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Doug Wagnerworking in
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this is a constant source of
frustration and struggle. I always ...
How technologyis transforming customer
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Company: Oracle
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Cashing ...
Get started. The best advice here is to just get going. If you have a limited PLA campaign,
this is an opportunity to buil...
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Google Shopping Campaigns Transition Tips


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1. Identify Key Differences Between Google Shopping Campaigns and Current Product Listing Ads
2. Utilize Shopping Campaign Tools

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Google Shopping Campaigns Transition Tips

  1. 1. Events ClickZ Live Toronto May14-16, 2014 ClickZ Live Shanghai May27-29, 2014 ClickZ Live Hong Kong August 5-7, 2014 ClickZ Live San Francisco August 11-14, 2014 Event News Send us a story tip Live Comments ChrisBernardAs a small business digital consultant we have been building websites that usually process a minimal amount of content via secure to minimize risk. I see an algorithmic train wreck occurring as we buildout more and more solid website content both in terms of frequency and... Will Google RewardSecure Websites With Better SearchRankings?· 30 minutes ago MarinSoftware: Manage, optimize, andboost ROIonsearch, display, social, andmobileadvertising. Google has officially announced that the current Google Shopping product ad format will be fully replaced by Google Shopping Campaigns in August. Online advertisers who were part of the Google Shopping Campaigns beta program have had a year of experience with the program. But for the majority of advertisers, Google Shopping Campaigns has only been available for a month, and will take over a large part of their Google ads in under four months. Below are some helpful tips to get you set up with Google Shopping Campaigns as quick and smoothly as possible. 1. Identify Key Differences Between Google Shopping Campaigns and Current Product Listing Ads Both Google Product Listing Ads and Google Shopping Campaigns display products from advertiser inventory based on product ad groups in AdWords. Advertisers create these groups by choosing inventory attributes from all of their inventory. Advertisers send their inventory information to Google using a data feed, which they then use to identify products to use for ad groups. Shopping Campaigns changes both parts of this process-how retailers create ad groups and how they identify product attributes from the data feed. InventoryFormat Google Shopping Campaigns inventory format switches out AdWords labels as a data feed requirement with Custom Labels. While both feed labels are used to mark product attributes in order to create ad groups, Custom Labels differ fromAdWords labels in number and flexibility. Advertisers are limited to five Custom Labels for Shopping Campaigns (0-4), which limits the number of ad groups that can then be created within AdWords. TweetTweet 1841 Mary Weinstein, April 17, 2014 0 Comments Google Shopping Campaigns Transition Tips 23LikeLike UpdatesSign up for daily(or weekly) newsletters Enter email address Subscribe 16k FollowFollow 79.3K followers 27kLikeLike ShareShare SearchSearchSearchSearch Industry SEO PPC Analytics Social Local Mobile Video Content Development gShift Marin Software STAT Search Analytics ClickZ Live SIM Partners ClickZ ClickZIntel ClickZAcademy ClickZLive converted by
  2. 2. Doug Wagnerworking in #b2bmarketing for a while I can say this is a constant source of frustration and struggle. I always start with the sales manager and make sure that there is document control being done. The HiddenSkill EveryPPCManager Should Possess:Sleuthing· 52 minutes ago Felix BrownIt’s very important to have a site SEO friendly to get enough traffic. You added all important SEO plugins. Recently I am using all in 1 SEO Pack, W3 Total Cache, and GoogleAnalyticator. SEOFriendlyWordPress in12 Steps · 1 hour ago SteveSpot on with this post. One of the companies in my field, consistently top 3 for core keywords has the spammiest backlink profile you could imagine and their site is full of spammy, badly written content. We are doing everything by the book - well written and relevant content,... SearchEngine OptimizationCompanies: Break Google's Rules toGet TopRankings?