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Google+ Local Strategy Workshop
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Google+ Local Strategy Workshop


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  • 1. Google+ Local Optimization (Dominate Local Results)Steve Wiideman |
  • 2. What’s on the Agenda? PST!1. Principles of Local SEO2. Strategies & Project Planning3. Tactics and Techniques
  • 3. Principles of Location-Based Search1. You must have accurate data2. You must offer the most relevant content3. You must be highly visible online4. Authentic people must endorse you
  • 4. Think in Circles 1. Accurate data 2. Relevant content 3. Highly visible online 4. Authentic Endorsements
  • 5. Authentic EndorsementsHighly visible onlineRelevant contentAccurate data
  • 6. Stop. Wait.Let’s Take a Step Back.
  • 7. Google GPS-Enhanced Products1. Google Maps2. Google Android Navigator3. Google Latitude4. Google Universal Search Results (USR)5. Google+ Local (formerly Google Places)
  • 8. Google Maps
  • 9. Google Universal Search Results (USR)
  • 10. Google+ Local
  • 11. Google+ Local
  • 12. Strategies & Project PlanningWe’ve got a LOT of work to do.
  • 13. Strategies & Project Planning1. Accurate data 1. Claim Our Business2. Relevant content 2. Optimize Our Website3. Highly visible online 3. Get Listed & Featured4. Authentic Endorsements 4. Reviews, Check-ins, Social 
  • 14. Optionally use Google Docs.In this screenshot, you can see themilestones and the resource/hours allocation.Other columns are populated with tasks.
  • 15. Break – Coffee Anyone?
  • 16. Tactics and Techniques 1. Create to-do lists 2. Associate to milestones 3. Assign tasks to team 4. Set due dates 5. Do local SEO like a boss
  • 17. Claim Your Business Data
  • 18. Claim Your Business Data (N.A.P.)This is the CORE of your location-based SEO strategy, so:1. Verify the EXACT Business Name2. Verify the EXACT Business Address3. Pay Attention to Punctuation, Symbols, and Abbreviations4. Verify the EXACT Business Phone Number5. Pay Attention the Categories You Select6. Pay Attention to the Services/Products You List
  • 19. Optimize Your Website Landing Page Conversion / UX Website Optimization Optimization Optimization Run audits in GWT  Have ONE page for  Pay for a review Run audits in BWT each location  Add coupons Have an expert run an  Match Google+ Local  Showcase ratings audit  Try  Don’t make people Try  Use title tag principles have to think Consider using a CDN  Use meta principles  Compare your page to Optimize site maps  Pay attention to the 1st 10 in Google Optimize robots.txt content structure  Add a video Add breadcrumbs  Include a map  Add strong call-to- Reduce JS & CSS  Include LSI (phrases) actions Dupe content check  List cats & services  Be awesome
  • 20. Get Listed Search engines (Google, Yahoo!, & Bing) 411 directories, in-car navigation & wireless listings Mobile “check-in” apps “True local” directories Industry directories Business directories College, university and government resources pages Be creative – but NEVER (EVER) spam or use automated tools
  • 21. FINALLY! Google+ Tip: Use the Google account associated with your AdWords and Analytics for easy integration later.
  • 22. Areas to Optimize• Business Name• Description• Categories• Images / Videos• You can’t have to much information in business listing
  • 23. Categories – They Matter The Secret Category List: like this one may help you understand competitor category frequencies and sequence:
  • 24. Do’s and Don’tsDon’t  Stuff keywords in your title (or in any field)  Repeat your location in title or description fields  Use content owned by others (use your content)  Use a call-tracking number (breaks N.A.P. sync)  Create multiple profiles with slightly different data  Have a random agency claim your listing for you
  • 25. Do’s and Don’tsDo  Add the Google+ Author plugin to your blog  Connect your Google+ profile to your blog  Use the EXACT business data (NAP) given to Acxiom  Include a few surrounding cities in the description  Include top services in the Additional Details area  Include as much info as you can in Additional Details  Use professional quality imagery and videos  Use coupons and offers if possible  Add this to your website URL: ?utm_campaign=GPL
  • 26. Offer MORE Than the Competition
  • 27. Verify Your ListingPhone / SMS / Postcard
  • 28. Verify Your Listing Repeat with Bing & Yahoo!
  • 29. All Your Citations are Belong to UsDiscover where you competition has been acquiringbusiness listings using simple searches by phonenumber.Or, use one or more of the tools listed on the lastpage of this presentation.
  • 30. Endorsements Authenticated Google+ Local / Zagat reviews Reviews from other business review destinations ,,,  Ref: Mobile check-in apps  Try FootFeed, a multi-check-in app  Else, try Yelp, Facebook, Instagram, Foursquare, etc Create business pages on social networks (ask for reviews) Bloggers, industry forums, local portals, etc
  • 31. Google Latitude Now you can “check in” to yourfavorite places with Google Latitude, same as you might with Foursquare, Facebook, Yelp or other apps.
  • 32. Encourage Guests to View Your Business
  • 33. FYI on Checking-InAside from the NFC technology, what’s the difference betweenGoogle+ Local and Foursquare/Yelp apps?1. Foursquare offers ‘tips’ that do not appear in Google results2. A Yelp review can only be a ‘draft’ until you get behind a computer later3. Google+ Local allows you to review in real-time, which appears in near real-time in SERPS4. Google+ Local is part of your Google account and may influence other Google services, such as search results for users in your circles
  • 34. Rank Higher in Mobile AppsTypically, the higher a business ranks in a program the morefrequently it gets spidered/crawled by the search engines.1. Get reviews from INFLUENTIAL users (those with 1000+ reviews) • Reviews should come from MANY networks (CitySearch, Yelp, etc)2. Encourage/incentivize bookmarking or adding as a favorite3. Link to the profile page from the business website (and maybe others)4. Offer loss-leader promotions (attrition is still low enough at this point)
  • 35. Ideas / Suggestions on Reviews Survey clients via receipts & email; on submit, ask for a review Don’t outright pay for reviews, but definitely reward them “Listen” using social media tools & alerts (don’t be shy) Send clients home with SWAG with a review reminder Diversify where you’d like to get the link from Send postcards with special appreciation Put up fun things users will post photos of (tourist-type stuff) Interview (with permission) before a client leaves the store
  • 36. My Favorite Tools & ReferencesTools  Google AdWords local extensions vs. Express Ads    Google Webmaster Tools, Bing Webmaster Tools, Analytics ,, and other similar toolsReferences   and
  • 37. Sample Pages & About MeSample GPL Pages Contact Me  Oh! Sushi  @seosteve  North Bowl  FB/stevewiideman (free review)  Chicago Music Exchange   Delfina Restaurant   Mezze Restaurant  Email:  Museum of Making Music  Call: (562) 732-4417  Nick Strocchia Photography  Skype: steve.wiideman