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Local Search Optimization
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Local Search Optimization


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What local businesses need to know about local search.

What local businesses need to know about local search.

Published in: Education, Technology, Business

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  • We’ll explore mostly Google Adwords
  • How many of you click on pay per click ads
  • We’ll explore mostly Google Adwords
  • Transcript

    • 1. Local Search
      What Local Businesses Need to Know About Local Search
      presented by seOverflow
    • 2. What We’ll Cover
      What Local Search Is
      On Page Optimization for Local Search
      Off Site Optimization for Local Search
      Local Platforms-Where You Need to Be
      PPCs for Local Businesses
    • 3. What Is Local Search?
      presented by seOverflow
    • 4. Local Search Is…
      Local Search is any search made with the goal of finding something in a specific geographic area.
      This is known as searching withlocal intent.
    • 5. How Is Local Intent Determined?
      The searcher uses geographic modifiers.
      The searcher has personalization settings on.
      The Searcher uses a “local” place.
      The Search Engine interprets local intent from the search phrase.
    • 6. The 3, 8 or 10 Pack
    • 7. Where Are Your Customers?
      Nearby cities?
    • 8. Where Are Your Customers?
      The broader your geographical reach, the more time and money you need to be successful.
      Generally, the narrower your reach, the easier it will be to compete online.
      Why? There is usually less competition and it is usually less savvy about internet marketing.
    • 9. Local Search Challenges
      Rank well in Universal Search
      Rank well in the Local 10 Pack
      Rank well in Local Search Engines
      Be in the Internet Yellow Pages
      Be on Local/Social web sites
      Be in vertical directories for your industry and location
    • 10. On Page Optimization for Local
      Making Your Website Work in Local Search
      presented by seOverflow
    • 11. On Page Optimization
      Build relevance and trust in your location+keywords.
      Do all the usual things when optimizing - title, description, h tags, content, good internal linking, etc – but with a geographicslant.
    • 12. Place your full street address and local phone number on all pages of your website.
      Optimize your Contact or About page for your business name and location.
      Use the hcardmicroformat to make your location unmistakable to the Search Engines.
      Where Are You?
    • 13. If your business name doesn’t make it very clear where you are and what you do, then use a tagline to communicate that information to both humans and Search Engine spiders.
      TIP: Give Your Biz a Tagline
    • 14. What’s Wrong With This?
    • 15. Create a separate page for each location
      Use local info on each of these pages
      Link internally to location pages, using the right link text
      Use other terms on the page that will help the Search Engines understand where you are: street intersections, highway exits, what’s nearby, nicknames for neighborhoods, etc.
      TIP: For Multiple Locations:
    • 16. Off Site Optimization For Local
      What Else Helps Your Business Rank?
      presented by seOverflow
    • 17. Use the same name, address and phone number everywhere online and offline.
      Go to the sources of business data and standardize there.
      Use a local database directory - check out and
      Standardization Builds Trust
    • 18. Create free profiles on:
      Google Maps
      Yahoo Local
      Bing Local
      If you never do anything else, do this!
      Create Local Business Listings
    • 19. Anatomy of a SERP
      Pay Per Click
      Pay Per Click
      Local Ten Pack
    • 20. A Google Maps Listing
    • 21. Google Maps Dashboard
    • 22. Use your main keyword phrase and complementary terms in your profile descriptions
      Grab the long tail by including:
      Your products and services
      The brands you carry
      The locations you serve
      Anything else important in your niche
      Optimize Your Biz Listings
    • 23. Choose – or create – the right categories
      Give your listing attributes
      Optimize Your Biz Listings
    • 24. Citations, aka web references, are web pages that cite or mention your business or web site.
      They do not have to contain a link!
      Create Citations
    • 25. Citations are important in building Google’s trust in the information it has about you.
      Citations can drive targeted traffic to your business.
      Citations are easier to get than links – many are free.
      Keep Creating Citations!
    • 26. Reviews and Local Search
      The Impact of Reviews on Local Search
      presented by seOverflow
    • 27. “Online reviews are second only to personal advice from a friend as the driver of purchase decisions; user reviews are more influential than third-party reviews. ("Web users and web community," Rubicon Consulting, Inc. October 2008)”
      “81% of online holiday shoppers read online customer reviews (Nielson Online, December 2008)”
      “86% of consumers read online business reviews before making purchasing decisions; 90% of whom say they trust these reviews. ( survey of 600 users, December 2008)”
      “The Trust in Advertising survey of 26,000+ found that Consumer Recommendations are the most credible form of advertising. ("Social Media Marketing: The Right Strategy for Tough Economic Times" Awareness, 2008)”
      Statistics from See more at
      The Impact of Reviews
    • 28. Ratings and reviews enter into the algorithm on some sites-like Yahoo!Local
      The more reviews, the better.
      Highly rated items can rise to the top on some sites and poorly rated ones are rarely seen.
      Users can sort their results by ratings on some sites, creating their own personalized rankings.
      Reviews Influence Rankings
      Have a plan in place.
      Use surveys and follow-up emails.
      “Bribe” people to submit reviews.
      Send reviewers to a variety of web sites.
      TIP: Ask for Reviews
    • 30. Link Building
      Strategies For Finding and Acquiring Powerful Local Links
    • 31. The right incoming links can help with location trust.
      Look for links from local authority sites.
      Look for links from sites that rank for what you want to rank for.
      Use existing relationships to get local links.
      Tip: Get Local Links
    • 32. Pay Per Click Basics
      Successful Local PPC Campaign Components
    • 33. How PPC is Used
      Pay Per Click (PPC) is not just used for an organic traffic alternative.
      Other uses include:
      Branding and Reputation Management
      Keyword research
      Expanded search engine presence (would you rather show up once or twice?)
    • 34. Organic vs Paid Search
    • 35. PPC FAQ
      Does PPC work?
      It can. More likely If managed professionally.
      How much will it cost per click
      How do I know that I am not a victim of click fraud?
      You don’t unless you use expensive and sometimes inaccurate analysis tools
      Why shouldn’t I just run PPC myself?
      Most do-it-yourselfer’s waste more money trying it themselves than they would have paid a pro. The search engine’s goal is to get you to spend as much as possible.
    • 36. Google Adwords
      Most advanced
      Most traffic
      Yahoo Search Marketing
      A little less complex
      Usually cheaper clicks than Adwords
      Microsoft adCenter
      Mostly low quality content ads
      Popular PPC Programs
    • 37.
      • Geo target your advertising on Google by using geo qualifiers in the terms you bid on .
      • 38. An geo target ads to show only to people in the places you choose.
      TIP: For Local PPCs
    • 39. Optimized!
      Local Search Column at ClickZ
      Local Search News
      seOverview Local Search Audit
      seOverflow Blog
      Local Search Resources