· 1 hour ago Yogita AggarwalAgree .. What is SEM?Depends onWhoYouAsk · 2 hours ago Yogita AggarwalEven i think same .. What is SEM?Depends onWhoYouAsk · 2 hours ago Ashutosh RajputBing is better.......i have search my name and getting accurate result Google & BingNow ShowingLinkedInRich Snippets · 6 hours ago ChrisThis is absurd: Whereas SEO used to mean link building, it doesn't anymore. 92 percent of marketers believe that content creation is either "very" or "somewhat" effective for SEO in 2014. 92% of marketers obviously have no idea what they're talking. Using links, I can mop the... AvoidSEOHype:WhySmall Businesses ShouldFocus onReturnonInvestment · 7 hours ago Link Worx SeoHave been reading more and more about gShift recently. Seen plenty o banners around the web as well. May need to create an account and do some looking around myself. How is gShift compared to Moz or SEOProfiler in comparison? Secure Search, Rank & FindingLost Keyword Traffic:AConversationwithgShift · 8 hours ago Barbara MckinneyLife is unfair even in the world of SEO. I have no idea why this kind of company still owns a high rank in Google's search result. Maybe they are using a trick that even Matt Cutts can't easily detect. SearchEngine OptimizationCompanies: Break Google's Rules toGet TopRankings?· 10 hours ago Ping Tech GroupBut this manual Webinars Harness Predictive Power for Personalized Customer Experiences On Demand Before you send your updated inventory file to Google for Shopping Campaigns, consider these best practices: Choose your Custom Labels carefully. Note that you can only have one custom label per column. Campaign Structure The other key difference between Shopping Campaigns and current Product Listing Ads is how advertisers create product ads within AdWords. Once advertisers send their inventory information to Google, they can then create ads based on those products within AdWords. Ad groups within current Product Listing Ads are created by choosing product attributes from inventory information to create product groups. Advertisers can choose almost any product attribute (or combination) through which to create an ad group. So if you sell luggage, for example, you can create ad groups for different product segments based on the product information Google has in the data feed. Ad creation for Product Listing Ads is forever expanding outwards. How many ad groups are created, and how many attributes overlap, is entirely up to the advertiser. Shopping Campaigns product group (new name for ad group) structure works on the opposite premise of current PLAs. Instead of building out from your inventory data, Shopping Campaigns segment pieces of your inventory. Product groups within Shopping Campaigns are a sub-set the All Products Ad Group, and any additional product group is a sub-set of another product group. If you sell luggage through Shopping Campaigns, and your initial product group is a Category, each product group following that must be a subset of that category, or a subset of the remaining All Products. Any product group within that category can have additional ad groups, but similarly segment products from that specific category only. Most Views Most Likes Most Tweets Trending Topics Google Starts BlockingAccess toPaid SearchKeywordData The LinkingDilemma:Google Has Left a Giant Mess for Us All Google Madness:The Elite Eight of Google+Local Tips Authorityvs. Popularity:Matt Cutts Teases New Google SearchResult Shake-Up SEO, Your Website & You:5 Myths & 10 Tips Matt Cutts onHow Google Tests Its Algorithms The Future of Link Building:5 Important Messages Google's Matt Cutts onSEO:A Retrospective (2011-2013) 40+Tools & Tips toExecute a Winning Content Strategy converted by
  3. 3. WhitePapers How technologyis transforming customer service and marketing Company: Oracle Published:April 16, 2014 Cashing in on Customer Insight Company: IBM Published:April 12, 2014 CustomerAnalytics PayOff: Driving Top-Line Growth byBringing Science to theArt of Marketing Company: IBM Published:April 12, 2014More at ClickZIntel Jobs Contact Center Professional Apr 15, 2014 Contact Center Professional (TCC: The Contact Center) - Hunt ValleyLooking to join a workforce that prides themselves on being ... Recruitment and Team BuildingAmbassador Apr 15, 2014 Recruitment and Team BuildingAmbassador (Agora Inc.) - BaltimoreAgora, www.agora-, continues to expand! In order to ... Design and Publishing Specialist Apr 15, 2014 Design and Publishing Specialist (Bonner and Before you start creating Google Shopping Campaigns ad groups, consider these best practices: Outline your product group structure carefully beforehand. Use analytics data and your current PLA campaigns to structure your Google Shopping Campaign. Be sure your custom labels reflect the product groups you want to create. 