Tartufi, your favorite truffles


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Tartufi, your favorite truffles

  1. 1.   by: Alejandra Meneses, Ana Emilia Poveda, Juan Martin Cisneros and Maria Serena López Truffles for all tastes
  2. 2.  Maria cookie truffles Chocolate truffles Oreo truffles Passion fruit truffles Our Products
  3. 3.   Ingredients  Maria cookies (vanilla cookies)  Chocolate powder  Condensed milk  Preparation  Grind the vanilla cookies  Add the amount of chocolate powder that you prefer  Add the condensed milk till the dough is malleable  Wait some minutes till the mixture is firm  Shape the mixture into small balls Maria Cookie Truffles
  4. 4.  Pictures and description Maria cookie truffles are delicious, perfect to eat with a cup of coffee. They are smooth to chew. Seems like you are eating cookies but they are truffles!
  5. 5.   Ingredients  Bittersweet chocolate  Butter  Sea salt  Eggs  Cocoa Powder  Preparation  Melt the chocolate with the butter and the salt.  Mix the egg yolks slowly with boiling water.  Mix the chocolate with the egg and beat until it thickens  Spread the mixture in a pan  Refrigerate Chocolate Truffles
  6. 6.  Pictures and description Delicious truffles. Perfect for you if you like dark chocolate
  7. 7.   Ingredients  36 Oreo cookies  8oz. of Cream Cheese  White chocolate for the covering  Preparation  Grind the Oreo cookies  Mix the Cream Cheese with the ground cookies  Take small amounts of the mixture and  Refrigerate one hour approximately  Shape the mixture into small balls  Grate the white chocolate  Roll the truffles in the with chocolate Oreo Truffles
  8. 8.  Oreo truffles have a mixture of flavors that create a feast in your mouth. You will love them. Pictures and description
  9. 9.   Ingredients  Passion fruit pulp  White chocolate  Preparation  Melt the chocolate in double boiler  Add the passion fruit pulp  Take small portion of the mixture and shape it into balls  Take it to the refrigerator  Cover the truffles with the melted chocolate Passion fruit Truffles
  10. 10.  Pictures and description Passion fruit truffles are unique, the flavor of the passion fruit with the white chocolate is delicious. You must try one of these.
  11. 11.  Maria cookie truffles- 45 cents each  Chocolate truffles- 50 cents each  Oreo truffles- 50cents each  Passion fruit truffles- 55 cents each We prepare chocolates for different events, including weddings or baptisms. If you are interested in buying our truffles or knowing more information you can contact us in our e-mail: tartufi.truffles4@gmail.com You can come to our factory to buy your favorite truffles or we can deliver your order, but with an extra cost (depending on the place of the delivery). We accept credit card if your purchase exceeds ten dollars. Prices and information