2012 03 OMI Denver inbound marketing- seo is more than seo


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SEO, Social and Mobile combine as the Inbound Marketing platform expands on the Internet. Learn how to use multiple tactics and platforms to create cohesive marketing that improves conversions and gives you a competitive edge.

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  • Social Media spending is already representing more than 25% of interactive marketing spend, more than email. And mobile spend is more than social media and email marketing combined!
  • Now we need to design for multiple sized devices used at different times, for the same or different purposes, in different places and situations. Designing for multiple devices, which include everything from cell phones to tablets to wall sized web-enabled TVs is challenging.
  • You’ll need to look at all the assets on a page and determine the relative value of each and their
  • You’ll need to look at all the assets on a page and determine the relative value of each and their
  • A closer look at the top elements…
  • And a closer look at the bottom elements…
  • You’ll need to look at all the assets on a page and determine the relative value of each and their
  • You’ll need to look at all the assets on a page and determine the relative value of each and their
  • Remember pivoting monitor? They’re baaaaaaack. Consider how your site will display in portrait and landscape screens. Leverage the ability to hone in simply by turning the device. Design for finger, not mice.
  • Design for fingers, not mice. Photo credit: http://arthritisreviews.com/
  • Design for fingers, not mice.
  • Fred Wilson, a well known and respected VC from Union Square Ventures asked what he described as one of the best product entrepreneurs why facebook does so well on the monthly actives and total registered users metrics. Image credit: http://www.google.com/imgres?hl=en&gbv=2&tbm=isch&tbnid=CvR4eVAUje-udM:&imgrefurl=http://www.forbes.com/sites/nicoleperlroth/2011/06/23/facebook-valuation-inches-up/&docid=CRyUQi6DscADHM&imgurl=http://blogs-images.forbes.com/nicoleperlroth/files/2011/06/facebook-love.png&w=311&h=311&ei=reZxT5-yPMXlqgGSsqCVDA&zoom=1&iact=rc&dur=347&sig=103195842722407947764&page=2&tbnh=146&tbnw=146&start=15&ndsp=20&ved=1t:429,r:14,s:15&tx=55&ty=91&biw=1124&bih=717
  • But today, if you want to drive retention and repeat usage, there isn't a better way to do it than email. http://www.avc.com/a_vc/2011/05/social-medias-secret-weapon-email.html
  • Multiple paths can work, so long as you segment them when tracking Conversion Rates and Customer Life Time Value
  • To increase your mindshare be active in more places around the web. Twitter, LinkedIn, Q+A Sites, Google+, Blog Posts and Facebook can all work
  • To increase your mindshare be active in more places around the web.
  • 2012 03 OMI Denver inbound marketing- seo is more than seo

