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2012 12 Digital Leaders Executive Briefing Part
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2012 12 Digital Leaders Executive Briefing Part


The Nature of Communities and framing an understanding of how brands can connect with people to form communities

The Nature of Communities and framing an understanding of how brands can connect with people to form communities

Published in Technology
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  • We’re the world’s most popular provider of search marketing software, covering everything from technical SEO issues to social media monitoring, We serve SMBs to Fortune 100 enterprises with actionable information, community support, tools and monitoring platform to make search marketing faster, easier, and more effective. We don’t do any consulting.
  • Let’s begin by taking a long view on the word ‘community’ and some related terms. Here’s a cosmic cluster… perhaps a ‘community’ of stars. Are clusters community? Perhaps not. Photo credit: http://asterisk.apod.com/viewtopic.php?&t=25161
  • From the infinitely great to the very, very small. Is a cluster of cells a ‘community’? Perhaps not as well. But I hope you’re already beginning to think more deeply about the concept of community and communication between organisms. http://talk-technology.blogspot.com/2012/01/biologists-replicate-key-evolutionary.html
  • This aspen tree cluster is very interesting. The trees on the surface appear to be separate organisms, but in truth, everything you see here and for many miles around is connected by a single tree root system. Is it a single plant? Many plants sharing a survival resource system? A ‘community’ of organisms perhaps able to survive on their own, but ‘choosing’ to connect – ‘choosing’ to be interdependent In order to truly thrive?
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  • 1. CommunitiesThe Evolution and Nature of Community GroupsGillian Muessig | Founding President
  • 2. World’s most popular providerof search marketing software
  • 3. Cosmic cluster Look for patterns in clusters
  • 4. Single cell cluster See the patterns?
  • 5. Aspen tree cluster Many tree tops; single root structure
  • 6. Coral cluster Endangered community
  • 7. Fish cluster School of fish
  • 8. Bird cluster Flock of herons
  • 9. Human cluster Human communities
  • 10. Human cluster Obama inauguration day 2009
  • 11. Clusters ≠ Communities Interest Groups
  • 12. Interest Group Girl Scouts
  • 13. Brand “community” (group) Harley Davidson
  • 14. Gaming “community” (group) World of Warcraft – Second Life - others
  • 15. Industry Community American Medical Association
  • 16. Event Community EmMeCon
  • 17. Tech Corporate Community SEOmoz Community
  • 18. Political Community Third Reich
  • 19. Social Community Platforms
  • 20. Anthropology of Communities•Shared Values•Shared Goals•Shared ExperienceIt’s not about your product
  • 21. Live trumps online The nature of communities
  • 22. Human communication learning The nature of communities
  • 23. Shared Values
  • 24. Shared Goals
  • 25. Shared Experience
  • 26. People - Personas
  • 27. FasterOnline communities “happen” faster
  • 28. ReformationOnline communities are reformingglobal and local power relationships
  • 29. Communities in contextOnline communities operate in the context of thesocial & political worlds in which they are developed
  • 30. Reformation Online communities are not exempt from the rules and norms of the world
  • 31. Rise of Global Network GovernanceThe rise of Global Network Governanceis a process…•Shaped by states, but not controlled by them•Shaped by corporations, individuals,non-governmental organizations,and other groups
  • 32. Rise of Global Network GovernanceSo far, no entity trumps the others•Realists claim the State holds the trump card•Marxists claim that it Capital is in the driver’sseat
  • 33. Rise of Global Network GovernanceHistory shows ultimately it is the Peoplewho are in charge andnew connective technologiesonly increase their powerand ability to organize collective action “Panarchy: Governance in the Network Age” - Paul Hartzog
  • 34. Rise of Global Network Governance
  • 35. PerspectiveOnline communities are not the scourge of the earth
  • 36. PerspectiveThey help isolated people to connect
  • 37. PerspectiveSocial communities connect disparate cultures
  • 38. PerspectiveThey support the grieving
  • 39. Perspective Enable us to share our interests
  • 40. PerspectiveAnd like fire, social communities requirevigilance and care in handling
  • 41. @SEOmomwww.seomoz.org/bloggillian@seomoz.orghttp://mz.cm/zD1ENt