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Improving Cross Desktop Standard by Cedric BAIL (GNOME Asia Summit 2013)
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Improving Cross Desktop Standard by Cedric BAIL (GNOME Asia Summit 2013)



Improving Cross Desktop Standard by Cedric BAIL (GNOME Asia Summit 2013)

Improving Cross Desktop Standard by Cedric BAIL (GNOME Asia Summit 2013)



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Improving Cross Desktop Standard by Cedric BAIL (GNOME Asia Summit 2013) Presentation Transcript

  • 1. Improving cross desktop standardCedric BailCedric Bail<cedric@efl.so><cedric@efl.so><cedric.bail@samsung.com><cedric.bail@samsung.com>
  • 2. Who am I ?• French free software developer in Korea• Enlightenment developer since 2005• Work for Samsung Mobile in Korea• On Enlightenment Foundation Libraries
  • 3. What is this talk about ?●Give some context about Enlightenment●Sharing experience●Wayland usage●Systemd usage
  • 4. Why ?●Improve link across community●All about Free software●Sharing experience and knowledge●Lead to a better experience for everyone
  • 5. Why ?●Better communication across project !●Seriously !●Build better and stronger base for everyoneto use●To get better standard, people need tounderstand each other goal
  • 6. Enlightenment ?●X Windows manager started in 1997●Enlightenment 0.17 released 21/12/2012●Composite manager●Wayland server●Wrote our own C toolkit, EFL●And our own terminal emulator
  • 7. 88Enlightenment ?< Screenshot of Enlightenment Window Manager >
  • 8. Enlightenment ?●Was GNOME windows manager more than10 years ago.●Due to a conflict between Carsten andMiguel, each of them took their own path●Argument was about the integration of thewindows manager with the desktop
  • 9. Enlightenment ?●The year of Linux Desktop will not happen●The future will be in the embedded world●That was in 2001 and defined whereEnlightenment community worked on.●Goal :– Serve us, developers– Serve the embedded world
  • 10. Enlightenment ?●In fact, this two goal where the same●Need a buttload of options●Light on CPU and memory usage●Easily themable●Easily adaptable to various screen and input
  • 11. Performance matters ?●Embedded device dont have– Much memory– Much CPU– Much GPU, if at all– Much battery●In fact, optimizing for battery implyoptimizing for all the other goals !
  • 12. Memory and battery ?●Used memory need to be always powered●Accessing memory use more energy thanaccessing cache●Embedded memory bandwidth dontincrease●No swap
  • 13. CPU and battery ?●Obviously, the more you use it...●What does use means with modern CPU :– Have multiple core– With different characteristic– Change their clock●Use as little as possible and make them goback to sleep as soon as possible
  • 14. GPU and battery ?●Avoid fullscreen rendering●Avoid memcpy (on the GPU to)●No dependencies between frame●Use hardware layer to avoid compositing●If not, software compositor may be lighter
  • 15. Battery ?●Dont follow Moores Law !●Core i7 is as efficient as a Cortex A8 !●Little hope into a Moores Law for SoC powerconsumption●Battery will always be a limit
  • 16. Battery ?●EFL/E17 use 10% less battery than Android●With Unity my laptop loose 1 hour ofautonomy according to powertop●Closing my webbrowser give me 1 morehour of autonomy●True on a x86 laptop to !
  • 17. Beyond desktop !
  • 18. Beyond desktop !
  • 19. Beyond desktop●1.5 Billion Android device in 2013●More than the number of desktop in use●Developing country jumping on Android●No free software●Gate to our today life !●As powerful as some laptop !
  • 20. Specific software ?●An application per device ?●Screen variation ?●Reading distance ?●Input ?●Optimized for mobile ?●Not really specific !
  • 21. Memory optimization●Share content across application, mmap !●Maybe finally a sensible .desktop●Share glyph and pixels across applications●Need help from the kernel to decide whento really throw those data away●Toolkit should agree on a common cache
  • 22. Screen variation●DPI is not enough●Distance to screen matter●Personnal sighseeing to●Scale factor for all readable elements perscreen=> Should be a cross desktop standard andhandle by toolkit
  • 23. Input variation●Not everyone has the same fingers !
  • 24. Suspending●Throw all cached ressource away●Interact with the system nicely on suspend●On iconify EFL application throttlethemselves (yes, sleep in the main loop)●Drop frame rate when minimized
  • 25. Wayland●X is impossible to secure by design●Designed more than 20 years ago●Compositing was added later on●A lot was learned●It is a great time to clean stuff●Needed to be competitiv
  • 26. Wayland●More efficient by design●Should be better than Android●Should be more secure●Some backward compatibility for X apps●Create more work on Composite Manager●We need to all agree on the standard
  • 27. Wayland
  • 28. Wayland
  • 29. Wayland●First always compositing●Handle Wayland client under X●Become a full Wayland compositor
  • 30. Systemd●Enlightenment_start replacement●More reliable●Handle monitoring of many process●Can monitor :– Evas_Cserve2– Elev8d– Elm_Quicklaunch
  • 31. Systemd●Could it take care of more ?●Launching/sandboxing application●Converting .desktop●Multi-instance application ?●Toolkit pre-initialization daemon ?●Maybe not a problem necessary to solve
  • 32. Question ?