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Teens and sleep sara's group



This is Noah, Jeffrey, Walid and Sara's presentation about Teens and Sleep. Enjoy!

This is Noah, Jeffrey, Walid and Sara's presentation about Teens and Sleep. Enjoy!



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Teens and sleep sara's group Teens and sleep sara's group Presentation Transcript

  • Teenagers and Sleep By: Sara, Jeffrey, Walid and Noah R8A
  • The Bad Effects
    • More than 40% of teens do not get enough sleep
    • Which means more than 40% of teens: -may struggle in school -are more likely to get depression -have increased stress -take longer to react to things
  • The Good Effects
    • It may be hard to get enough sleep, but once you've got it there are many rewards, like:
    • -being able to pay more attention in class
    • -being more creative
    • -when you get enough sleep your learning and memory enhance
    • -you feel refreshed in the morning
    • Sleep is as important as air, water and food!
  • Why Do So Many Teens Have Trouble Sleeping?
    • Sometimes when your school starts early you don't have time to socialize, participate in extra-curricular things, do chores, homework, and sleep at the right time, all in one day. Since some teens don't have time to do all these things during daytime they do them when they're supposed to be sleeping. Which means they sleep late and feel sleepy during school.
  • Tips to Help You Get More Sleep:
    • If you're having trouble falling asleep, try one of these very helpful tips: - exercise is important to get everyday, it helps you sleep better - no matter how late you sleep on weekends try to get up around the time you do on weekdays, so when it's the night before school you'll be able to sleep on time
    • - maybe a light snack before going to bed will help - make sure you don't have too much to do during the day, that way you can go to bed on time
  • Here are the results of not getting enough sleep and getting enough sleep:
  • Interesting Facts Sleep is very mysterious, scientists still don't know the full answer to why we sleep and have dreams. Here are some interesting facts we found during our research: 1) It's impossible to tell if someone is awake without medical supervision, sometimes people take cat naps with their eyes open and don't even notice it. 2) During the fifth stage of sleep REM takes place. What happens is your brain bursts into rapid brain wave activity. What's weird is even though your brain is so active, your eyes too, the rest of your muscles seem to paralyse. 3) One of the biggest distractions keeping us away from sleep is the 24 hour internet accessibility.
  • Bibliography: Here are the websites that helped us research for our presentation: - www.parentingscience.com - www.sleepwell.com - www.cps.com - http://www.the-sleep-zone.com / - http:// www.google.ca / If you still want to learn more about teenagers and sleep these websites are very helpful!
  • Good Night!!!