Juicy couture tops introduced to china


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Liz Claiborne Inc Prepare its stylish women's clothing into China, hoping that their avant-garde, bright, expensive Juicy Couture brand clothes to attract a new generation of young Chinese consumers.

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Juicy couture tops introduced to china

  1. 1. Juicy Couture Tops introduced to China ALL BY : http://www.juicycouturewe.com/Juicy Couture Tops introduced to China by younger consumersLiz Claiborne Inc Prepare its stylish womens clothing into China, hoping thattheir avant-garde, bright, expensive Juicy Couture brand clothes to attract anew generation of young Chinese consumers."Wall Street Journal" reported, Liz Claiborne Inc manager told me that becauseof Chinas demand for high fashion products are increasing every day, the JuicyCouture brand into China is very suitable. The fashion industry, others aresuspect, Chinese consumers could afford the brand of clothing, and Chinasstreets has been the brand of clothing counterfeit goods.
  2. 2. Juicy Couture TopsALL BY : http://www.juicycouturewe.com/juicy-couture-tops.htmlJuicy Couture, founded in 1996, with his $ 200 velvet sportswear, it firstattracted the attention of Hollywood. Liz Claiborne acquired the brand in 2003.The company officials said, Juicy Couture brand apparel sales in the past threeyears has increased by 9 times.But so far, the brand sales growth almost always implemented in the U.S.market. Liz Claiborne companys executives announced this week that it will inthe next four years, mainland China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Macao and SoutheastAsia to open 24 stores Juicy Couture brand products, and other retail outletsset up in 23 of the brand counter products, the company will focus ondeveloping the Greater China market. Lane Crawford in Hong Kong GroupJuicy Couture brand products will be in the Greater China region, the exclusivedistribution rights.Liz Claiborne expects to end of next year, the worlds Juicy Couture brand willreach 40 stores, including New York, San Francisco, Milan and Tokyo flagshipstore.Although over the years most of Liz Claibornes clothes are manufactured inChina, but this time it is the first time the company launched a massivemarketing campaign in Asia, China in 2005 relaxed the foreign retailersoperating in China restrictions. Liz Claiborne acquired the company in January last year, Canadas fashionsportswear company Mac & Jac, which already has one in China has 40 jointventure stores. Liz Claibornes senior management who has been closelywatching the operation of the joint venture, to Liz Claiborne as a touchstone toenter the Chinese market. The companys managing director for Asian operations Fritz • Winans thatopened in Japan in May this year, the Juicy Couture stores achieved better thanexpected sales. He said: "Our Juicy business in the world has a very strongperformance, we want this brand to various markets with growth opportunitiesand I think that Asian consumers are considered Juicy Couture this brand."
  3. 3. Juicy Couture HoodiesALL BY: http://www.juicycouturewe.com/juicy-couture-hoodies.html Chinese local fashion experts say, Diesel, Dsquared and Yohji Yamamoto andAdidas to launch the series Y-3 and other well-known fashion brands in theChinas performance proved that the Chinese market has matured to anacceptable Juicy Couture the time of these brands. Vin Diesel is currently inBeijing and Shanghai, respectively, with two and a store. Raffles Design Institute in Beijing, the project manager Tony • Bedford Canalsaid that until a few years ago, Chinas consumer market does not amount toanything fashion products, and now features the brand awareness of foreigninterest has increased considerably, street wear are especially popular.Chinese consumers are really interested in it. This is a very American fashion.Bader Warner said: "This is a young, fashion market, it is closely associatedwith street fashion, which may be 30 years of age is the most popular youthfashion." According to the apparel retail consulting firm Kurt Salmon Associates(KSA), said Chinas casual wear market is expected to grow annually by 10% by2010 will reach $ 58 billion market. But the agencys analysts also pointed outthat to enter the Chinese market, mid-range clothing brand which has notachieved superior performance. KSA Senior Manager specializing in retail Phillis Lin said the Chinesefirst-tier cities in the age of 18 to 25 women between the ages of 19 times theaverage annual purchase of clothing, the average annual per person cost of 252dollars to buy casual wear. At current market prices, which means they onlyafford one year Juicy Couture products. ALL BY : http://www.juicycouturewe.com/ http://www.juicycouturewe.com/juicy-couture-handbags.html http://www.juicycouturewe.com/juicy-couture-purses.html http://www.juicycouturewe.com/juicy-couture-jackets.html http://www.juicycouturewe.com/juicy-couture-dresses.html