2. Utilize Shopping Campaign Tools Google updated Shopping Campaigns with new advertiser tools that will help you leverage your campaign. You should be testing and optimizing your ads using these tools now: Bid Simulator: If your bids are too high it will show you how many impressions you stand to lose and the difference in cost. Multiple Ad Groups: Start by creating an All Products Product Group, and then choose your sub Product Groups based on your inventory data. You'll likely want to start with a category Product Group, and segment into more specific attributes like brand and best seller. Item Level Detail: Shopping campaigns highlights more granular product data within AdWords, which you can use to generate product reports and analyze historical data. Impression Share & Benchmark CPC: Highlights competitor data which you can use to optimize bids. Shopping Campaigns is also a great opportunity to test some of the existing optimizations for PLAs you might now be using such as geotargeting, day parting, and segmenting mobile traffic. Geotargeting: Modify your traffic based on location. You may not need to exclude any areas, but do some digging in AdWords and Analytics to make sure you aren't wasting any spend. Dayparting: Changing how much visibility your ads get based on the time of the day and day of the week is huge. If you're not experimenting here you're likely wasting ad spend or losing conversions. Mobile Traffic: Contrary to hype, mobile doesn't always perform well. Delve into your performance data to determine mobile performance, or test mobile in Shopping Campaigns to ensure you are leveraging your spend. How to Transition to Google Shopping Campaigns Smoothly Don't run Shopping Campaigns with PLAs. Shopping Campaigns are replacing PLAs, structure Shopping Campaigns while PLAs are live and pause PLAs when you are ready to switch over. If you have Google Shopping Campaigns and current PLAs set up, you are running two ad campaigns that are going to overlap and waste your ad budget. Build out slowly. The Custom Labels and initial Product Groups you choose for Shopping Campaigns are important. Start your campaign simple, and build out based on product performance. Pick one way of grouping products (e.g., category) and build out from there initially. Choose your ad groups. If you have a PLA campaign that is significantly built out, consider which Custom Labels you should use with Shopping Campaigns. Be careful what you delete. Because Shopping Campaigns are structured on top of one another, if you delete a top product group, you can delete all of the product groups within it. It's possible to delete an entire campaign structure very quickly. I repeat: be careful what you delete. Content Strategy ALessoninSocial Espionage:How to Dissect a Competitor's Social Strategy converted by
  4. 4. Get started. The best advice here is to just get going. If you have a limited PLA campaign, this is an opportunity to build a good campaign structure. If you have PLAs built out already, you can start moving over gradually – but start now. The sooner you can start becoming familiar with Shopping Campaigns and testing features and ads, the better your campaign performance long term, and the farther you'll be ahead of your competitors. Google Advertisers have roughly 100 days to switch to Google Shopping Campaigns. Use these tips to ensure it's a smooth transition. Twitter Canada MD Kirstine Stewart to Keynote Toronto ClickZ Live Toronto (May 14-16) is a new event addressing the rapidly changing landscape that digital marketers face. The agenda focuses on customer engagement and attaining maximum ROI through online marketing efforts across paid, owned & earned media. Register now and save!* *Early BirdRates expireApril 17. TweetTweet 184 Submit 33 1 Save to Recommend this story ShareShare 7 23 people recommend this. Sign Up to see what your friends recommend.RecommendRecommend Read more on PPC Optimize Your PPCWitha SegmentedPerformance Analysis March 3, 2014 Google PLAShoppingCampaigns OpentoAll Advertisers February19, 2014 How E-CommRetailers CanRock it WithInventoryCampaigns February 7, 2014 Buildinga CRAPSEOContent Strategy January30, 2014 Twitter AdvertisingGuide January29, 2014 New Google ShoppingOverview & 4 New Tools January23, 2014 AGuide toGoogle AdWords BidAdjustments & 10 TopStrategies November 27, 2013 Related Popular Topics converted by
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