Screenshots as Part of Your Visual Content Marketing


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Screenshots as Part of Your Visual Content Marketing

  1. 1. Screenshots make any web article easier to read, more useful and more shared
  2. 2. VIRAL CONTENT BUZZ: Have your content Pinned!
  3. 3. +++VIRAL CONTENT BUZZ: Interact with those who promote your content for more traffic!
  4. 4. PINALERTS: This email is a GREAT incentive to go and interact with your promoter and the PIN itself for more exposure and traffic!
  5. 5. VISUAL TWEETS: Tweets with images get 18% more clicks, 89% more favorites and 150% more retweets
  6. 6. SLIDESHARE: GREAT for brand exposure!
  7. 7. YOUTUBE: GREAT traffic, easy to rank, can be created using the ppt presentation
  8. 8. GOOGLE PLUS: Visual sharing on Google Plus is very effective and generates lots of attention!
  9. 9. SCREENSHOTS AS INFOGRAPHICS = More promotional channels!
  10. 10. Use MyBlogGuest Infographics Gallery to promote!