Handmade Diwali Gift Ideas


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This PPT shows how to create handmade Diwali gift items. There are many handmade Diwali gift ideas in this ppt that you can use to create splendid gifts.

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Handmade Diwali Gift Ideas

  1. 1. Handmade Diwali Gift Ideas At Diwali, people express their wishes by exchanging gifts with their family, friends or relatives. So what is more beautiful then to give them handmade Diwali gift items. Some of the beautiful Diwali handmade gift ideas include Ethnic Jharokha, Ornamental Jewellery Boxes, handmade Vases, handmade diyas, Candles etc.Source: http://handicraft.indiamart.com/articles/handmade-diwali-gift-ideas.html
  2. 2. Handmade Diwali Gift Ideas For making above handmade Diwali gift items at home you can use paper craft, clay craft, cloth, art and craft using flowers etc. Using below handmade diwali gift ideas you can easily create beautiful Diwali gifts. Like using paper you can create jhumars, flowers, Jharokha, torans or wall hangings. Using clay you can make beautiful god and goddess idols like Ganesh and Laxmi. You can also make beautiful diyas, vases and sulpture of animals to decorate your house. Using cloths you can create beautiful door hangings, table or chair pads.Source: http://handicraft.indiamart.com/articles/handmade-diwali-gift-ideas.html
  3. 3. Handmade Diwali Gift Ideas Handmade Diyas : At Diwali, people uses decorative diyas to decorate their home. So handmade diyas are one of the best handmade Diwali gift items. It is very easy to make diyas at home. Take some clay and shape them like diya. You can use small bowl and front of big spoon to transform clay into desired shape. When the object become dry, paint them using different colors. You can also paste little mirrors around it to provide attractive look. Make different designs using different acrylic colors.Source: http://handicraft.indiamart.com/articles/handmade-diwali-gift-ideas.html
  4. 4. Handmade Diwali Gift Ideas Handmade Photo Frame : Second Diwali gift ideas is handmade photo frame. Take a cardboard, you can use both color or white cardboard depending upon your choice. Cut the cardboard into rectangular pieces and paste it over one another to provide the shape like a photo frame. Cover the above side of a frame with a light colored chart paper. Paste all of them using gum to provide desired shape. Now you can color your photo frame (my choice is chocolate brown, silver and golden color). Now paste your memorable pic in your handmade photo frame.Source: http://handicraft.indiamart.com/articles/handmade-diwali-gift-ideas.html
  5. 5. Handmade Diwali Gift Ideas Thank youSource: http://handicraft.indiamart.com/articles/handmade-diwali-gift-ideas.html