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R buckley   lis506 - post 3 - concluding thoughts - best practices assignment
R buckley   lis506 - post 3 - concluding thoughts - best practices assignment
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R buckley lis506 - post 3 - concluding thoughts - best practices assignment


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  • 1. Best  Practices  Assignment   Opinion  Post  #3   Teen-­‐Led  Story  Times  in  the  Library     By  Rebecca  Buckley   LIS  506     Concluding Thoughts I am glad that I chose Teen-led Story Times in the Library as my topic for thisBest Practices assignment as it has really validated my implementation of thistype of program in my own library. I thoroughly enjoyed reading some of thearticles and got some great ideas for further implementation with my StudentLibrary Advisory Council. It is great to see that so many libraries have foundsuccess using teens to serve young children. I found so many other great articles(listed at the end of my Annotated Bibliography) examining the worth of trainingteen volunteers in more traditional library service as well. I look forward toreading more of these and perhaps taking a few ideas to my SLACkers forfeedback. I am highly motivated to successfully use student volunteers becauseof staffing cuts and a very busy library schedule and intense workload. Studentvolunteers can be a handful, but if I train them and manage them pretty strictly,with lots of verbal praise and occasional sugary treats, I could end up with agreat staff of student workers. I wasn’t all that surprised that I didn’t find any research or articles related toschool libraries implementing such Teen-led Story Time programs, but that hasmotivated me to consider writing my own article. I think that the model of myown Children’s Library and Teen-led Story Times in my high school librarymight serve as a great example for other high school libraries with neighboringEarly Childhood Centers or Centers that are on campus, like mine is. I can seehow much good my own program has done with my teens and with thepreschoolers and so far, there has been very minimal cost. The program buildsconfidence in teens and young children as well as building relationships between
  • 2. myself, the Youth Services person at my local public library and my teens. It’sbeen an exciting opportunity for all involved! When I asked my students about their experience with the Children’s Libraryand Teen-led Story Times at my school, all of the kids were very enthusiastic.They mentioned how they were learning really handy skills now so that theycould help their little brothers and sisters or cousins learn to read better. One girlmentioned that now she understood how important it was to read aloud to smallchildren and that literacy is more than just words. She said that when she hasher own children, she would take them to the library every week and read aloudto them every night before bed. One of the students said that he enjoyed playingwith the little kids and he thinks it’s important that small children have positiverole models. He said that, as an African American male, he thinks that it isespecially beneficial for small children that they know he loves to read and toread aloud to them! I have two teen participants that receive Special Educationservices and I think that they get the most out of participating. They were soexcited to share their books with the young preschoolers and I could see animmediate ego boost when they had that captive audience of eager young faceslistening to their every word. Seeing that is so rewarding to me! Teen-led StoryTimes are beneficial for all involved and I look forward to implementing somenew ideas, as well as share experiences from my own program with others in thefuture.