How to treat upper back pain


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This is a great informative article on the causes, symptoms and treatment of upper back pain

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How to treat upper back pain

  1. 1. How to Treat Upper Back Pain Upper Back pain is not as common as the lower back pain but also has some severe pain that’s associated with extreme discomfort when you experience it. The most probable cause of the Upper back pain is the dis-functioning of joints, and the damaging of the upper back discs that is caused by myofascial pain and muscular irritation. However this pain is rare among people who suffer from the upper back pain. These are the treatments to joint dysfunction and the myofascial pain:  Acupuncture  Massage and physical therapy  Daily exercise  Osteopathic manipulation  Massage therapy
  2. 2.  Extreme medications  Prescription drugs  Use of anesthetic on the joints The back bone has many divisions and each faces a risk of various factors that affect the back bone. As much as it is a condition that affects lower back pain, the upper back pain is due to thoracic spine and impairments. The neck helps in the mobility and the thoracic spine was designed to help with the internal organs to make sure they are held together into one position. This section of the spinal cord is limited to stability and mobility. The upper back develops to less disorders i.e. degenerative disc disease, spinal stenosis, herniated spinal disks etc. The upper back pain is more susceptible to injuries unlike the lower back pain due to its closeness with the neck. The Upper back pain is as a resultant of extreme trauma or poor posture. Fascinatingly, the utmost latest cases
  3. 3. researched for upper back pain are from people who spend long hours on their computers. The Upper back pain often arises with neck and pain associated with the shoulders. Once in a blue moon, is thoracic disk disease the cause for upper back pain. However this is usually the cause that is associated with the lower back pain, the case is the opposite with lower back pain since there is lesser movement that occurs around the spine. The other situation that may be responsible to upper back pain on a lesser occurrence is trauma. Trauma may cause damage on the thoracic vertebrae and bring about to fracture. In such cases there is no room for deserting the ailment. This often needs abrupt medical aid through early diagnosis, so as to measure the injury sustained and to also help formulate the treatment action plan.
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