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Paragraf tentang kesehatan dan pendidikan
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Paragraf tentang kesehatan dan pendidikan



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  • 1. HEALTH HAZARD FOR DRUGS Hallucinogens, the effects of these drugs can cause when taken in certain doses so can result in a person being air-hallucination to see a thing / object that does not exist / is not real for example cocaine and LSD Stimulant, the effects of this drug can lead to employment organs such as the heart and brain working faster than usual work resulting in a more powerful one for a while, and tend to make a user more happy and excited for a while Depressants, the effects of this drug can depress the central nervous system and reduces the functional activity of the body, so that the wearer feel calm even can make wearers sleep and unconsciousness. For example heroin Addictive, Someone who has been taking drugs usually will want and want again because of certain substances in the drug resulted in a person tends to be passive, because the drug indirectly decide the nerves in the brain, such as marijuana, heroin, heroin "If it's too long and then the drug was gradually damaged organ in the body and if it is beyond measure so that the user will eventually overdose and death".
  • 2. BAHAYA NARKOBA BAGI KESEHATAN Halusinogen, efek dari obat ini dapat menyebabkan ketika diambil dalam dosis tertentu sehingga dapat mengakibatkan seseorang menjadi ber-halusinasi untuk melihat hal / benda yang tidak ada / tidak nyata misalnya kokain dan LSD Stimulan, efek obat ini dapat menyebabkan organ kerja seperti jantung dan otak bekerja lebih cepat bekerja biasanya menghasilkan yang lebih kuat untuk sementara waktu dari, dan cenderung membuat pengguna lebih senang dan gembira untuk sementara waktu Depresan, efek obat ini dapat menekan sistem saraf pusat dan mengurangi aktivitas fungsional tubuh, sehingga pemakai merasa tenang bahkan bisa membuat pemakai tidur dan tidak sadarkan diri. Misalnya heroin Addictive, Seseorang yang telah mengambil obat biasanya akan ingin dan ingin lagi karena zat tertentu dalam obat mengakibatkan seseorang cenderung pasif, karena obat langsung memutuskan saraf-saraf di otak, seperti ganja, heroin, heroin "Jika terlalu lama dan kemudian obat itu secara bertahap rusak organ dalam tubuh dan jika melampaui ukuran sehingga pengguna akhirnya akan overdosis dan kematian".
  • 3. THE IMPORTANCE OF EDUCATION FOR ALL PEOPLE Education is the most important thing in our lives, this means that every human being deserves and hope to always evolve in education. Education in general has meant a life in self-development process of each individual to live and sustain life. Thus becoming an educated is very important. Education is the first time we get in the family, school and community environments. A child who loved to love his family, so the child will feel that a child needs in the family. Because the family was a source of strength membangunya.Dengan would thus arise a situation of mutual help, mutual respect, which strongly supports the development of the family anak.Di allow maximum growth and development is the family environment tua.Dalam developing self-esteem because appreciated, accepted, loved, and respected as a human being. Such is the importance why we become educated on the environment keluarga.Orang parents taught us start from childhood to respect others.
  • 4. IMPORTANCE OF INNOVATION IN EDUCATION Innovation needs to be done given the level of education will be amended in accordance with the times. In this case the theory in education reform. Here is an article that explains the benefits of Renewal Theory to the Problems of Education in the development of the smart kids and special education Benefits Renewal Theory on EducationWith a variety of changes in the use of basic theory of giftedness, then the impact is a change detection, pendiagnosian, upbringing, and education of special children smart.However, renewal and change requires a good deal at the level of higher education at the center of scientific development, as well as at the level of practical on the ground, supported by government regulations. In the absence of national renewal and change, the handling of special smart kids Indonesia will only be sporadic, hot and controversial debate will still continue. It will only hurt the students for not fulfilling child development and educational support needs. Indonesia's education will always lag behind the method and level of educational quality international mainstream. In a regular classroom / inclusion and differentiated curriculumIn a research report three parts, one of which is research conducted by T.Mooij metatheory et al (2007) from Centrum voor Begaafheid Onderzoek (giftedness research center) University Nijmegen - the Netherlands, shows that the trend of special education in mainstream smart kids are now more aware that education for different groups of gifted is better to be in school or regular classes with children aged peers. This is so that these children can make good contact with a peer or peer group, use the appropriate emotional and social development, namely the development of a good self-esteem and self-concepts that realistis.12 In addition, these children also need a method individual achievement is mainly aimed at the actualization multitalented approach (see the multifactor theory of Kurt Heller), then in her regular classes required curriculum in accordance with their respective levels and the presence of differentiated curriculum.Forms schools or classrooms that received various unique child, and give according to the uniqueness of Education offers students, referred to as a class or school inclusion.
