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A PowerPoint explaining how to download audiobooks from OneClickdigital

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One click

  1. 1. Will you be taking a long plane or train ride?• Would you like to listen to an audiobook on your iPad or iPhone?• Using your Taft School barcode number you can have access to audiobooks.
  2. 2. OneClickdigital• Offers AudioBooks for the iPhone, all Android devices, and the Kindle Fire through iConn, Connecticut’s Education Network• This PowerPoint will include instructions for the iPhone or iPad
  3. 3. In order to useOneClickdigital you mustfirst create an account on your computer.
  4. 4. Login to the Library Website: Then selectInterlibrary Loan toaccess the iCONN’s home page
  5. 5. ChooseDownloadableAudiobooks
  6. 6. Scroll to the bottom ofthe page and chooseGo to iCONN’sdownloadable audiobooks site
  7. 7. Choose: Create New AccountYou will only need to do thisonce. After you have created anaccount, you will be able todownload audiobooks directly toyour iPhone or iPad with a WiFiconnection
  8. 8. Your library cardnumber is the 14digit numberprinted above thedate on your TaftID card. It beginswith 252 When you have filled in all the fields, Create an Account
  9. 9. Test that your login works and you are now ready to use your iPhone or iPadto download audiobooks From the iPhone home screen, tap the App Store icon.
  10. 10. The search option screenwill appear. EnterOneClickdigital into thesearch field Tap the blue Search icon.
  11. 11. The OneClickdigitalApplication iconwill appear forinstallation. TapINSTALL. This is afree application.
  12. 12. Enter your AppleID and Passwordand then Tap OK.
  13. 13. The OneClickdigitalicon will download andinstall. Tap theOneClickdigital icon toaccess the application
  14. 14. Tap Done to saveyour selection.The region selector willappear; drag your fingerup the rotating barrel toposition North Americain the blue shaded bar.
  15. 15. Enter your OneClickdigitalusername and password, thenselect Login. You will have theoption to save your logininformation by Tapping thecheck box next to RememberCredentials. This option willsave your credentials for thenext time you access theOneClickdigital application.
  16. 16. Any titles that youcurrently have checkedout will show on the MyTitles page. To check outa title, Tap the BrowseMore Titles option.
  17. 17. Your OneClickdigital Librarywebsite will display, which willenable you to search titles forcheckout. Pinch your fingers outto zoom out for easier viewing.Tap the Login option and fill inyour username and password.Yes, you need to do this twice.When you have selected yourtitle, Tap the title icon.
  18. 18. The title checkout page willdisplay, Tap Checkout Now.You can adjust the checkoutperiod, but 14 days is themaximum.If the title is checked out you will beable to put it on your wish list. Youwill also be told how many others arewaiting for the title. When it becomesavailable, you may download it toyour device.The title page will returnwith the title checked out.Tap Close at the top of thescreen.
  19. 19. The My Titles page willdisplay; pull down on thepage to refresh and loadyour title. Tap the arrownext to the title you wouldlike to download
  20. 20. The title will display whilethe download processoccurs. You will need Wi-Fiinternet access or 3G serviceto complete the download.You can listen to the title asthe download takes place.Tap the open book icon todisplay the chapters thathave finished downloading.
  21. 21. Titles that appear in boldblack have completeddownloading; the titlesin gray have not beendownloaded.
  22. 22. Much of this tutorial along with other support tutorials can be found atiCONN’s Downloadable Audio Books Home page. has set the borrowing period for 14 days with one renewal. After thatthey will disappear from your device. You are allowed to check on twoaudiobooks at a time HAPPY LISTENING!