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  1. 1. MEDIA INFORMATION 2581 Adam Clayton Powell Blvd. New York, NY 10039 212.491.410 www.fda1.orgFrederick Douglass Academy FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Contact: William Price, 212-491-4107 WPrice3@schools.nyc.gov NO CHILD LEFT BEHIND DR.GREGORY HODGE INTRODUCES NEW OUTSIDE OF THE CLASSROOM CURRICULUM AT FDA New York, NY. (April 5, 2009)- Dr. Hodge, principal of the Frederick Douglass Academy in Harlem has enhanced an integrated learning program which thrives off of the individual gifts of each student. The curriculum was initially introduced in 1996 but it was significantly refined over the years. The new curriculum offers a 100% college acceptance rate for graduates. The new curriculum includes the traditional New York State Regents curriculum, but integrates study abroad and specialty learning fields. The Frederick Douglass Academy offers specialty learning fields in robotics, audio-visual production, dance, fine arts, culinary arts, theatre, journalism, environmental studies, and many more to come. The curriculum is designed to act as reinforcement to the tradition curriculum and prepare students to attend the college of their choice. Dr. Hodge notes that a 95% attendance rate is required in order for his curriculum to be successful. Although the Frederick Douglass Academy doesn’t have the resources of the specialized high schools, the Frederick Douglass Academy offers a high quality education directed towards minority students. ABOUT THE FREDERICK DOUGLASS ACADEMY The Frederick Douglass Academy in Harlem was organized by Ms. Patricia Black (Manhattan Superintendent of High Schools), Dr. Bertram Brown (Community School District 5 Chancellor of Instruction), and Dr. Lorraine Monroe (former Deputy Chancellor of Instruction) in 1991. Dr. Hodge took over leadership of FDA in 1996 with a curriculum based off of the teachings of Frederick Douglass and Martin Luther King Jr. The Frederick Douglass Academy offers a college prep program for approximately 1,500 students from grades 6-12. Eighty percent of students are from district 5 in Harlem and twenty percent of students are from outside of the district. The Frederick Douglass Academy offers educational travel opportunities in order to broaden students’ horizons. Previous travel destinations include Belarussia, Brazil, Canada, China, Dominica, France, Ghana, Israel, Italy, Japan, Mali, Mexico, Nepal, Peru, South Africa, Spain, Turkey and the United Kingdoms. For more information about the Frederick Douglass Academy please visit www.fda1.org. ##
  2. 2. April 14, 2009Nayaba ArindeAmsterdam News2340 Frederick Douglass Blvd.New York, NY 10027Dear Nayaba Arinde:Re: National Mathematics Awareness MonthDid you know that the Frederick Douglass Academy has been making curriculum changes toensure one the highest graduation rates amongst minorities in New York City? The FrederickDouglass Academy recently received the Schott Award for the excellent education of African-American males.This April is National Mathematics Awareness month. A representative from the FrederickDouglass Academy will be available to talk about efforts being made by the New York CityBoard of Education to improve mathematics scores amongst minority students, particularlymales.I will contact you in a few days to discuss the possibility of scheduling an appearance orinterview on this crucial education related topic. You can also contact me at your convenience at(212) 555-5555. Thank you for your interest and I look forward to speaking with you. Sincerely, SeQuoia King SeQuoia King Public Relations Associate
  3. 3. NEWS The Frederick Douglass Academy CONTACT: Dr. Gregory Hodge, Frederick Douglass Academy (212) 491-4107 William Price, Frederick Douglass Academy (212) 491- 4107 Yvette McKenzie (212) 491-4107 MEDIA ADVISORY The Frederick Douglass Academy will have an Asian Heritage Month celebration which informs and raises cultural awareness. FDA Principal Dr. Hodge Students of FDA Ms. Lisa Smith Ms. Yvonne Yamusah WHAT: Brief overview of Asian heritage Presentation on the importance of Asian Heritage Opportunity to see and participate in the celebration WHEN: Friday, May 29th 9th period WHERE: Frederick Douglass Academy 2581 Adam Clayton Powell Jr. Blvd. (7th Avenue at W. 149th Street) New York, NY 10039 SUBWAY: 3 to Harlem-148 Street; A, D to 145 Street BUS: M2 to Adam Clayton Powell Jr. Boulevard & W. 149th Street; M10 to Frederick Douglass Boulevard & W. 149th Street; M101, M102 to W. 147th Street; BX 19 to Adam Clayton Powell Jr. BoulevardThe Frederick Douglass Academy and affiliated companies/ Frederick Douglass Academy/ 2581 Adam Clayton Powell Jr. Blvd/ New York, NY 10039
  4. 4. For Immediate Release: MEDIA CONTACTS: Gregory M. Hodge William Price FDA Principal FDA Student Affairs (212) 491-4107 (212) 491-4107 ghodge@schools.nyc.gov WPrice3@schools.nyc.gov FUN FACTS ON THE FREDERICK DOUGLASS ACADEMY Did you know? Students of the Frederick Douglass Academy experience a vigorous academic curriculum while traveling the world. Check out the Frederick Douglass Academy’s scholastic learning environment at the open house Friday, May 1. Find out if the Frederick Douglass Academy is the right place for your child. Here are some more fun facts about the Frederick Douglass Academy: Frederick Douglass Academy  100% of FDA graduates are accepted to a college.  FDA Students begin taking regents classes in the 8th grade.  80% of students accepted to FDA live in Harlem while 20% are from the five boroughs.  Students are accepted to FDA based on an interview and two written recommendations.  FDA Regent Scores are 30-40% above the city average.  The FDA School population is 72% Black, 26% Hispanic, 1% White, and 1%Asian.  Boys account for 49% of FDA students and girls account for 51%.  The average attendance rate for 2006-2007 school year was 91%.  Students are required to wear white shirt/blouses, navy blue pants/skirts, and black shoes.  All FDA students are required to follow the guidelines of the student creed which is influenced by the teachings of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.  FDA received The Schott Award for Excellence in educating African- American male students.Source: www.fda1.org, www.schools.nyc.gov