  • 5. THE DANGERS OF SMOKING FOR BODY Cigarettes are objects that are familiar to us. Smoking is a habit that is very common and widespread in the community. The dangers of smoking to health body has been researched and proven a lot of people. Adverse effects of smoking were already known. Many studies have shown smoking increases the risk of various diseases such as heart disease and blood vessel disorders, lung cancer, oral cancer, laryngeal cancer, cancer osefagus, bronchitis, high blood pressure, impotence and pregnancy disorders and defects in the fetus. In fact the smoking habits die hard and people are rarely recognized as a bad habit. Moreover, people who smoke to distract yourself from the stress and emotional stress, more difficult to break away from this habit than smokers who do not have a background of depression. Recent research also shows the dangers of seconhandsmoke the smoke inhaled by people for non-smokers around smokers or could be referred to as passive smokers. Cigarettes can not be separated from the raw materials of manufacture of tobacco. In Indonesia, cloves and tobacco plus other ingredients are mixed to make clove cigarettes. In addition to tobacco cigarettes can also be used as a rolled cigarette, cigarettes, cigars, pipes and cigarettes tambakau smokeless (chewing tobacco).
  • 6. BAHAYA MEROKOK BAGI TUBUH Rokok adalah benda-benda yang akrab bagi kita. Merokok adalah kebiasaan yang sangat umum dan luas di masyarakat. Bahaya merokok terhadap kesehatan tubuh telah diteliti dan dibuktikan banyak orang. Efek samping dari merokok sudah diketahui. Banyak penelitian telah menunjukkan merokok meningkatkan risiko berbagai penyakit seperti penyakit jantung dan gangguan pembuluh darah, kanker paru-paru, kanker mulut, kanker laring, kanker osefagus, bronkitis, tekanan darah tinggi, impotensi dan gangguan kehamilan dan cacat pada janin. Bahkan kebiasaan merokok mati keras dan orang-orang yang jarang diakui sebagai kebiasaan buruk. Selain itu, orang yang merokok untuk mengalihkan diri dari stres dan stres emosional, lebih sulit untuk melepaskan diri dari kebiasaan ini dibandingkan perokok yang tidak memiliki latar belakang depresi. Penelitian terbaru juga menunjukkan adanya bahaya seconhandsmoke asap dihirup oleh orang-orang bukan perokok karena berada di sekitar perokok atau bisa disebut juga dengan perokok pasif. Rokok tidak dapat dipisahkan dari bahan baku pembuatan tembakau. Di Indonesia, cengkeh dan tembakau ditambah bahan lainnya dicampur untuk membuat rokok kretek. Selain rokok tembakau juga dapat digunakan sebagai rokok linting, rokok, cerutu, pipa dan rokok tanpa asap tambakau (mengunyah tembakau).
  • 7. RELATIONSHIPS AND HEALTH EDUCATION relationships and health education has several objectives, among others, first, the achievement of behavioral changes of individuals, families and communities in developing and maintaining healthy behaviors and a healthy environment, as well as an active role in efforts to achieve optimal health status yag. Secondly, the formation of healthy behaviors in individuals, families and communities in accordance with the concept of healthy life both physically, mentally and socially so as to reduce morbidity and mortality. Third, according to the WHO goal of health education is to change the behavior of individuals and the community in health or (Effendi, 1997). The main purpose of health education is that people are able to apply their own problems and needs, able to understand what they can do about the problem, the resources available to them coupled with the support from the outside, and is able to decide the appropriate action to improve the standard of living healthy and public welfare (Mubarak, 2009). According to Law No. Health. 23 of 1992 and WHO, the purpose of health education is to improve society's ability to maintain and improve the health, either physical, mental and social development, so that the economically productive and social, health education in all health programs; either communicable disease control, environmental sanitation, nutrition society, health care, and other health programs (Mubarak, 2009). So the purpose of health education is to acquire knowledge and understanding of the importance of health to achieve health behavior so as to increase the degree of physical, mental and social, so economically and socially productive.
