7 Powerful Secrets to Build an Army of Affiliates Selling


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To reveal the easiest traffic source to your websites please visit www.uozm.com

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7 Powerful Secrets to Build an Army of Affiliates Selling

  1. 1. ==== ====To reveal the easiest traffic source to your websites please visitwww.uozm.com==== ====Now its time to turn the tables a bit. I assume you know how effective it is to be an affiliate forsomeone elses product. Now imagine if you had your own product, with a bunch of affiliates outthere working on your behalf.If you fished around in ClickBank at all, you no doubt saw some products whose owners biggestsource of income were from affiliate referrals. (You Can see this shown after the % refd symbol)There are the most brilliant product owners simply because they have a virtually hands free sourceof income. Theyve created their product, and put to use the techniques of acquiring affiliates thatIll teach you now, and watch the money flow into their bank account from the affiliates hard work,not their own.This type of income is called passive residual income, and frankly there is no better. The reasonare simple:You pay your affiliates only after theyve made the sale - No more wasted money on ads thatmight not work.Advertising on Steroids - Youre putting the advertising dollars of your affiliates to work instead ofyour own.Higher Placement in the Search Engines - Every time an affiliate links back to your site, this helpsyour placement in the search engines.Okay, you have your product, and you want to start your affiliate program, what do you do first?There are basically two ways to go about it. You can run your affiliate program on your own server,but this requires that you have and know how to install the necessary scripts to run it, plus haveyour own merchant account set up for accepting payment and sending out the commissionchecks.Your other option - which is much easier - is to have a third party manager such as ClickBank, orothers mentioned above run it for you. For simplicity reasons, this is the way I recommend.These companies will send out commission checks for you, track the affiliate sales, and let youraffiliates check their stats. The most important predictor of success with your affiliate programrevolves around the happiness of your affiliates, bottom line.Therefore youll want to do everything humanly possible to make sure that theyre well taken careof. You have to count on them wanting things to be as easy as possible - after all, you dont want
  2. 2. to work extra so why would they?Your success depends on their success - so you should do everything you can to ensure it. Youshould keep this in mind from the beginning when you set up your affiliate program.Assuming that your product is an information product, I would recommend using ClickBank asyour affiliate network. This will let you accept credit cards, they will run your affiliate program foryou, plus give over 60,000 affiliates the option to sell your products for you.Basically, they will bill your customers - pay you - and pay your affiliates their commission. Theycharge a one-time fee of $49.95 for activation, and a $1 + 7.5% fee per sale. This leaves you withno monthly fees. Its a win/win situation and couldnt get any easier.Are you wondering how youre going to get affiliates to want to sell your products? That is whereyoull have to get busy, and make it so beneficial for them that they feel like a fool not to.In order to successfully pull in affiliates, you must sell your affiliate program as hard, if not harderthan you sell your products. You must lay on the benefits of selling your program over yourcompetition, which will include providing them with many things such as marketing toolsYour affiliates will need as many ways as possible to get people to their affiliate URL.Some of these things include:Having professional looking banner ads (of different colors and sizes);Articles for them to use in their newsletters or on their websites;Special reports in downloadable format (PDF) that they can be re-brand with their affiliate link andgive away to subscribers, or as a free gift for opting-in to a newsletter;Sample Ads - classified and Adwords ads for them to use;Lists of popular keywords to get their brain started, giving them a starting point to begin diggingdeeper;Unlimited Email Support - This is a biggie - people need to know that youre there for them if theyneed you, and will appreciate it when you show them that you are. Bad news regarding customerservice spreads very quickly.A Private User Forum - where affiliates can ask questions and bounce ideas back and forth, etc.Audio and Video Tutorials.And a Newsletter giving away the latest breakthroughs and advice.All of this will go into your Sales Letter that youll actually write out for prospective affiliates. Makesure you have the following components in your affiliate sales letter:A Catchy HeadlineAn intro that will pull them in to your letterBullet points touching on each benefit that theyll experience when choosing to promote yourproduct.A story, if you have one, of how affiliate marketing changed someones lifeTestimonials of happy affiliates and hopefully specifies on how much they were able to earn
  3. 3. A Call to Action that tells them where to click, and what to do when they get to the sign up page.Basically, the more you have - the better, and the more affiliates youll bring in. you have to thinkof your affiliates as your sales force, and youre sales manager. You want to help them in as manyways possible so that you can keep your job.You also want to close the sale for them, so make sure that your sales letter for the productconverts like crazy. Have a professional copywriter write it if your budget allows - a good one willknow the techniques that get people to buy.If you cant do that, at least try to have someone critique it and show you the weak points in yourcopy. One thing that will cause you to lose affiliates very quickly is having a site that doesnt pull inbuyers.If notice that theyve sent you a few hundred visitors, and nobody is biting, theyre going to moveon rather quickly to another product.Pay Your Affiliate HandsomelyA lot of people struggle with the fact that you should pay your affiliates at the very least 50% of theproducts price. On that note, youll actually want to pay them much more than that.The reason that you want to do this is for the same reasons I stated above. You want to be able toeasily get new affiliates, and keep them. You cant think of it as losing money, you have to think ofit in terms of gaining money.If youre making only $20 on your $60 ebook, but you have 200 good affiliates out there crankingout sales for you, then you should absolutely to be happy about this. Youre doing nothing to makethese sales except pay the commission, while your affiliates are sweating it out in the trenchespromoting your product.Theyre probably paying for advertising, and spending a lot of their most precious commodity,which is time. Pay them handsomely, and they will continue to reward you handsomely in sheervolume of sales.Affiliates can be very fair weathered friends, and there are thousands of other products for them tochoose from. You must do your best to keep them on board, and keep them happy as much aspossible.Now that you know about marketing as an affiliate - where no website of you own is required - Imgoing to show you how to create your own home on the net. This gives you more control overyour online business efforts, and you wont have to spend a small fortune to get started.Do you want to learn more about how I generate $10,000 per month consistently. Click on 5 BucksA Day to find out
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