AOL 4.1% (down 0.2%) Microsoft 8.5% (up 0.2%) Ask 4.3% (down 0.5%) the top engines account for over 94% of all search volume in the US. Since June 2006, Google ( has increased its share from 59.3% to 60.2%, Yahoo! Search ( has increased from 22.0% to 22.5% and MSN Search ( has decreased slightly from 12.1% to 11.8%. Jupiter research
  • don’t write about shoes when you sell boots.
  • Why can’t you find it by searching? -poorly technically architected -link dilution and lack of links (both internal and external) In this case, the videos videos show up in search results because just not optimized (“coke sues” are common titles” and videos do show up for that search, but that isn’t the likely search query) -talk briefly about how to optimize youtube videos for search (have slide on this) Or just say that it’s important and work with search team to do it --all youtube videos are randomly submitted with bad titles, descriptions ,etc. Once the ranking issue is fixed, and they can find the URLs, here are the reason the actual results are so poor: No HTML. Lots of tech issues. Involve the seo team early so they can help you build the media asset right the first time
  • Outside of site content. More pressure on communicators to know how to connect their content
  • Talk like your readers. Brains are on autopilot when searching. They are critical info seekers, they use it for communication and socialization. Research shows that students google. . Small Vocabulary. Rely on keywords given to them by instructors and keywords. Don’t do second searches using other keywords. Will go to another search engine and will avoid the library and books and journals. Minimize search time Top results means that they are effective Trends: hot trends, search queries, updated hourly :seeing what people are looking for…. Type in blog topic or post idea. Insight: list top searches related to your term. Social media. Adwords: understand the volume of keywords and related terms. Spelling, volume, see what people are interested in. Understanding users, tags… MUST LOGIN AND HAVE A WEBSITE, WHEN PEOPLE SEARCH FOR A TOPIC DEPENDING UPON THEIR LOCATION, YOUR AD WILL APPEAR OFF TO THE SIDE. PAY WHEN PEOPLE CLICK ON YOUR SITE.
  • Topic Specific… Search bar. Intent = browse vs. search Google. Overwhelmed. Gen New Junkies. Scan for interests because there is too much info on screens. Default to their biases. Of course that is if they go to your site. Greater liklihood that Google will provide the required information that most sites. That is because they focus on the news of the day/ Addressing credibility . Site design ranks top and information design is a close second. Reputation: quality and cognitive authority Assess crediblity 2-3 seconds. People will spend 30 seconds on a homepage. Only evaluate info source if the info is crucial… direct profound effect on them. Users spend, on average, 25 seconds on a home page and only 47 seconds on secondary pages, according Nielson Norman Group
  • Site design On the web people move quickly so we have to adapt to their behavior. Usuability is the ability to which your product achieves user goals and satisfaction. that we generally read 25 percent more slowly on the screen. White space
  • Implications of the F Pattern: Users won't read your text thoroughly in a word-by-word manner. The first two paragraphs must state the most important information. Start subheads, paragraphs, and bullet points with information-carrying words
  • Front-laod headlines Don’t read entire sentence
  • Google pays attention to first 60 characters.
  • Antonenko Niederhauser 2010, Searching. Suffering for info overload. Should not have to figure out what they story is about. Ledes orient and prepare the reader. Positive effects on learning and reduces cognitive load.Organizers of information.
  • Studies have found that the more words you add to a web page the less time people spend reading it . ne study found that users only spend about 4.4 seconds on a page for every 100 words of content. Links are how you add depth.
  • Lg. blocks of text are your enemy. impossible to quickly draw out the key points from a long paragraph, Visual communication beyond visuals Ea pg conveys a single idea Must not repeat Use pull quotes to draw people in, but also give people a break
  • Jakob Nielsen, a Web usability researcher. I read more quickly on the screen and edit out about 40 percent of what appears before my eyes. If you haven’t told me what you want by line four of your e-mail, trust me, I didn’t get the message.
  • Navigational choices recognizes that your readers are diverse and it allows them to address their cognitive needs. However, if they do not have a background on the issue they will have difficulty navigating … history and background info box. Newshole cant be filled. Are we synthesizing information, or merely aggregating it? Are we serving all of our readers? Information overlaod?
  • The web has a large number of sources with no facts Melanoma is the most dangerous type of skin cancer. It is the leading cause of death from skin disease.
  • The web has a large number of sources with no facts Melanoma is the most dangerous type of skin cancer. It is the leading cause of death from skin disease.
  • Users decide whether to read with what is above the fold. Many skip photo unless of info value. No real info below the fold. Story tools are below the fold. Cropped, one face and smiles (no excessively detailed- desert vs inside of restaurant), high quality Subconsciously, people will skip the items they aren’t looking for and this often includes pictures that might look like glossy advertisements. Pictures can often become an obstacle course to the information a user is seeking,
  • If it does work. Too bad. Ads :10 and inform them how long. Put above the fold Text, Photos, and Video. Hate talking head video. Useful for background for interested parties. keep it short. Typically, Web videos should be less than a minute long. avoid using video if the content doesn't take advantage of the medium's dynamic nature
  • Live to serve your reader. This is the definition of quality. Matt Thompson. Synthesis: “The combining of the constituent elements of separate material or abstract entities into a single or unified entity.” Aggregation: “A group or mass of distinct or varied things, persons, etc. Collection into an unorganized whole.” Everyone suffers from info overload, but what are you doing to help rather than hurting the info overload problem. Newshole cant be filled
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