    1. 1. Inbound MarketingSEO, Mobile & Social CombineGillian Muessig | President www.slideshare.net/SEOmom
    2. 2. Interruption vs.Inbound Marketing
    3. 3. Interruption Marketing
    4. 4. Inbound Marketing
    5. 5. Interruption Marketing
    6. 6. InboundMarketing
    7. 7. Interruption Marketing
    8. 8. InboundMarketing
    9. 9. Somemarketing
    10. 10. stops usInterruption…
    11. 11. from doing what wewant to do,
    12. 12. so it can sell us
    13. 13. …stuff we don’t need.
    14. 14. That’s Interruption Marketing
    15. 15. AdsInterruption Marketers Me
    16. 16. That’sNotHowWeroll.
    17. 17. How People Buy in 2012
    18. 18. Realize a Need
    19. 19. Investigate Options
    20. 20. Ask Our Friends
    21. 21. Seek Out Experts
    22. 22. Find Communities
    23. 23. Dig Into Every Detail
    24. 24. Convert
    25. 25. RYou don’t buy those visitors.You earn them.
    26. 26. In∙bound Mar∙ket∙ing-nounAny tactic that relies on earning people’s interestrather than buying it.
    27. 27. We’re here to help.
    28. 28. Startups disrupt marketsMarketing can do that, too
    29. 29. Multi-sized Screen Design
    30. 30. Multi-sized Screen Design Make a list of all the elements on the page
    31. 31. Multi-sized Screen Design What is the relative value of each? • Image • Reservation widget • Brand logos • Log in • Language selector • Top direct link to customer service • Top Navigation • Special offer images • Direct links to offers, modifying reservations, redeem points • Additional bottom navigation • Privacy policy, T&C, Security, Site Map
    32. 32. Multi-sized Screen Design
    33. 33. Multi-sized Screen Design
    34. 34. Multi-sized Screen Design Which elements can you delete without harming the user experience? Note: the user experience changes on mobile
    35. 35. Multi-sized Screen Design Use time as well as space to display what users need Click through Info bubbles Images later
    36. 36. Multi-sized Screen Design
    37. 37. Design for fingers
    38. 38. Not mice
    39. 39. Inbound Channels
    40. 40. Content
    41. 41. influenceseverything
    42. 42. Without greatcontent…
    43. 43. there’snochancefor
    44. 44. Content can mean…
    45. 45. “Content”
    46. 46. Product
    47. 47. Distribution
    48. 48. Community
    49. 49. No matter the form,content is the foundationof great InboundMarketing
    50. 50. Search
    51. 51. Search ishow things get
    52. 52. Search =Discovery
    53. 53. Discovery leads toSharing
    54. 54. Search is stillBIG
    55. 55. and Growing Currently, there are more than 3 billion searches/day on Google
    56. 56. Search often brings the most highly qualified
    57. 57. But guess where searchers click… ~20% of clicks~80% of clicks
    58. 58. Social
    59. 59. Social lives at the funnel top
    60. 60. Social isdiscovery prior to
    61. 61. Social demands greatcontent,
    62. 62. …and rewards it.
    63. 63. Today,Socialhas ahugeinfluence onSearch
    64. 64. Users: 50mm 750mm 200mm 120mm 10mmUsers: 14mm Millions 14mm 6.5mm Social is fragmenting into multiple large communities
    65. 65. Email
    66. 66. Email is Social’s“Secret Weapon” http://www.avc.com/a_vc/2011/05/social-medias-secret-weapon-email.html
    67. 67. Fred Wilson learns why Facebookdoes so well on monthlyactives/total registered users…“When I get an emailfrom Facebook thata friend has taggedme in a photo, I clickon it and go check itout every time." http://www.avc.com/a_vc/2011/05/social-medias-secret-weapon-email.html
    68. 68. If you want to driveretention and repeat usage, there isnt a better way to do it than email.
    69. 69. And Email Marketing is Insanely Profitable/Powerful http://www.conversion-rate-experts.com/seomoz-case-study/
    70. 70. Conversion
    71. 71. The funnel onlyexists so it canconvert.
    72. 72. Optimizing Conversionmeans measuring &testing. http://dmix.ca/2010/05/how-we-increased-our-conversion-rate-by-72/
    73. 73. It means listening, too.
    74. 74. A lot ofConversion iswrapped insoft metrics
    75. 75. Branding
    76. 76. Messaging
    77. 77. Familiarity
    78. 78. Trust
    79. 79. CRO is a criticalpractice,
    80. 80. but it equiresholisticmarketing o succeed.
    81. 81. Building anInbound Strategy
    82. 82. Who is your audience? Rhttp://xrrr-slog.blogspot.com/2007/10/corporate-demographics-2007.html
    83. 83. Where on the web are they? Rhttp://searchengineland.com/a-portrait-of-who-uses-social-networks-in-the-u-s-and-how-social-media-affects-our-lives-81653
    84. 84. What content works there? Rhttp://blog.echen.me/2011/03/14/hacker-news-analysis/
    85. 85. Value of content at Quality Levels
    86. 86. How will you get visitors into your funnel?Branding/Awareness Free Trial Retargeting Email Social OAuth Mailing Address Phone Number RMultiple paths can work, so long as you segment them when tracking CR + CLTV
    87. 87. How will you measure & improve? Step #1: Discover Find inbound marketing paths that look promising and make a list. Step #2:Test Invest a few days/hours building authentic value in that niche/sector. R Step #3: Measure Use your web analytics to track primary + second-order impact Step #4: Repeat Throw out low ROI projects; repeat high ROI ones.http://www.seomoz.org/blog/tracking-the-roi-of-social-media
    88. 88. Top 10 Inbound MarketingTactics & Examples
    89. 89. #1: Create Sharing Incentives R to link to!http://www.paulgraham.com/good.html
    90. 90. #1: Create Sharing Incentives RUrbanspoon’s “Spoonback” program allowed them to compete w/ Yelp and build awareness to foodies, direct traffic from relevantsites and great SEO. Founders credited the concept as being the most important part of the company’s success.
    91. 91. #1: Create Sharing Incentives R
    92. 92. #2: Mine the Social Web forEngagement OpportunitiesTwitter, LinkedIn, Q+A Sites, Google+, Blog Posts and Facebook can all work
    93. 93. #2: See where you can engageTwitter, LinkedIn, Q+A Sites, Google+, Blog Posts and Facebook can all work
    94. 94. #3: Create & SpreadEmbeddable Contenthttp://www.simplyhired.com/a/jobtrends/home is a great example
    95. 95. #4: Make Your Data Interesting;Share ItProbably the best case study around: http://blog.okcupid.com/index.php/your-looks-and-online-dating/
    96. 96. #5: Mine Your Twitter Followers, Emails, etc.Via Wil Reynolds of SEER Interactive: http://www.seerinteractive.com/blog/using-twitter-and-backlinks-to-build-links/2011/07/28/; toolis here: http://simplymeasured.com/freebies/twitter-follower-analytics
    97. 97. #6: Use Social to Connectw/Journalists + BloggersAn amazing research tool: http://followerwonk.com
    98. 98. #7: Build Features that Require and/or Reward Sharinghttp://www.quora.com/How-effective-is-Dropboxs-referral-program-at-bringing-in-*paying*-users-i-e-how-many-subscribers-do-they-have
    99. 99. #8: Give Your Community a PlatformMoz has a Q+A forum, a blog and a user-generated content platform, along w/ robust user profiles and apoints/gamification system. Content contributed by non-employees is ~35% of our overall traffic
    100. 100. #9: Rel=Author & Video XML Sitemapshttp://www.blindfiveyearold.com/how-to-implement-rel-author - good how-to
    101. 101. #9: Rel=Author & Video XML Sitemaps We use http://wistia.com to post videos that automatically send video XML Sitemaps to Google
    102. 102. #10: Create a Monthly Top X Influencers in Your Industryhttp://www.seattle20.com/startup-index.aspx updates monthly, but doesn’t use badges (which I highly recommend)
    103. 103. Every One of These Marketing Tactics News/Media/PR SEO Email Blogs + Blogging Research/White Papers InfographicsComment Marketing Social Networks Online Video INBOUND MARKETING! R Local Portals Forums (AKA all the “free” traffic sources) WebinarsSocial Bookmarking Word of Mouth Direct/Referring Links Podcasting Type-In Traffic Q+A Sites Helps Every Other One
    104. 104. @SEOmomwww.seomoz.org/bloggillian@seomoz.org www.slideshare.net/seomom