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  • 1. Slimming BodysuitsInternet Marketing for Local Businesses
  • 2. This is the amazingtale of an out-of-shape,soon-to-be-divorced-again, middle-agedCharlotte white man,who has excellent hairand calves.
  • 3. Greg FlewellingFounder & OwnerSlimming BodysuitsCharlotte, NC
  • 4. The foundingmomentBranding a business is no easymatter. Most business owners takeit very seriously. I lost interestquickly.
  • 5. Our founding officeThat’s not really bleach in thatbottle. Seriously, it’s been twoyears since I last had a sniff.
  • 6. Our new officeEvery single dollar of revenue goesright back into the business.
  • 7. Our first selfpromotion adTo say it went viral would be falseand I NEVER lie.
  • 8. A testimonial adHappy? Our clients are fuckingecstatic.
  • 9. The right team iscriticalShowcasing my talented crew isjust the right thing to do. These adsALWAYS get new business leads.
  • 10. Media buying What Do Middle Aged Men Want? A Case Study of LivingSocial Targeted Advertising on PandoraClients hire us to buy media for tworeasons. First, they get actionableinsight. And second, the insight is Target Audiencereally good. • Gender: Male • Age: 35 – 54 • Playlists: Classic Rock
  • 11. Testing is key tooptimizingABTM: Always Be Testing Man. It’show you get better.
  • 12. The team is alwayshaving fun.A good joke stimulates the creativeprocess. Great ideas are alwayspossible found when you go aboveand beyond for your clients.
  • 13. Adding value onTwitterTwitter is an excellent platform toadd value to the SEO communitywith thoughtful insight andconstructive criticism. I also helpmy fellow SEOers whenever I can.
  • 14. Our take onFacebook.No freakin’ body does Facebooklike us. When we launch an FBcampaign, other agencies can onlydrool, cry, pout and pee their beds.
  • 15. Find us online @’re very busy, so there’s nothing there, but we’re going to do something soon. Real soon.