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The Season of Lent
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  • 1. PreparingSEASON OF LENT for Easter © Seomra Ranga 2013 www.seomraranga.com
  • 2. Lent• « Lent » comes from the word « Lente »  which means « Springtime »• It begins on Ash Wednesday and ends on  Easter Sunday• We remember the 40 days Jesus spent  praying and fasting in the desert• It is a time of preparation for the holy  season of Easter © Seomra Ranga 2013 www.seomraranga.com
  • 3. Shrove Tuesday• The day before Lent begins is known as « Shrove Tuesday »• It’s more commonly called « Pancake Tuesday »• In olden times, it was customary on this day to use up all the cooking fat and other goodies before Lent began• It is known as « Mardi Gras » in some countries, which means « Fat Tuesday »! © Seomra Ranga 2013 www.seomraranga.com
  • 4. Ash Wednesday• The priest blesses the ashes made from last year’s palm branches• The sign of the cross is made as ashes are put on the forehead• Wearing ashes is a sign that we are sorry for our sins• It’s also a sign that we’re going to do something to get ready for Lent © Seomra Ranga 2013 www.seomraranga.com
  • 5. Ash Wednesday The Priest says:“Dust thou art, “Turn away and into dust from sin and be thou shalt OR faithful to the return” Gospel” © Seomra Ranga 2013 www.seomraranga.com
  • 6. Lent The Three Pillars of Lent © Seomra Ranga 2013 www.seomraranga.com
  • 7. Lenten Facts• Lent lasts for 40 days• Sundays are not counted as part of the 40 days as they are days of celebration• Purple vestments are worn by the priest during Lent• The Gloria and Alleluia are not prayed at mass during Lent © Seomra Ranga 2013 www.seomraranga.com
  • 8. Lenten Facts• Mothers’ Day is celebrated on the fourth Sunday of Lent• St. Patrick’s Day (March 17th) usually takes place during Lent• The last week of Lent is called Holy Week © Seomra Ranga 2013 www.seomraranga.com