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Ppt. delhi

  1. 1. STUDY OF THE EFFECT OF COMMONWEALTH YOUTH GAMES 2008 ON THE SPORT TOURISM IN PUNE CITY M. H. Tavakkoli Ph.D Scholar (LNCPE - University of Kerala) E-mail: mhadit2002ir@gmail.com
  2. 2. Purpose of study  Infrastructure  Facilities  Spectators  Finance
  3. 3. Introduction Sport plays a huge role in our every day life. Sports bring people together, it allows us to stay fit and active, meet new people and discover new things. Attracting a considerable amount of media attention, money, participants and political interest. Meanwhile, tourism – with well over a billion participants and billion of dollars generated in revenue annually – remains the world`s largest industry as well as its fastest growing. Sports tourism is now an emerging market indeed over the past twenty years, the interest in sport especially elite sporting events has grown at a phenomenal rate. Sports tourism events at the international, national and regional levels have a double – bar reeled effect – the direct effect of the attendance of the competitions and spectators and accompanying persons, and the indirect effect of the marketing of the destination which lead to the subsequent tourism flows.
  4. 4. Games were between 12-18 October in 2008 with the 9 disciplines; athletics, badminton, boxing, shooting, swimming, table tennis, tennis, weight lifting, and wrestling. Over 1300 athletes and 350 officials from 71 countries participated in the games. Methodology The study was a case study. In this researcher had made an attempt to study the effect of commonwealth youth games 2008 on sport tourism in terms of effect on infrastructure, facilities and spectators in the host city Pune.
  5. 5. Tools for Data Collection The questionnaires were prepared keeping in mind the objectives of the study. The questionnaires covered all the areas of the sports tourism which was delimited by the researcher. Procedure of the study Initially a questionnaire was developed considering the objectives of the study. The questionnaire was sent to the expert for their comments and suggestions. After incorporating the suggestion given by the experts the final questionnaire was made. The questionnaire was then sent to the concerned authorities for collecting data. The Collected data was analyzed subjectively.
  6. 6. Analysis and interpretation There was a huge development of the sports infrastructure in the city because of commonwealth youth games 2008. Athletic stadium that already existed was renovated, new badminton courts, swimming pool, tennis stadium, shooting hall, boxing hall, and judo hall were constructed. In addition to the above sports infrastructure a huge amount was spent for constructing 2 hostels, 3 and 5 star hotels to accommodate officials and players during the competition, sport science center and international fitness center. There was also the resurrection of city infrastructure in the view of C.Y.G 2008. A most 200 new buses were deployed to reinforce the public transport.
  7. 7. Total expenditure An approximate amount of 425 crores was spent on building the above infrastructure which were paid by the government of India solely. These facilities and infrastructure is maintained by the respective management. The annual expenditure spent on the maintenance is 9 crores annually. 2000 crores had been sanctioned under JNNURM funding project for various works in the city in view of the commonwealth youth games 2008. Utilization of sports infrastructure After commonwealth youth games 2008 all the facilities were used by national camp, national and international games, school colleges, regular people and various functions are held. A good amount of revenue was generated (figures undisclosed).
  8. 8. Promotion of the sports Pune has seen a substantial increase in the sports events conducted in the city post C.Y.G. 2008. Many National and International competitions have been organized in the city; details are presented in table No.1.1 respectively. A great number of officials and participants from different part of the country and the world came to this city.
  9. 9. Table No. 1.1 Sr.No. Name of international competition No. of participated year 1. Badminton world junior competition 350 10/03/09 2. Asian junior tennis competition 90 23/05/09 3. World rail ground competition 550 09/02/09 4. Asian cadets wrestling competition 450 30/07/09 5. 15th volleyball junior competition 450 31/08/09 6. Asian carom competition 125 10/08/09 7. Asian junior basketball competition 250 30/11/09 8. C.Y.G power lifting competition 175 09/12/09 9. Athletic international veterans competition 600 22/01/10 10. Asian kick boxing competition 250 20/02/10 11. Asian grand prix competition 300 31/05/10 12. International football competition 100 04/10/10
  10. 10. The table No. 4.1 shows the list of competitions held post C.Y.G. the different Competitions were held at Asian level are junior tennis, cadets wrestling competition, carom, junior basketball and Grand prix. Other competitions held were such as world badminton junior championship, world rail ground competition volleyball junior competition, power lifting, veterans Athletic international competition and international football competition. Discussion It is seen by many as a sure way of shooting the host city into the limelight, resulting in an economic windfall and at the same time giving these host cities the impetus to improve domestic facilities and infrastructure. The nomination of a city as organizer impacts the physical (construction project) to the intangible (local self-esteem or international impact) gains. The impact that an event of this kind has on the urban landscape can largely be gauged by the size of the legacy that it creates. It is important to note here that it is not just important to create legacy, but creating a legacy which is beneficial to the host community post games, and which justifies the costs involved.
  11. 11. Urban regeneration and the re-imaging of cities is now a central aspect of game bids. Sports Tourism is a multi-billion dollar business, one of the fastest growing areas of the $4.5 trillion global travel and tourism industry. It has become a vast international business attracting media coverage, investment, political interest, traveling participants and spectators. Finding There was a huge development in the sport infrastructure of the city due to C.Y.G 2008 game. The different levels ranging from laborers to managers. C.Y.G 2008 has played an important role in the promotion of the sports in the city and there was an increase in the number of national and international competition shield in the city post C.Y.G.
  12. 12. The event like C.Y.G 2008 attracted many tourists and visitors from the different parts of the country and world. A substantial economic growth was seen during C.Y.G 2008 due to the boost in industries and services like hospitality, food and beverage, cultural and handy craft and travelling services, aviation, hotels and other transportation services. Conclusion The true impact of commonwealth youth games 2008 on sport tourism could be judged That state of India was introduced, marketed and advertised to the sportsman, and other global visitors to the country. The C.Y.G 2008 also boosted the Indian tourism industry as the foreign tourist who had come greatly depended upon the travel agents for their itineraries. The state`s aviation and the hotel industry was also benefited.
  13. 13. The games provided a great enjoyment for the tourist and the city had a new look. The new projects that had come discovered new heritage, religious and adventurous sites. The C.Y.G 2008 boosted the city transport facilities new bridges were constructed, airports of the state were modernized and not the least the stadiums were renovated and as well as new stadiums were built. It has not just benefited the tourism industry but also boosted the various job opportunities in the state. In the light of present study it is recommended that: 1. The same study should be conducted including more areas of sport tourism. 2. The same study can be conducted on commonwealth games Delhi 2010 and other sport mega events. 3. The detail information regarding the events should be made available for general people.