SEO is More Than SEO - Miva Merchant Conference 2012
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SEO is More Than SEO - Miva Merchant Conference 2012



A look at the broad suite of tools available to search marketers and how SEO fits into the total buying cycle in e-commerce.

A look at the broad suite of tools available to search marketers and how SEO fits into the total buying cycle in e-commerce.



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SEO is More Than SEO - Miva Merchant Conference 2012 SEO is More Than SEO - Miva Merchant Conference 2012 Presentation Transcript

  • CONFERENCE 2012 March 7 - 10, 2012SEO Has Become More Than SEO Gillian Muessig | President
  • SEO Has Become More Than SEO Inbound MarketingGillian Muessig | President
  • Interruption vs.Inbound Marketing
  • Interruption Marketing
  • Inbound Marketing
  • Interruption Marketing
  • InboundMarketing
  • Interruption Marketing
  • InboundMarketing
  • Somemarketing
  • Interruption… stops us
  • from doing what wewant to do,
  • …so it can sell us
  • stuff we don’t need.
  • That’s Interruption Marketing
  • Interruptive Marketing
  • Interruption Marketers
  • Interruption Marketers Me
  • AdsInterruption Marketers Me
  • That’sNotHowWeroll.
  • How People Buy in 2012
  • Realize a Need
  • Investigate Options
  • Ask Our Friends
  • Seek Out Experts
  • Find Communities
  • Dig Into Every Detail Available
  • Convert
  • You don’t buy those visitors.You earn them.
  • In∙bound Mar∙ket∙ing-nounAny tactic that relies on earning people’s interestrather than buying it.
  • We’re here to help.
  • Startups disrupt markets. How about marketing?
  • Inbound Channels
  • Content
  • influenceseverything
  • Without great content…
  • there’s nochance forsuccess.
  • Content can mean…
  • “Content.”
  • Community
  • Product
  • Or Distribution
  • No matter the form, contentis the foundation of greatInbound Marketing
  • Search
  • Search ishow things get found
  • Search =Discovery
  • Discovery Leads to Sharing
  • Search is Still Big
  • And Growing Currently, there are morethan 3 billion searches/day on Google
  • Search often brings the most highly qualified traffic.
  • But guess where searchers click… ~20% of clicks~80% of clicks
  • Social
  • Social lives at the top of the funnel
  • Social is discoveryprior to interest
  • Social demands great content,
  • …and rewards it.
  • Today, Social has ahugeinfluenceon Search
  • Users: 50mm 750mm 200mm 120mm 10mmUsers: 14mm Millions 14mm 6.5mm And Social appears to be fragmenting into multiple large communities (and thousands of small ones)
  • Email
  • Email is Social’s “Secret Weapon”
  • And Email Marketing is Insanely Profitable/Powerful
  • Conversion
  • The funnel only existsso it can convert.
  • Optimizing Conversionmeans measuring & testing.
  • It means listening, too.
  • A lot ofConversion iswrapped insoft metrics
  • Branding
  • Messaging
  • Familiarity
  • Trust
  • CRO is a criticalpractice,
  • but itrequiresholisticmarketingto succeed.
  • Building anInbound Strategy
  • Who is your audience?
  • Where are they on the Web?
  • What content works there?
  • How will you get visitors into your funnel?Branding/Awareness Free Trial Retargeting Email Social OAuth Mailing Address Phone NumberMultiple paths can work, so long as you segment them when tracking CR + CLTV
  • How will you measure & improve? Step #1: Discover Find inbound marketing paths that look promising and make a list. Step #2:Test Invest a few days/hours building authentic value in that niche/sector. Step #3: Measure Use your web analytics to track primary + second-order impact Step #4: Repeat Throw out low ROI projects; repeat high ROI ones.
  • Top 10 Inbound Marketing Tactics & Examples
  • #1: Create Sharing Incentives to link to!
  • #1: Create Sharing IncentivesUrbanspoon’s “Spoonback” program allowed them to compete w/ Yelp and build awareness to foodies, direct traffic from relevant sites andgreat SEO. Founders credited the concept as being the most important part of the company’s success.
  • #2: Mine the Social Web for Engagement Opportunities Twitter, LinkedIn, Q+A Sites, Google+, Blog Posts and Facebook can all work
  • #3: Create & Spread Embeddable Content is a great example
  • #4: Make Your Data Interesting; Share ItProbably the best case study around:
  • #5: Mine Your Twitter Followers, Emails, etc.Via Wil Reynolds of SEER Interactive:; toolis here:
  • #6: Use Social to Connect w/Journalists + BloggersAn amazing research tool:
  • #7: Build Features that Require and/or Reward Sharing*paying*-users-i-e-how-many-subscribers-do-they-have
  • #8: Give Your Community a PlatformMoz has a Q+A forum, a blog and a user-generated content platform, along w/ robust user profiles and apoints/gamification system. Content contributed by non-employees is ~35% of our overall traffic
  • #9: Rel=Author & Video XML Sitemaps - good how-to
  • #9: Rel=Author & Video XML SitemapsWe use to post videos that automatically send video XML Sitemaps to Google
  • #10: Create a Monthly Top X Influencers in Your Industry updates monthly, but doesn’t use badges (which I highly recommend)
  • Every One of These Marketing Tactics News/Media/PR SEO Email Blogs + Blogging Research/White Papers InfographicsComment Marketing Social Networks Online Video INBOUND MARKETING! Local Portals Forums (AKA all the “free” traffic sources) WebinarsSocial Bookmarking Word of Mouth Direct/Referring Links Podcasting Type-In Traffic Q+A Sites Helps Every Other One