  • 8. HUBUNGAN PENDIDIKAN DAN KESEHATAN hubungan Pendidikan dan kesehatan memiliki beberapa tujuan antara lain pertama, tercapainya perubahan perilaku individu, keluarga dan masyarakat dalam membina dan memelihara perilaku sehat dan lingkungan sehat, serta peran aktif dalam upaya mewujudkan derajat kesehatan yag optimal. Kedua, terbentuknya perilaku sehat pada individu, keluarga dan masyarakat yang sesuai dengan konsep hidup sehat baik fisik, mental dan social sehingga dapat menurunkan angka kesakitan dan kematian. Ketiga, menurut WHO tujuan penyuluhan kesehatan adalah untuk mengubah perilaku perseorangan dan atau masyarakat dalam bidang kesehatan (Effendy, 1997). Tujuan utama pendidikan kesehatan adalah agar orang mampu menerapkan masalah dan kebutuhan mereka sendiri, mampu memahami apa yang dapat mereka lakukan terhadap masalahnya, dengan sumber daya yang ada pada mereka ditambah dengan dukungan dari luar, dan mampu memutuskan kegiatan yang tepat guna untuk meningkatkan taraf hidup sehat dan kesejahteraan masyarakat (Mubarak, 2009). Menurut Undang-undang Kesehatan No. 23 Tahun 1992 dan WHO, tujuan pendidikan kesehatan adalah meningkatkan kemampuan masyarakat untuk memelihara dan meningkatkan derajat kesehatan; baik secara fisik, mental dan sosialnya, sehingga produktif secara ekonomi maupun social, pendidikan kesehatan disemua program kesehatan; baik pemberantasan penyakit menular, sanitasi lingkungan, gizi masyarakat, pelayanan kesehatan, maupun program kesehatan lainnya (Mubarak, 2009). Jadi tujuan pendidikan kesehatan adalah untuk memperoleh pengetahuan dan pemahaman pentingnya kesehatan untuk tercapainya perilaku kesehatan sehingga dapat meningkatkan derajat kesehatan fisik, mental dan sosial, sehingga produktif secara ekonomi maupun sosial.
  • 9. RELATIONSHIPS AND HEALTH EDUCATION relationships and health education is the process of getting people to increase control and improve the health of individuals. Planned opportunities for individuals, groups or communities to learn about health-amendment and make changes voluntarily in the behavior of individuals (Entjang, 1991) Wood quoted Effendi (1997), provide health education relationship is a rewarding experience that influence habits, attitudes and knowledge that has to do with the health of individuals, society and the nation. This Kesemuannya, prepared in order to facilitate voluntary behavior of receipt which will improve and maintain health. According to Steward quoted Effendi (1997), elements of health and medical program in which there are plans to change the behavior of individual remedy and the public in order to help achieve treatment programs, rehabilitation, disease prevention and health promotion. According Ottawwa Charter (1986), quoted from Notoatmodjo S, providing health education relationship is a process to increase the ability of communities to maintain and improve their health. Moreover, to achieve the degree of perfect health, both physical, mental and social, then the public should be able to recognize and realize their aspirations, needs, dams were able to change or cope with the environment (physical environment, social, cultural, and so on). Relationship can be formulated that health education is an attempt to influence, and or influence others, whether individuals, groups, or communities, in order to implement healthy behavior. While operationally, health education is an activity and to provide or improve knowledge, attitudes, and practices of the community in maintaining and improving their own health (Notoatmodjo, 2003).
  • 10. HUBUNGAN PENDIDIKAN DAN KESEHATAN hubungan pendidikan dan kesehatan adalah proses membuat orang mampu meningkatkan kontrol dan memperbaiki kesehatan individu. Kesempatan yang direncanakan untuk individu, kelompok atau masyarakat agar belajar tentang kesehatan dan melakukan perubahan-peubahan secara suka rela dalam tingkah laku individu (Entjang, 1991) Wood dikutip dari Effendi (1997), memberikan hubungan pendidikan kesehatan merupakan sejumlah pengalaman yang pengaruh menguntungkan secara kebiasaan, sikap dan pengetahuan yang ada hubungannya dengan kesehatan perseorangan, mayarakat dan bangsa. Kesemuannya ini, dipersiapkan dalam rangka mempermudah diterimannya secara suka rela perilaku yang akan meningkatkan dan memelihara kesehatan. Menurut Steward dikutip dari Effendi (1997), unsur program kesehatan dan kedokteran yang didalamnya terkandung rencana untk merubah perilaku perseorangan dan masyarakat dengan tujuan untuk membantu tercapainya program pengobatan, rehabilitasi, pencegahan penyakit dan peningkatan kesehatan. Menurut Ottawwa Charter (1986) yang dikutip dari Notoatmodjo S, memberikan hubungan pendidikan kesehatan adalah proses untuk meningkatkan kemampuan masyarakat dalam memelihara dan meningkatkan kesehatannya. Selain itu untuk mencapai derajat kesehatan yang sempurna, baik fisik, mental dan social, maka masyarakat harus mampu mengenal dan mewujudkan aspirasinya, kebutuhannya, dam mampu mengubah atau mengatasi lingkungannya (lingkungan fisik, sosial, budaya, dan sebagainya). Dapat dirumuskan bahwa hubungan pendidikan kesehatan adalah upaya untuk mempengaruhi, dan atau mempengaruhi orang lain, baik individu, kelompok, atau masyarakat, agar melaksanakan perilaku hidup sehat. Sedangkan secara operasional, pendidikan kesehatan merupakan suatu kegiatan untuk memberikan dan atau meningkatkan pengetahuan, sikap, dan praktek masyarakat dalam memelihara dan meningkatkan kesehatan mereka sendiri (Notoatmodjo, 2003).